The British Empire Wants You To Be Stupid

“To discuss the character of our Enemy, who it is, where it comes from and what´s the solution to the problem.
Between The Government of Israel.. Division…It´s typically American especially if you contrast it to what has been typically British or the British
Empire approach…the division of people on the basis of race and nationality, the creation of wars in order to maintain Power. Now it´s difficult in
our time of ignorance, in our time of acceptance of ignorance, as being some sort of a natural thing, People don´t know any history, they don´t feel to
need to know any history, People don´t know any science, they don´t need to feel to know any science, this is a catastrophe this is ignorance in our
country, even if they are very important…how you are gonna talk about Britain in California, right?
…Where the media defines the Agenda for what is gonna be discussed… most of the time they are not discussing an area of problems at all..
Now what we need to know is to understand who did that and what are they..if I say that this is the British…it´s not a slander or a characterization.
Where you have a long standing involvement of the Britishs in the Middle East, which people know something about.. which never stops…
Even though the British Empire doesn´t seem to be a big deal in the world. WHat is the British Empire, after all? Nothing, right. They are out of
existence more or less. Now really, what is the international monetary found, what are international Bankers, what is the international Media.
Nr.1 They are reprensentatives of a British Party,it´s essentially British and Nr.2 They are Gangsters.
Now by Gangster I mean people who run Dope, Gun Running, Prostitution, Robberies, Murder etc.. and there is a Political Organization of this Party
within the Jewish Community, that includes people in very fancy suits, they go by the name of the Anti-Defamation League Bnai Brith…and then there are
People who wear the clothing of an FBI-Provocateur, who organize Terrorist Parties in Brooklyn, but that is a single part.
This is of immense importance to us in different ways. There is a company called the Hollinger Corporation… The Hollinger Corporation is a News Paper
Publishing Company…This company owns the Jerusalem Post which is the main english Newspaper of Israel…is the mouthpiece for the violent… Anti-Arab
fraction..Now they call it Right Wing, they also own the Daily Telegraph in London…over 80 Newspapers in United Stated…this is a British Company.
S..Talbot..He had said: Maybe we need a little bit less shock and a little more therapy..that is so called shocktherapy, that this crowd has been
hitting Russia with..welcome to Capitalism, all you got to do is turn them into an want World War 3, maybe that is not a good plan..
If you consider the fact that Hollywood was set up and has been run by killers, by satanic killers, that are people who murder, again and again and
again. They also set up Las Vegas as a coordinated operation.. after World War 2 the british special operations executives, that has been the secret
intelligence service of the British, operating out of Canada and England…to run gambling operations…with professional Corporations involved.
The American Organized Crime is entirely British…Coordinated with the Lords of England…and the Gangster run all this under the complete control of
Great Britain..Hijacking, constant murders..dope, smuggling and gambling and entertainment, all that from the same group, they legalize murder, they
legalize every element of this whole thing,..that is not the solution.
You can begin to get the smell of this, if you are courageous enough, if you go into your own neighborhood and talk probably even to some of your
friends and ask them about the End Times…
British propaganda..Geopolitics…it´s a certain idea of Zionism…You know the Masons talk about restoring the Temple of Solomon…fundamentalist..yes,
once that is restored we can have our End Times…Solomon had more then God in his Temple, he also had a few Pagan Gods in it…
It´s a British Army God. … It was nice to have a Police Commissioner who was also the head of this Lodge…he lost his job, but what, he helped the
Royal Family out…The Order of The Golden Dawn who are the founders and promoters of Zionism. This Group was later run by Aleister Crowley, this is a
pretty famous Satanist who came to Hollywood and helped to set up Hollywood… to shake things up in Turkey…prepared the way for British geopolitical
games and to control the route to India. They attribute a Mass Murder Plan to God and People buy it…
The British problem only starts around 1500/1600..England was a fine country in times back and it got corrupted.
..Like William James, the so-called father of Psychology. Many of these people are wildly insane and are therefore qualified to be psychologists.
The Process Church of the Final Judgement, just an idea of what they say to their kids…they first came over from England, they said, there were 3
Gods: Jehova, Lucifer and Satan. that got too later times in America, so later they dropped Lucifer, he was not that interesting, so
they had just Jehova and Satan…Satan is gonna execute the final judgement and therefore if you serve Satan you are serving God…
who would assassinate Mankind, in a War, who would deliberately cause a War, that would resolve in a mass extermination of human beings.
Satan would do that, right, you can´t blame that on God and that´s your End Time, right, pretty sick, pretty silly and yet some people..say that this is
fundamental to Christianity, isn´t that wild?..We have had a pretty rough century..WW1..WW2..Massive bloodbath then you have the threat of Nuclear
Annihilation and pretty dangerous times right now… Bank of England..Brown Brothers..discussed Philosophy and occult Religions..Central character in the Hollinger Corporations He also was the one who told that Germany was going into a 4th Reich and needs to be smashed, not Hitler-Germany, because his father put Hitler into power, democratic Germany needs to be smashed, right..
But what happened at the end of World War 2 there was a certain kind of project to make people as crazy as possible of what happened at World War 2…
The principle architect of the Hitler-Regime and in fact of the Psychiatry that was practiced under Hitler where they started killing people.. the
Psychiatrists that were coordinated by Anglo-American people…to set up what was called the world federation for mental health. The most insane people
that have ever walked on the face of the Earth, they set this thing up and what they did there in 1948 is the basis for all mental health and
psychiatric organisations today on this planet.
Frederick List…a German created modern Germany…
The British ran the French Revolution, not the Illuminati!!! The British!! Don´t give me any Illuminati!!! *furious*!
It´s coming from the British who were the inventors at least of our modern slave system.
The Slave-Trade…starts off with the Roman Empire..the City of Venice which is entirely based on occultism and Slave-Trade. Venice is in many respect the originator of the British Empire and they are also the origin of the many concepts of so-called secret societies…to have weak Governments everywhere, constantly infiltrated by their agents… Secret agreements, secret governments… Send Venician Bankers, Diplomats…into Holland and England.
It´s power..The venetians didn´t want the concept of mans freedom…. Revive ancient learning…make Maps..and you have an opposite… idea in Venice and the venetian idea of slavery, of secret government, of mans degradation, of cults, of the kabbalah and so forth that goes into.. Britain and eventually Britain becomes the capital of the Slave-Trade and Holland as well.. Holland is like a minor partner of Britains power. (Anton Chaitkin)(1994)”

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