The Light of Lucifer and Seed of Seth – ROBERT SEPEHR

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“The Light of Lucifer and Seed of Seth – ROBERT SEPEHR”
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Lucifer means “light-bringer” in Latin. Seth, in Judaism, Christianity, Mandaeism, Sethianism, and Islam, was the third son of Adam and Eve and brother of Cain and Abel, their only other children mentioned by name in the Bible, and an ancestor of Noah. Seth was also an ancient Egyptian god, his cult believed to be the oldest in Egypt, linked with the planet Mercury and the color red.
Language of the Gods
God of Wisdom, Thief of Fire
Sethians were members of an ancient Christian Gnostic sect of the 2nd and 3rd century who venerated the Biblical Seth, third son of Adam and Eve, depicted in their creation myths as a divine incarnation. Gnosis is the common Greek noun for knowledge, pertaining to the spiritual mysteries, used in various Hellenistic religions and philosophies.”
“”and I was laughing at their ignorance.” So from the gnostic
perspective Jesus was a spirit that could not die, but could enter into and influence living bodies, I understand what follows is controversial and new to many as this material has only recently been translated and made public, so keep in mind that I share it in an educational context,
not as an endorsement of what you should or shouldn’t believe, moving on at the beginning of the text Jesus states quote: “I visited a bodily dwelling. I cast out the one who was in it previosuly, and I went in.” This sounds a lot like the new age concept of a walk-in, where a soul has somehow departed a body and is replaced with a new different Soul,
the gnostic view also maintains that the god of the hebrew bible was not the one true god but rather an inferior being called the Demiurge, a term that originates in platonic
philosophy that describes the figure responsible for maintaining the physical universe and later adopted by the early christian gnostics, the gnostics portrayed the demiurge as a lion-headed dragon in part due to astro theology more
specifically an aspect of egyptian astronomy important to the Sethians as well as symbolic of the gnostic or alchemical mysteries. The demiurge was placed in the 13th Heaven
and as one researches the subject they will encounter various names of lion-headed gods with wings wrapped in a
serpent and associated with demons, which as I’ve stated previously to the ancient phoenician, classical greeks and hellenistic egyptians and ancient mesopotamians in general
demons were not necessarily considered evil.”
“to the book of genesis Seth was born when Adam was 130 years
“The Sethians were one of the main currents of gnosticism
during the second and third century and while they predate the time of jesus they came to symbolically identify Seth
with Christ.”
..a kind of semi-divine state as it were ..”
“I´d like to briefly address a point he made about the gnostic baptism of light I offer this explanation in an effort to make this knowledge public, not to convince anyone of anything and I’m aware that most will disagree or not understand it so I’ll keep it brief, my goal is simply to make this public as there was a time that one would be killed for divulging this and most who are already familiar are sworn by oath to remain silent that said in an occult and esoteric context the symbolic act of being baptized by water,
being immersed in a river lake or tub or the religious act of
sprinkling water onto a person’s forehead symbolizing purification, regeneration or initiation into a church, actually alludes to the alchemical context of water which is sex energy ens-seminus, a term used by paracelsus, a swiss
physician, alchemist and philosopher of the german renaissance, the three principal alchemical elements
are mercury sulfur and salt which constitute water
fire and earth these three work together in what alchemists call the great work, so mercury represented by Hermes
or in this case Seth is regarded as the messenger of christ
and as sex energy must be transferred into sulfur or spirit
through the medium of earth or salt which is the physical body, so water is the source of all creation
and the alchemical transformation is alluded to
and the word abrexass which has seven letters
each of which represents one of the seven classic planetary gods meaning the five visible planets plus the sun and the moon and these seven symbolically also represent the seven chakras or spiritual energy centers within the human body
spoken about in eastern religions and tantric philosophy.”
“when you hear a monk in meditation chanting om that is what they’re doing incidentally.”

