NewsBreak 103 | Jan 6, 2021| Note to All Speaking Out Re. Remote-Access Radio Frequency Weaponry

“NewsBreak 103 | Jan 6, 2021| Note to All Speaking Out Re. Remote-Access Radio Frequency Weaponry
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Note to all Doctors, Whistleblowers, Researchers, Activists Speaking Out Today for Medical Freedom, Vaccine Choice, Truth & Human Rights to Be Aware Targeted Remote-Access Radio Frequency Weaponry is in Public Use– covertly, that is, yet documented; and learn how you can shield from it. This is a report from the front lines from a journalist and writer who has been wrongfully targeted and has experienced heart-hits, head-hits, microwave pulse shot hits from remote-access radio frequency and other very sophisticated weaponry for years, and describes several incidents in this video talk.

It’s a sad state of affairs to report, but the deaths of holistic doctors, the sudden death of Brandy Vaughan, Merck whistleblower, and Sallie Elkordy, vaccine truth advocate necessitate public discussion of a little known fact: non-lethal weapons or radio frequency and other kinds of remote-access weaponry are in use today–as per DOD-DOJ and NATO documentation, and many people are reporting being hit unlawfully by them.

Please research further on the subject at, watch the Info Talks series, and also tune in to Newsflash Radio for continued coverage.

Meanwhile, stay safe, protect yourself, and keep orgonite, river stones, and metal handy. The pharmaceutical industry and Deep State both have proved to be ruthless as history warns us.

However, this is not a situation to get paralyzed with fear about, the intention is to raise public awareness and spread the word while continuing to stand up for humanity and true freedom. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.”

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