The Rex Deus Conspiracy – The Kings Of God!

“The Rex Deus Conspiracy – The Kings Of God!”
“We have all heard the stories of the “Angel Gabriel” and the appearance before the “Virgin Mary”, informing her that she would become pregnant with a “son of God”, right? There have been many attempts to “make sense” of the apparent divine nature of the account. Ranging from some kind of hallucination that blocked out some very real event, to a visitation from an alien race who did, in fact, artificially inseminate “Mary”, who then give birth not to the son of God, but to an alien-hybrid.
According to some researchers, though, and for the purposes of our article we will highlight Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas and their second book ‘The Second Messiah’, this story, known the world over and essentially the very basics of Christianity, is one that is all too real, but not one of divinity. Certainly not in the way that is taught in Sunday Schools and Christian churches around the world. Nor is it one of alien contact and an attempt to send a “special” being to help humanity.
​Before we look at this fascinating account, let’s first examine the work of Knight and Lomas so as to understand where their apparently explosive claims reside within the bigger and ever-expanding picture of history.
The Background of the Real Jesus?
According to researchers on a similar path to Knight and Lomas, Jesus was a part of the Essene tribes and a leader of the Qumran community. Furthermore, he was very likely to have been from a wealthy family, possibly one of royal blood – we will come back to this in a moment. What these organizations were practicing was essentially the very purest form of the Judaic religion – itself with its roots in the mystery schools of ancient Egypt.
​Essentially, Jesus was very likely of Egyptian royalty – literally a rightful Pharaoh with a legitimate claim to rule. However, the family (and the entire bloodline were in exile). It is an interesting claim, and one made by several researchers and authors. Perhaps one of the most detailed theories can be found in Ralph Ellis’ book ‘Jesus – The Last Pharaoh’. We will look at some of these claims and theories in more detail in a future article. For now, check out the video below. It features Ralph Ellis speaking about his theories a little further.”

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