GoldFish Report No. 46: Deflecting the Dark
“Something which is much more serious…
And what the Root is seems to be controlling something which is the source of where we all come from, as living beings..if you take a plant or if you take a human or beings who have a soul or soul energy or whatever you want to call it. This seems to be accessing the root source of where that comes from, in other words it’s a bit like the 2001 movie where the astronaut is taking out the bits from how the computer and the computer starts to lose consciousness then goes back to his childhood.. Something is accessing at source.
..something which is a completely Alien Energetic Intelligence which is accessing the root core of the entire consciousness of all perceptive existence or you could say we’ve got bugs in the circuit boards of the matrix.

The Transhumanism projects essentially is to delete all existing individual civilizations and individual life forms on this planet, so that one very low level life form is kind of sustain its existence at the expense of everything else.

At one level we’ve got all different races …and they are fighting each other…geopolitics..invasion of Europe and we are all panicking and everybody is screaming around and running in circles.

He´s (Simon Parks) facing down his trauma. .. what he´s doing is he´s drawing in the enemy to see what they do and by doing that, it is a very dangerous thing to do, but by doing that you’ll understand what the modus operandi of the enemy is.
… The one thing they don´t seem to have is the creation ability..where we have an ability to create and to manifest…they are terrified of any state of disorder, it´s a psychosis…it´s some kind of pathological everything must be in a state of order…a static space of entropy… you can´t have that, but something demands that must happen, now if you have that all the dynamics collapse of the structure of everything will collapse, because everything is oscillating, is moving, is doing something..there must be a reason for that…
I’m talking about the ability of a leaf to grow in a tree in the way the leaf wants to grow in a tree.. this stuff seems to demand absolute and total control over every single random or seemingly random impulse in existence. This thing cannot tolerate (individuality) it that, it has to have total control. …The Amercicans have made far too many mistakes.
Science has lost… it´s now a Dogma. It (The Money) comes from private corporations who bought the government and the universities and then who is running to corporations..
she tried to get her child into the local schools..she had to go to the bishop and had to go to the priest that was going to school and they told her your child is not suitable for the school because she showed creative individual tendencies…she had invented creativity and she rebelled against authority and that child wasn’t allowed to go to local school…

“we just need musicians then to solve the problem don’t we?”
It´s in the music..the ancient music contains it…
The compressed music will give an algorithm which is not quite the right thing acousticly which you want to here. The more music I hear which is from the 50s or Rock´n´Roll…The more times I hear it they’re slowing the.. backbeat down, changing the tones, the subtones of the music changing old sixties hits from 50s or 60s hits that were vital or even seventies, they are changing the music..slightly different.

They are flooding the whole environment with toxic harmonic energy so they can actually attack our DNA.  (Miles Johnston)
He (Simon Parks) is already checkmated, see that´s the problem.
The Smartdust, the Chemtrails to the HAARP, CERN, how the Plasma interacts with the Nanobots, that we inhaled, everybody possesses in their body, the EMF….
This kid is gonna be a rebel and we don´t want rebels, so we are gonna get rid of them.
We are reacting with our Creator when we create music we are reacting to the creator of being with the creator and we’re delivering the voice of the creative throug us. We are interacting with the universe.
Veröffentlicht am 18.01.2016
On GoldFish Report No. 46, The Ambassador welcomes back Miles Johnston to go deep down into the rabbit hole of Mind Control and Transhumanism. Miles connects the dots of the various mechanisms that manipulate our electromagnetic energy fields that interfere with our Human frequency signatures, and how certain music can keep our frequencies aligned with source.”

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