Psychiatry is a Fraud & is all about Control – MUST WATCH

Absolutely Brilliant depiction about The primary tool of the Ruling Crime Cabal against independent genius and freedom loving people, who are not willing to subjugate themselves to any criminal cruel insane authoritarian shadow mafia system.
Psychiatry as a devilish weapon against Independence and Liberty…
Including Zion-Nazi-Satanic CoIntelPro2/GeStaPo/Secret Service/Stasi/Military Torture and Destroy Tactics against Targeted Individuals.

The only true political virtue is obedience to authority, and the only true political sin is independence. Independence renders authority useless, and that is what infuriates it so.” – Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus at the State University of New York Health Science Center, Adjunct Scholar at the Cato Institute and a Lifetime Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: DSM: A Great work of fiction. What´s the difference between the DSM and a scientific book of disease: Every disorder in the DSM is invented. Every disease in the pathology text book is discovered. Real disease is found in a cadaver at autopsy, mental illness is not. Mental illness refers to something that a person does, real disease refers to something that a person has…It takes one person to have a disease, it takes two people to have a mental illness. If you are alone on an island you could develop a real disease, like cancer or heart disease, but you cannot develop a mental illness, such as hyperactivity or schizophrenia. ..This is because mental illness is always diagnosed on the basis of some sort of social conflict, when people do something that others find objectionable, they can be diagnosed as mentally ill…In this sense the diagnosis of mental illness is always a weapon, not so when it comes to diagnosing real disease. Think of how when people get angry with one another, they inevitably resort to some kind of diagnosis, they say: You are crazy, you are mentally ill! You are paranoid! Can you imagine somebody geting angry with someone and say: You have Diabetes! You have Parkinson Disease! Social Conflict has nothing to do with developing a real disease, you don´t develop Diabetes, because someone doesn´t like the way
like the way you think, speak or behave, you have to have someone else present to judge that your behavior is morally good or bad in order to have a mental illness, so diagnosis is a weapon, a tool people use against one another, especially when there is some kind of power conflict present… Treatment for mental illness is punishment, look at our criminal justice system…Psychiatric treatment is worse than Prison. …Having cancer is not like being depressed…
If you are wandering the foothills of the Himalayas and meditating for 15 hours a day, you may very well be called a holy man in India, take that same
person, having him walk across the grounds of the the Washington Monuments in Washington DC and he´s diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenic and committed
to a mental hospital. What do you think what Psychiatrists would do if Jesus were alive today or Buddha or Mohammed, bada bing right into a mental
hospital injected with drugs to stop their crazy believes in speech. Psychiatrist today are the true Grand Inquisitor. They would crucify the holy men
and women of yesterday in an instant. Now why I encourage you to laugh in the face of those psychiatrists who argue that two plus two doesn´t equal four know too that we must also take them seriously, especially when it comes to the harm they have done to people in the name of helping them for if we do not history will repeat itself. We are building a resistance to the psychiatric Gestapo, the citizens Commission of Human Rights an important partner in the fight for liberty and justice that is why we are here tonight and that is why we will be together tomorrow, thank you. (Dr. Jeffrey Schaler)(2006)

Superdelta000: Psychiatrists are criminals. They deceive and convince healthy people they are diseased then give them drugs that cause the exact same symptoms they claim to be treating so they can bill insurance companies for patient visits and prescriptions. They want clientele to make money while destroying lives and creating chaos in society.
Sandy Villarreal:
We could most certainly debate this until the cows come home. I happen to think the DSM (all of them) is the most dangerous book in America, and now the world. The procedure they used when making the DSM-5 should be criminal although they all laughed all the way to the bank while tens of millions of unsuspecting people will be mis-diagnosed, over-diagnsosed, and always, over medicated. Psychiatry today is the biggest healthcare fraud in the United States right next to the Tobacco Companies who claimed for decades that the cigarettes they produced were not addicting.
Superdelta000: Psychiatry harms many people. Psychiatry DESTROYS LIVES.
Christopher Clark: This guy is amazing. He is 110 per cent correct about psychiatry
renan miguelote: im also spreading the video link of sychiatry deadliest scam!
Teresa van Lieshout: Psychiatry is political-govt torture & murder of their victims.
Jason Cirillo: all institutions seek to maximize control!
Saif Siddiky: This is absolutely brilliant!!!!! What an amazing video!
Timothy Campbell (mediafighter): same is done with war as with the mental illness racket – scare the taxpayers into legally funding their own demise.
Carlos Custodio: Psychiatrist, only a posh name for a dealer.
The World As It Is: Brilliant. Psychiatry is quite often nothing more than a form of punishment of the most sadistic type.
Lori L: Brilliant brilliant brilliant! Thank you!!!
esmifrado: Brilliant speech is just a shame so few people have the “presence of mind” to realize all this. 
Megan Owen: Wow. This guy doesn’t pull his punches.
SuperDelta000: psychiatry is a pseudoscience cult.

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