End Globalist Agendas, Corruption with Local Action, Spiritual Practice

“Report 210 | News Panel 8 | End Globalist Agendas, Corruption with Local Action, Spiritual Practice
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Empowering and solution-seeking conversation which explores the many corporate and globalist encroachments into our private and national spaces, examines the corruption and venality of family courts, social services, and deceiving psychologists who engage in family destruction and the criminalizing of good mothers, and discusses ways forward to beat the tide of totalitarianism, Satanism, ritual impositions such as the wearing of useless masks, destruction of organic farming, theft of children, debt-based banking, behavior modification efforts openly admitted now by UK government, impending techno fascism via virtual reality and AI, and focuses on ways each of us can engage in local action, spiritual practice, and maintaining powerful positivity, optimism, humor and happiness to avert the intended subjugation of the human spirit and move humanity back to humanity.
Panelists include Maria and Shelley from News Panel 1, Alex Thomson from UK Column (also featured in News Panel 7), Michael Ough (also featured in News Panel 6), Simone Marshall of Freedom Files (also featured in News Panel 7), Brian Gerrish of UK Column, Justin Walker, Julian Rose, and Michelle Young.”

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