Project Camelot interviews Jordan Maxwell.
“Project Camelot interviews Jordan Maxwell.
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“Jesuits, Opus Dei, Knights of Malta, Masonic Order, P2 Lodge of Freemasonry.. people who do research into criminal organizations, P2..pure.. Naziism…Underworld organizations, all P2. They were the ones who were promoting the right wing death squads…Catholic, Knights of Malta Drug Cartels. Orchestrated by the “Holy Father” of Rome. I don´t believe America or the Human Race can be safe, because so many millions of people just love the filth and degeneracy of the world we are living in, they love it, they love the “Holy Father” and all the pomp and glory of them of all the policitians and kings and rulers… Bush kissing the ring of the “Holy Father”.. Kissing the Ring of a Roman Pontiff…High Crime Treason while these people call themselves Americas Leadsers. I’m telling you the Vatican has given us the mafia, drug running, prostitution, terrorism, violence, child pornography, all of it. I categorically say No. I don´t believe that there is …any hope for America or the world…for myself. … The reason why: It is because the people are too stupid and too ill-informed, ignorant, ill-informed, uninformed, self-servant, egotistical, materialistic and downright stupid and they don´t care. Basically speaking: People don´t care. Ludwig von Mises in one of his books, the great european economist, Ludwig von Mises..he said: In every age and in every country the people of every nation have always supported a dictator and they always will. There is never been a time in the history of the human race that you can show me where the people of a nation rose up and demanded their freedom, liberty and justice for all, not even in America. 97% of the male population in America, at the time of the American Revolution, did nothing, only 3% took up arms against the British Master and gave us a little freedom, but..that will never happen again. … I do not believe the human race can be extricated or saved from what is coming. I don´t believe my mission here is to save anybody, I believe what I am doing to help those who want to know, those handful of people who are awakening, and who sincerely spiritually understand the dynamics of what is going on, and want to know and want to change and want the protection of the Spirit, that is a very small number of
people, a small niche. (Jordan Maxwell)(2009)””
“And sometimes there has to be a severe word told to the people in order to actually get them to awaken and I do believe that this is part of your mission. I hope that you are wrong about your final judgement of the human race. (Kerry Cassidy)(2009)(Project Camelot)”
“He talked about underneath the Vatican is a huge Reptilian Base. This Reptilian roll out.. Angels and Demons.. (Kerry Cassidy)(2009)(Project Camelot)”

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