Cucso Alien Contactee Has Important Messages For All of Humanity
Conspiracy Revelation: 28.11.2019: Very speculative stuff…with camera effects perceived as light language…subjective speculations…and Chemtrail Clouds are no UFOS. A few Misinformations.
“Cucso Alien Contactee Has Important Messages For All of Humanity
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“Most of you that are related to New Age times in the 80s you all know that we all use crystals and will we use rocks and all kinds of stones that carry energy, so he bought he brought stone for me that he had an et face so for me that was the stone that I carry still everywhere because it was very important so when we moved to Colorado…one day I was so concerned about my
father and my father being kidnapped by the terrorists so I was praying and pray and trying to visualize my ranch and try to create a protection sealer around it, so I put my finger on the forehead of this face and that was the beginning of a great journey. I made contact with a being from the interterrestrial world, his name was Sonny.. and in an astral projection that it was completely real for me, he took me from the cave through tunnels into this crystal city underneath a lagoon, so from that from this being the master and keeper of the land I learned that our there are crystal temples around the planet that they’re all connected on the ground. I learned also that ET Beings in the past decided to go underground and help the people, I also learned that we are the link between worlds so we connect the interterrestrial world with the extraterrestrial world. so through that I learned that wherever I go I
should honor the Earth, first request permission from the keepers of the land, so I can start working when I do contact and because contact is a ceremony for me so I called them always for contact ceremonies, learning from these masters, you can see here different faces, they can materialize on rocks, they can materialize in sky.”
“So this being introduced herself as Ariana, a being from Andromeda the Andromeda galaxy is the closest galaxy
to the earth although it’s located at two point and a half million light-years away from the earth according to our
scientists there are a few stars out there discover and they’re around in this spiral energy, these beings that I’m
in contact with, they say that in the middle of this spiral galaxy there’s a central Sun, but they use it as a portal,
because it’s open, so it’s not a black hole, because it’s full of energy, but it’s an entrance to another universe, so
these beings come from another universe within Andromeda, in this universe there are 12 galaxies and 12 constellations, they have a central Sun..I call it the blue Sun because it’s blue and the energy they use mostly is blue, these beings are beings of light, their frequency is totally different from ours, so the reality is completely different from our reality.”
“She is my guide, but also part of myself in a different reality. Since 2003 that we’ve been in touch with these beings one day as she said that we need to follow 33 steps to
get a galactic consciousness to make physical contact and the galactic consciousness is very similar to the Christ consciousness but we’re not talking about religion here , but consciousness, so I expected a list of 33 steps…
it was like dying and reversing all the time and I still keep doing it, so once we had completed this list and they say in 2010 it took us seven years to get to a place where we could be ready, they gave us a time…October of 2010.”
pure dreamq: vor 9 Stunden: Love, peace and harmony happiness to you and all for now and forever on earth within and beyond mind, body, soul, spirit, safe, healthy journeys to you and all in infinity.
TONYA BRIGGS: vor 5 Stunden: The Way The Truth The Light and Life this is the True way and It will transform you from the inside and then when we pass on. We’ll be transformed then on the outside…
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Marcela de Lavaissiere was born and raised in Cusco, Peru. She has dedicated her life to spiritual ET and UFO contacts, contacts made from the heart. Her primary essential contact is with light beings from Andromeda. From the Andromedans she has learned how to work with and utilize energies, and travels the world to activate portals of lights, raise the frequency of the planet, expand consciousness, touch and open hearts.
She is a galactic being fulfilling her mission, utilizing the spheres of light from Andromeda to re-align energies and manifest the flower of life on earth creating heaven on earth.
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“so I just stood there trying to talk and understand why they were there and of course it was an answer to help me
healing somebody that needed help, so those little details is that doors those are the ones that they’re trying
to teach us that we can understand.”

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