Declassified US Navy Documents Reveal “UFO Patent” and Spacetime Modification Weapon

“Declassified US Navy Documents Reveal “UFO Patent” and Spacetime Modification Weapon”

“In 2020, the public space received a collection of declassified US Navy patents that raised many questions. What these patents included were controversial concepts of technologies that sounded like something taken from a science fiction movie.

The Drive published a new collection of declassified “UFO Patents” describing experiments conducted by the US Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD).”

“Some good examples include a “high-frequency gravitational wave generator” and a “compressed plasma fusion device”.

These are just a couple of the many examples mentioned in the documents and there is a good reason why they were called the “UFO Patents” – they describe technologies that we would normally attribute to an advanced extraterrestrial civilization.”

“… a famous engineer from the US Navy. Now, we know to what extent has the Navy invested in them and what tests have been made so far.

Of course, these “UFO Patents” are probably just a small fraction of the whole truth. Whenever such documents get declassified, it is entirely under the control of the government.”


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