Does Putin Have Dark Triad Traits? | Vladimir Putin Case Analysis

“Does Putin Have Dark Triad Traits? | Vladimir Putin Case Analysis
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“Putin is a controversial leader, in Russia, there are serious questions about the legitimacy of his presidency,
for example, elections have not been transparent, free speech has been suppressed and political activists have
a way of ending up in prison there, despite his authoritarian approach putin enjoyed very high approval ratings in
Russia for many years, typically over 80 percent in 2018, his approval rating dropped into the low 60s which still seemed
unnaturally elevated just like Joe Biden’s 2022 approval rating of 40 percent, it’s hard to imagine how it’s that high.
Putin has been recognized outside of Russia as well for example forbes magazine ranked him the world’s most
powerful individual from 2013 all the way through 2016. Under Putin’s leadership Russia has maintained a good deal of influence in former soviet states, after the 2014 Ukrainian revolution… controlling Ukraine would result in a
financial benefit for Russia…at the time making this video it appears as though a full-scale invasion of
Ukraine by Russia is in it… Putin has been described in many ways on the negative side he has been called
a bully, a dictator and an aspiring cult leader, he has been described as arrogant, self-centered, power-hungry, manipulative, moody and callous on the positive side he has been described as pragmatic, patient, calm, resourceful, determined analytical and at times reasonable… he wants to be a combination of an outdoorsman, tough guy and superhero… he wants them to believe that only a leader who possesses profound macho assertiveness can save Russia… he has low agreeableness, he is not trusting altruistic or modest… many people believe that Putin has high
levels of psychopathy, narcissism and machiavellianism.. Putin’s behavior aligns with characteristics
and both types of psychopathy but more strongly with primary psychopathy… Putin’s behavior aligns strongly with
machiavellianism… Putin’s persona appears to be consistent with factor one psychopathy, grandiose narcissism and
machiavellianism, although he is not particularly intelligent
he is calculating and determined he promotes himself as a glorious and necessary leader who seeks to revisit the nostalgia of the soviet era and restore Russia to greatness… Putin is still dangerous, the only thing that somebody like Putin understands is force and strength, his decisions are not motivated by empathy, compassion or a sense of morality, but rather by the potential glory and admiration he can obtain
weight against his fear of losing his power.”

Kerstin Klenovsky: vor 8 Stunden: It’s bad enough having neighbours and work collagues that are psychopaths, but seeing more and more of them heading up entire countries makes me feel sick to my stomach. 🤢

Tor-Erik Bakke: vor 7 Stunden: The key is to avoid having people like Putin ascend to power – especially unchecked power – which is why strong democratic institutions are so important.

Ragnar: vor 7 Stunden: Along with a well educated populous capable of critical thinking.

DerKommissar: vor 2 Stunden: Anyone can bring a Putin to power. No matter how well-educated, peaceful, or strongly democratic a populace is..

Andrey Pacik: vor 7 Stunden: I was born in Russia and lived there for 25 years. You analyze of this villain is in my opinion very accurate and fair.

Eric K: vor 12 Stunden: Don’t most world leaders exhibit dark triad traits?

Pop Sugar Sprinkles: vor 10 Stunden: So to summarize, he is not so different than many other world leaders.

shirleysue228: vor 11 Stunden: After all the medical terms, in layman’s language, Putin is:
A dangerous, controlling, power hungry asshole. Love adjectives and your analysis Dr. Grande.

Kate Hanley: vor 10 Stunden: Calling Putin a bully/dictator is the biggest understatement I’ve ever heard.

Nik B: vor 4 Stunden: Ive been saying for years that Putin was open to experience and highly erotic. In other words, pure evil. Another spot on analysis.

OnlineDater69: vor 11 Stunden: Interesting. The CIA have a profile on him, psychological included.
Wonder if yours would match theirs???

PsyintZ: vor 9 Stunden: Dude literally pulled the trigger and invaded Ukraine like 5 minutes after Doc uploaded.

Tumsaa G.: vor 5 Stunden: Though I didn’t like the manly persona attack, your evaluation of Putin’s character is 100% true and objective.

Bass Wars: vor 11 Stunden: Some people think he’s intelligent. He’s not. He is John Gotti with a bad haircut and a nuclear arsenal.

J. mO: vor 11 Stunden: What’s the deal with the most powerful people (usually men) in finance, business, and politics so people often ASPD and dark traid traits (narcissistic, Machiavellian, sadistic) and other sort of general signs of sociopathy/psychopathy? It’s almost the rule rather than the exception.

Kenya Sasser: vor 7 Stunden: let’s all hope that Dr Grande does not find himself in a Siberian gulag.

N A: vor 11 Stunden: Wow. If you could only know how much he is despised by a lot of people from former soviet union republics.

🌏 Hal Cyon: vor 1 Stunde:I believe Putin has a very low emotional intelligence which is a great downfall for a nation leader and quite dangerous as well as we can see at the present moment. You can’t be a leader if you don’t have this quality, period.

Jen N: vor 6 Stunden:Putin is the poster boy for toxic masculinity. Maybe the magazine will run that in their next issue. I would also like to see a Putin vs Tiger match MMA style.

Mechanicthing: vor 3 Stunden: Next: Dr. Grande is in hospital. Doctors suspect radiation poisoning.

Riokaii: vor 7 Stunden: Not a fan of promoting/pandering to harmful conspiracy nutjobs with terms like dark triad traits. Just say hes a malignant narcissist like a professional should.

motoboy6666: vor 7 Stunden: Tragic events now taking place because of this maniac, stay safe.

Joannita RW: vor 2 Stunden: Putin is like a jealous ex bf, can’t let go of Ukraine socializing with others.

Evelyn Waugh: vor 10 Stunden: I think Putin should just get divorced and buy a Porsche like a normal middle aged guy worried about his mortality and diminishing virility.


Ava: vor 10 Stunden: Careful Dr Grande get a tea taster and food taster you’re my favorite YT channel, I dont want you to “disappear”. 😬

Dr. Eugene Nyx, MD: vor 6 Stunden: I never understood the claim that Putin is against western values. He better represents American values than Biden.

Shauny Thomas: vor 12 Stunden: Putin is the modern day Stalin.

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