Emery Smith – Portals, Ley lines, Other Worlds & Humanity

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Emery Smith – Portals, Ley lines, Other Worlds & Humanity – What’s REALLY Going On? **ALL NEW**
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“I think there’s something in control behind the
scenes (okay) that do look at certain individuals and people and maybe target them and guide them on on a path that
was kind of not their own, but at the same time was still beneficial for that being, so I do believe there’s
something or someone or something behind the scenes that does this, that actually is… watching all of us and is picking out different types of people, (hmm) for certain things.”
(yeah so it sounds like you may be referring to
that of the nonhuman kind) I don’t know… it could be either one, it could be both (mm mm-hmm), but there’s definitely, I think, something’s going on, it’s just too .. it’s too uncanny how things unfold (absolutely), so I have to question it. (path and purpose but you do have to wonder and this would bring in a whole another discussion about free will versus destiny..are our lives planned for us you know have you seen the movie..have you seen the movie The Adjustment Bureau, it’s pretty old now i still bring it up it’s probably
what 17 years old, with Matt Damon, have you seen that movie?” No.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 3.1.2020: Oh, ok, you are an astral remote viewer..That´s why I have seen you on the holografic screen.
“Things from both sides … from the scientific side and also from the astral feral side, so I look at things and see
things and remote view things, it gives me a little bit better understanding of whatever the target is and I’m trying to figure it out.”
“It can definitely can be used for interdimensional travel depending on … what the craft and how advanced
that this civilization is and what they’re using to get around and they create an energy field around the
craft which has its own density, so has its own gravitational field around it, so they can go a thousand miles an hour and
turn right make a right-hand turn and no one will feel it inside the craft, because they have their own gravitational field and a carafe the craft emits this energy in front of it
like a black hole type of thing and gravity pulls the craft wherever it wants to go they can also open up a point in space and time around you and make a opening in that part of the universe and then the craft will be sucked into that field and and will be there in one second even though it’s ten million light years away so they’ve conquered all this space travel and all the stuff using of course the gravity
from the vacuum of space and time and that’s why the US government will not allow their UFO FILES to be released they’re the only country has not released their UFO files because if you prove that an extraterrestrial craft
came here the first thing a scientist at Harvard and Stanford are gonna say are well you know how they didn’t get here
using gas coal and oil so rocket fuel so how did they get here then that’s gonna open up the use of overunity the use of zero-point energy, this field of energy, that’s everywhere that we shouldn’t even be with that we’ve been stuck here for a hundred years, since Tesla ..was taken out we basically been held back from technologies over a hundred years, so there’s other planet Earth’s out there with people on them that started at the same time we did but they’re so far advanced because they didn’t have this problem of … the government and corporations trying to take-over and
and halt us. I mean completely stop us from getting any better with science and everything yes I they that’s what I’m
trying to get at is we need to have more education of what’s really out there what’s more available.”
“I mean all I can say is that there are other human civilizations all over the universe and near to us that
started it’s the same exact time and they are a lot more technologically advanced I’ll say and have already went
amongst the stars (mm-hmm) that’s because they were not being held back from all these amazing scientist, engineers and inventors that came forward and they obviously became more
conscious quicker than we did we will … get at that level eventually and I believe that because a lot of all
the ETS have human DNA and we have a lot of ET DNA, so there’s something going on that I think we also need to survive, so there is a future in the universe for
all other species.”
“Q: What´s holding us back?”
“A: I get it’s it’s hard to delineate what and who
is doing what because it’s a vicious circle of politics religion, gas, coil and oil, the FDA, big pharma and a lot of control issues of course. I do still stick to the story that ..there are major corporations that run the planet, that
run the politicians, that run the religion, it all works together, but it’s kind of all works together, but it’s kind of .. at the same time inappropriate and not fair to the people being used as … tests mice in a laboratory, because that’s kind of what we are in a way, so I believe the major corporations kind of but have basically 80% of the world’s wealth are the ones who these elites that you’ll never see, you’ll never meet, you’ll never know…They’re not gonna expose themselves or their families that’s for
sure, a very secret type society, it’s a very different way of living when you have everything you possibly could ever want..but these megalomaniacs have got together and they became sick, mentally il, because they actually like a drug
user they’re actually addicted to the control of people actually no I’m sorry it’s not the control of people it’s the
secret control of people that gets them off, so this is the the battle that we’re up against is, the good thing is that 90% of that whole pop culture term adjusted Majestic 12 is over at all and they’re supporting us, but the other 10%
they’re very diabolical holding on for dear life, it seems the 90% is scared of that 10% for a reason as they do have ways to you know incinerate anyone on the planet..everyone’s frequency has been recorded on the planet and they can find
you in two seconds if they wanted to using these special satellites that are on the planet that scan people constantly at all airports, bus stations, train stations and public places, so they’re getting ready to you know buckle down in case they had to you know initiate martial law or something and have …gain control.”
“What Tom Campbell calls the physicist Tom Campbell calls this an entropy reduction trainer for Souls and my
audience knows I use it all the time because I think it’s so apt maybe this is the maybe this is a trainer so we can but I say trainer for what it doesn’t get any crazier than this, this is entropy, right?`”

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