Looting, Fires, Violence in NYC during Protests

“Looting, Fires, Violence in NYC during Protests”
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May 30 2020 – MANHATTAN, New York:
Chaos in the streets of Manhattan tonight. Multiple stores were looted in East Village and NoHo, people took waters, candy, and clothes from places like CVS, Massimo, North Face, and Adidas.
We saw protesters smashing windows, jumping and riding on cars, smashing windows on police vans, setting police van on fire, setting police car on fire and looting it. Multiple fires in city, police shoving protesters to ground, police shoving reporters, protesters throwing large objects at police.”

“yewitness News ABC7NY
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ooters stormed Lower Manhattan on Saturday night — destroying store windows and lighting fires in another night of violent George Floyd protests.
The NYPD said what started as mostly peaceful protest turned to destruction when night fell.
The damage was widespread throughout multiple neighborhoods.
Apple stores, a Verizon store and clothing stores were all damaged — not just with their windows shattered, but the contents inside were taken.
Cameras captured looters inside an Urban Outfitters at 14th and 6th moments after the windows were shattered.”

” Protests Turn Violent in New York as Demonstrators and Police Clash.”
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“Fireworks, Trash Fires Erupt When Brooklyn Protests Turn Violent | NBC New York
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“Vehicles set on fire during violent Seattle protests”
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