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“There’s a lot of baptismal language in this literature and yet there are also some anti-baptismal polemic they they uh some of these texts argue that the true baptism is not of water but it’s of light it’s of spirit and we know that uh there were a lot of baptismal groups in mesopotamia and
especially syria in the second and third centuries from attestations from other church fathers of the period and
one anti-baptismal thinker who grew up in one of such a baptismal group was mani the founder of the religion known as manichaeism arguably the first world religion and due to these and … then other aspects of sethian texts that are that are actually quite particular and uncommon, such as for example affirmation of the belief and reincarnation of souls, not a lot of judeo-christian groups affirmed that at the time. (Dylan M. Burns)(Uni Leipzig)”
“The gnostic sympathize circle that he had to say well obviously these are very educated people, um my guess is that what he was going for was saying that to gnostic literature as we possess it is largely revelatory it relies on the authority of revelation these texts don’t really make
philosophical arguments, they tell you how it is
and they do it by telling a story that may really hit you hard or leave you cold, that’s what apocalypses do that’s that’s it’s a particular genre it’s a literary form and uh
in this sense it is not very philosophical, because this is not how investigation works in the greek philosophical tradition which relies on logos, rationality, demonstration, which to a very large extent defines for us philosophy today so there’s also an interesting extent to which we can talk uh very generally about the relationship between um revelatory thoughts or or apocalypticism versus philosophy in general and looking at the plotinus gnostic conflict. (Dylan M. Burns)(Uni Leipzig)”
“before they sort of interacted with the nascent
christian community they already had a functioning mythology
in which Seth was the was the savior figure
and that it was Seth who was going to come again at the end of the age and it was only it was only later that they
they sort of uh really cut and pasted the jesus story into the scriptures, so the sethians have a trinity as well but it’s different from the christian the traditional christian
trinity there’s a father the mother and the son in the sethian tradition the father is referred to among other names as the invisible spirit, the virginal spirit, the mother is
barbello and that’s kind of typical of the the early gnostics ..he was sort of the the archetypal pleromic human,
the complete human.. and then so further down the emanations
you have a demiurge and yaldabaoth uh also known as seckless
and Samael, usually identified in the system with the god of the hebrew bible, but definitely evil right, yeah this and that’s one of the distinctions between the sethians and the valentines who we’ll talk about later is that in in Sethian
Cosmology the Demiurge is evil, he’s deliberately malicious and he is an enemy of mankind, whereas in the the valentinian
viewpoint he is less than god and he’s imperfect,
but he’s not necessarily evil, he’s just less than divine um yeah, so they called him samuel.. the blind one, the fool
and this this is one of the things that sort of marks the sethian movement…they saw the the god of the hebrew bible as the demiurge and because of this there was a tendency
to invert a lot of the stories of the old testament..they saw the snake as the hero of the story the the incarnation of wisdom who delivered adam and eve from a false paradise.”
“the apocalypse of adam, the trimorphic protanoia which is just a lovely greek phrase that means the three forms of the first thought, hypostasis of the Archons or the reality of the rulers or the nature of the rulers, thought of Maria, gospel of the egyptians or the holy book of the great invisible spirit, melchizedek, three stillies of seth, sostrianos.”
“The Sethians were also referred to probably by people outside of their group as barbelloites right or barbellognostics and why is that well that’s because um
one of the one of the most important figures in the gnostic cosmology and i guess we’ll get into this in a
minute when we talk about the apocrypha john in a little bit a little bit of detail but one of the most significant figures was barbello who was the first emanation
from the the ineffable God and she’s sort of the mother of all although she’s also referred to as the mother and the father and the thrice male she is one of those
interesting figures in gnostic cosmologies.”
“She’s also known as the the thrice powerful or the triple power and I often think about Hermes Trismigistos… I wonder if the two are related if there’s a kind of hermetic-sethian crossover..”

Conspiracy Revelation: 30.9.2020: Barbelo in form of Sophia is here…She knows that you talk about her…

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