Russia Invades Ukraine Live | War In Ukraine | Russia-Ukraine War Live | Ukraine Under Attack Day 4

“Russia Invades Ukraine Live | War In Ukraine | Russia-Ukraine War Live | Ukraine Under Attack Day 4”

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“Forget Music – The Time for Music is over.”
“Now he picked up the Gun to defend his country.”
“Telling India today with boyish enthusiasm that they are ready to fight.”
“He is a very young guy, probably 17 or 18, but he is ready to fight for his country.”
“We will fight for our land and kill all the Russians.”

“A tank going over a car…this is not what is done in a battle where honorable fight, that has actually shocked and stunned the world.”

“Military tank runs over a civilian car.”

“Shocking attack on a defenceless civilian.”

“As a chilling incident is recorded.”

“Perhaps the most viral image of russias invasion..
A harassing video of a Mighty armored vehicle pulverising a civlian car on a deserted ukrainian street, crushing it completely, mangled metal, nearly nothing left..crushing the Car along with the driver with no apparent provocation…While it took a miracle for the elderly driver to survive, locals had to struggle to extricate him from the wreckage…to bring out the aged driver who looked remarkably calm.”

“Instantly resulting for a sympathy for Ukraine…turning the perception of the war on its head..resulting in a ground-swell support and sympathy for Ukraine…the video of naked aggression against a defenceless civilian

Showing Russian troups as active perpetrators of warcrimes and the implementers of Putins ruthless will, that a super power is resorting to genocide bits, that doesn´t care about civilians.”

“Will the video prove to be a turning point in Putins Ukrainian invasion?”

“10:23 PMParas Agarwal​: they are suffering because of their president.
10:23 PMDead zone: ​reality of war.
10:23 PMJustin Apps: ​screw Putin.
10:25 PMBasheer: ​Germany dont want this to happen , USA is pushing them,. basically controlling.
10:25 PMJustin Apps​only bad guys invade other countries.
10:27 PMAchu​: NOT. Anybody. Pushing Germany 🇩🇪. EU. Decision.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 27.2.2022:
Most Indians have a warped perception to side with Russian invaders immediately. They are biased to the core, as BRICS NWO Alliance country.

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