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Full Spectrum Survival
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“this friend came into contact with a carriers daughter, confirmed carriers daughter, here in my state, just last week
there at their 7 day period today, so symptoms didn’t start showing five days, that’s great, now you’re at the next jump
is 14 days then only 1% of the people show symptoms after the 14 day period, so she can start to rest a little bit
easier every day from this point forward, but she does have underlying health conditions, so this is beginning to
affect… and as we begin to internalize the trauma of
what that really could mean because let’s face it one out of five people need hospitalization and that younger
individual that I was talking about earlier he broke down all the numbers of different age groups and everything else
and I had to show him that in France right now 50% of the people in ICU for this are under 50 years old, outside of
the danger demographic and that’s because they aren’t succumbing to this virus, but they’re going to need next
level can’t get this at-home care from a hospital, in order to see it through. 50 percent of the people in France in the
ICU are under 50 years old outside of the danger demographic so when you see an individual say that’s not me because
it’s easy to say that it’s easy to say that’s not me I’m not at risk I don’t have underlying health conditions I’m in
a good age group but 50% of these people are in the ICU and I don’t think anyone watching today wants to be intubated
I’ve never seen an intubation party at a hospital where people say that’s great let’s go have some fun get call the anesthesiologist and let’s get intubated it’s a painful traumatizing experience that has real life real-world
consequences when that anesthesiologist is no longer available when the special specific care nurses for intubation are no longer available that’s when you
can’t get help and your best choice is the same oxygen tank that they give grandpa when those are available and hey
hopefully you’ll make it but I don’t want to see us get to that point.”
“so for anybody who tells you this isn’t serious, tell them
that the entire government of every major nation would not shut down their entire economy for nothing, it’s as
simple as that and likely their brain will shift to
some other reiteration, some other, this is why I’m not going to pay attention to this and it’s a quick shift
they’ll say things like: Well, the government wants control or martial law is coming or whatever it might be and
they’ll give you these rebuttals, that’s just their brains way of coping with the fact they can’t handle the reality of
what is here and the reality of what is coming as we walk down these shadowed stair steps these stairwell to an
unknown.” “the denialists, the selfish will make things worse..”

“Use the tools at your disposal.”

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