#30 Dr. Michael Salla | The World Beyond Ours..

#30 Dr. Michael Salla | The World Beyond Ours [Part 1/2]..
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“It was my hope that that would begin the international conversation that that would really launch us into the
disclosure process and I’m sure you remember this
Dr. Salla but roughly around in April 2011 the United States FBI Declassified 2000 documents about various things that they referred to as the vault and the vault contained
everything from JFK files all the way to extraterrestrial you know disclosure and I guess I was just really naive I think
I was naive because I was hoping that that would begin this massive unraveling of the story but here we are almost 10
years later after that and most people if you were to mention to them anything about the secret space programs or extra-terrestrial reality they would probably look at you like you’re crazy.”
“So we’re seeing I would call it maybe like a kind of like a fake competition between government organizations and the
private sector but of course we know that there are at least three different types at least in my research and please
correct me if I if I make any mistakes here Dr. Salla there’s at least three different earth-based secret space programs we could call them different categories the first would be
ancient earth breakaway civilizations like the Maya, you have NATO like organizations which is a coalition of various nations around the world and you also have the private sector you have you know like the Boeing’s of the world and you have other you know corporations getting into the game so I
do see a lot of excitement about different aspects of this what are your thoughts on some of these private companies like SpaceX and Blu origins.”
“SpaceX will be able to very quickly utilize this and and build and deploy in fleets of spacecraft now into deep space
because it’s very cheap very affordable and so you know we are going to pretty soon enter into a phase where government
military activities out in space are going to be eclipsed by corporate activities and that’s going to be a big
problem because corporations you know they’re very opaque we don’t really know what their agenda is they don’t act out of the public interest they act out of their own self-interest and according to some of the the whistleblowers are the insiders that have come forward corporations that
have already deployed spacecraft as part of a secret space program you know they’re they’re involved in some pretty
illicit activities out there have been doing it for some time so yeah it really is going to be a major problem for us to
deal with in the decades ahead.”
“hmm yeah it’s kind of a game of smoke and mirrors.”
“That is really fascinating though he as a navy scientist has come up with a series of patents that he has assigned to the
Department of the Navy and now these patents in work involve these revolutionary electromagnetic propulsion systems, defense systems, kind of like energy generating systems and and the unique thing about him is that he has worked as an navy scientist and when he submitted his patent applications I here … met resistance from a patent examiner’s who basically said that well you know these these kinds of
technologies for example one of the one of the first patents he put me out there was for a hybrid aerospace underwater
craft a craft that could basically fly both in the air in space and underwater using a quantum vacuum that it generates
just outside of its hull that would basically create this vacuum where all particles you know air particles water
particles plasma all removed so that so that craft could move very very quickly through air through space through water.”
“these technologies afford us the ability to to take a peek behind the curtain of what’s been going on over
the last 70 or 80 years and I think that and I want to get your thoughts on this too it seems that most people who
research this subject take away the conclusion that this is all about technology and then it’s not so much
about upsetting people’s religious world views or anything like that this is about maintaining control and power over
the energy sector would you agree with that statement?”
“For a long time it has involved had being a lot of control and power over the technology sector because
this is where enormous profits are generated for corporations for the military-industrial complex that that a lot of these technologies haven’t been released because they would basically make the fossil fuel industry redundant overnight and there are powerful interests that have long
basically monopolized the oil and gas sectors and made an enormous profits. Well now with these technologies coming
out because people within the military especially have realized that keeping these kind of technologies sequestered
away from the public realm is it actually in the detriment of the national interest it actually is far better for the different military services to have these technologies
disclosed and to basically make sure that they get public funding for this sector.”
“So it’s very strange that on the one hand Google seems to be developing cold fusion behind closed doors while simultaneously is suppressing the competition, let’s say so in my opinion I think we’re seeing a race I think we’re
seeing a race to disclose a race to capitalize a race to profit from some of these technologies and it seems like a
race between the white hats and the bad
guys, so has this been on your radar Dr. Salla and if so do you have a similar kind of read on the situation?”
“Yes I think yeah this has been one of the big issues in terms of classified programs .. how can you release
these technologies in the way where you maintain control and profitability for the military industrial complex and the
way to do it I think is to that they have been doing is to basically make these technologies as they start to get
developed and released technologies that involve a lot of kind of capital to be put into the development of the
technologies to build big reactors, involving very complex technologies, so that so the corporations can
basically establish a monopoly on this, so that it can be something that.. cities and military services and
governments can purchase .. things like these are nuclear fusion reactors one of the patents that the servable
payers release was for a portable nuclear fusion reactor which is using electro magnetics to condense plasma in
a way to generate huge amounts of energy, so this is feasible and they can I can do they can generate energy up to
like one terawatt which is a thousand gigawatts or more and that you know keep in mind that the world’s most powerful
nuclear reactor complex is in Japan and that generates 8
gigawatts of power, so this portable nuclear fusion reactor generates up to 125 times more energy for something that
you can put into an aircraft carrier, into a spacecraft or something portable, but obviously it will be very very
expensive so.. the companies that control that technology that builds these nuclear portable nuclear fusion
reactors and similar kind of technologies in the future are going to make huge profits and what they’re going
to do and what they have been doing is is crushing individual inventors that build these con like off-the-shelf a
small-scale free energy production units that.. people like Nikola Tesla over a hundred years ago were
developing in in backyards using off-the-shelf stuff so I think this is where companies like Google, Facebook
they’re all going to be part of this effort to suppress individual inventors anyone coming up with this kind of like
alternative technology movement, nuclear fusion for example of a cold fusion suppress them eliminate them from the
public this fall of discourse and just how to make marginalize them look like make them look like crackpots while at the same time pushing these corporate
lead and corporate controlled nuclear fusion
reactors that are going to come out into the marketplace are pretty soon
, so I think within five years we’re gonna see companies releasing these portable nuclear fusion reactors that will transform the kind of transportation industry and the space industry but it´s all going to be under corporate control and we’re going to see Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter continue to suppress private inventors and
scientists coming up with cheap affordable versions of these that people can build using off-the-shelf technologies.”

“yeah and I think the censorship is only going to escalate.”

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