Miriam Delicado met with Nordic aliens

“Miriam Delicado met with Nordic aliens”
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“Now I was told in 1988 that I was to find the others like myself and that we were to come together and that these
gatherings would begin. Now they’ve given me information and that again starts to step into what I believe has to do with
the indigenous people of the earth, because of what these beings told me and because of what these beings told me and
they said that in the quote end times that there would be many changes that would take place so they’re on many different levels, they’re not just one and it’s not simple
to describe these things I was told that one of them would be on a spiritual level changes would begin to take place
on a physical level changes would begin and also on an earth basis for the earth itself that changes what happened so all
of these things were sort of being correlated and being written by humanity itself in the past that we are to take
for example that there were the possibility that war would break out for example this is something that really
disturbs me it scares me it upsets me and even as I say this I … cry because and I might describe.. because if anyone were to have lived the life that I have for the past
20 years to have had the experience after experience after experience confirmation after confirmation after confirmation of all of these things they too would not hesitate in anything to help in whatever way they could stop this process because we have a responsibility as human beings I was
told we have responsibility to do what we can save this earth we’re not the saviors of the earth we’re supposed to be the
caretakers of the earth we’re here to be the stewards of this land that is part of why we are here to be able to experience one another and the earth itself but the way that we are living our lives based in things like greed as being the primary focus for most people we’ve forgotten about why it is that we’re supposed to be here to begin with and that is the beauty of each other and of this land and one of the things
that I always ask people every single person and I say to them you really need to ask yourself this question: are you
happy? It’s a very simple question, the answer
is what gets very complicated, because as it was explained to me by these beings, Humanity was on a path, a collision
course and if we didn’t change it this was going to be the end result destruction in whatever form… man had the ability to change this timeline of what it was that was
going to be coming now people have said to me well you’re trying to you know create a prophecy or you’re talking about prophecy..we’ve been given a gift, a very special gift
and that is the gift of seeing beyond where we currently are
now if we stay on the same path they’ve said this is going to be the end result but the gift is if we can change the
course that we have been on then all of these things will be averted and they will not happen so this is the reason
for the book this is the reason that I’ve come forward because I don’t want to be talking to you I really don’t I
wish I could put on masks and not be here, but I am because in my heart in my mind in my entire being I know that we
are on a path that is frightening and some people get scared. I’m not scared these tears are not fear these tears are very much sadness because I have seen the future through them with their assistance so I hope that we will be able to come together as humanity to change that and I believe, I believe that we still can I don’t think that it’s possible at this point in time to stop everything I think that we have come to
a time where it has become apparent and is becoming more apparent everyday that we are on a collision course in many
different areas, our food supplies have in the course of the last year become scarce in certain areas in the world,
things like rice … the list goes on these things
are all becoming apparent to everyone in the world fuel the cost of fuel, gas prices affecting everyone in the world
but all of these things can be changed very easily and that is how we are going to change the earth with helping one
“Okay so you have a mission and you’re on your mission and here we are this is October actually not October this is
September of 2008 right and it’s a beautiful world outside my door today”
“In this course of my life in the last 20 years 2008 has been a year that has stuck with me because I have known for
years that.. 2008..that there would be major changes on the earth and what I mean is I’m not talking about changes of the
earth itself but of the people and maybe in some form it would have something to do with the United States. Now I made
this very public statement in January ofthis year I said that these things were coming and that they would involve the
United States and what the United States did and what happened here would affect the entire world forever, so considering that the American economy is doing as it
is and the price of oil that does have to do with the United States in part ..we are we’re at the beginning
of a flow that is not going to be easily rectified if at all so what people need to understand is that these things were
told to me years and years and years ago…repercussions across the earth that are never going to be fully recovered.”

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