THE CRAZINESS OF CHEMTRAILS & Dr.Deagle tells us how to survive evil

1) the pilots are being told it is to fight global warming but data shows it causes it
2) the US military is conducting world-wide spraying from its many military bases but what doesn’t make sense is their spraying their own country. What military equally disables its own country?
3) spraying now for 20 years has caused a massive extinction event, the most rapid of all the past ones. Animal and plant species are disappearing at an alarming rate and they will all be gone within a few decades.
My only conclusion that makes any logical sense is that this is either a self-destructive satanic program or it is a program directed by extraterrestrials by the US military for terraforming (replacement of native species) and the near extinction of humans.
But I tend to doubt the first possibility because no amount of threats or coercion by satanic globalists could get the USA military to cut their own throats (which is what chemtrails is doing to us all).
I really think humans are DNA-modified primates. We are an alien experiment. They are our masters. They easily abduct us, experiment on us, and track us without our knowledge most of the time. Those big bug heads of theirs have very powerful minds that can paralyze us with just a look. It would be childs play to them to mentally control the leaders of the US military and intelligence agencies. And the leaders may not even consciously know they have ever interacted with aliens. And since the military leader is the president then either he is directly mind controlled or he is just manipulated by the intelligence agencies and military leaders. He did easily fall for that BS lie that Assad had chemically attacked his own people, which means he is fairly weak-minded and easily influenced.
Without a violent overthrow of the government and an outright war against the aliens then we will definitely lose our precious planet and the few remaining humans will be alien slaves. Whistleblowers that lose their lives for spilling the beans are the ones I listen to. Most of the others just make a bunch of shit up and confuse us all which the government loves and so lets them live. It was Phil Schneider that said the New World Order is just a front for the alien takeover. He was assassinated for speaking out which is one main reason I believe him.
Dr Deagle starting at 1:24 in this recorded lecture said “In contrast to Dr Greer, they [the aliens] are not all nice.”
“they [the people in government] don’t want to terrify people by telling them that they’ve been trading human flesh which is why 100’s of thousands of people have been disappearing every year into underground facilities, off world bases, and other places for experimentation, genetic engineering, and for human veal.”
“culture will be subjected to a higher alien society with evil intent towards the individual nature of man, freedom of creative and deterministic thought and promulgation of electronic caging of mankind and consciousness. And they’re doing it.” (electronic caging = 5G)
“What are the goals of the Old World Disorder? A fully integrated consciousness of all individuals on Earth, a hive mind, an engineered nanotechnology, and biologically enhanced trans-humans.”

“Dr.Deagle tells us how to survive evil.”
On another video lecture Dr Deagle said Morgellons is a silicon based nanotech life form that doesn’t originate from Earth.
@ 1 hr 34 min a MUFON lecturer said
“the non-psychic ones [aliens] want to eliminate us”

alien base under Dulce in New Mexico
21:08 is where it gets good
– – –
One of the best remote viewers said these things:
“The unfriendly psychic aliens want us wiped off the planet, they want us dead, period, no questions asked.”
“After the military I was asked by a branch of the government to do a paper, a study paper to compare and contrast ET psychic ability to human psychic ability. The study that I did was because I was given access to many of the things that never made it into project grudge or the blue book or anything like that because they couldn’t be denied. So anyway, in studying these, I found out that we can take the ET’s of all different kinds and species and all that and put them into four main categories. We’ve got those who are more psychic than us and those that are less psychic than us. In each of those two categories we’ve got friendly to us and unfriendly to us, the unfriendly non-psychic ones tend to not come here. They don’t like us, they don’t want to be around us. The non-psychic friendly ones come here for trade. The psychic friendly ones actually want to help us develop our abilities and become stronger at it. And the unfriendly psychic ones want us wiped off the planet, they want us dead, period, no questions asked.”
He also mentions extraterrestrial bases that are on Earth, and he says there are approximately five. He mentions that they are all inside of mountains and that at some of these bases humans are working with these extraterrestrials in various ways.
– – – – –
Credo Mutwa, born in 1921, is a Zulu Sangoma, a traditional healer, from southern Africa.
Mutwa views the world as a mysterious and frightening place, controlled by alien forces that possess far more knowledge than – and are intellectually and technologically superior to – humanity. Some of these beings, he says, are wise, benevolent and wish to help us. But the same cannot be said of the mantindane, who are just as selfish and power-hungry as humans. They preserve humanity, he says, in order to protect their own self-interests, because they are “obsessed with self-preservation”.
Some of these beings, says Mutwa, have covertly and profoundly influenced all human cultures and civilizations for millennia.
– – – – – – –
Why Chemtrails Is Part of the Alien Takeover
Since I started to get red sores from chemtrail exposure similar to what Morgellons sufferers have I started to read up on the subject. It is reported that the fibers that grow out of sores are unidentifiable and that they resist temperatures up to 1400*F. Unidentifiable is a calm way of saying extraterrestrial, not of this Earth. So if chemtrails is just the USAF combatting global warming (which stopped in 2016 due to the grand solar minimum) then how/why the extraterrestrial fibers? This is the video I am now watching: and here’s one by an extremely smart European scientist that also says Morgellons is of alien origin: He said that Morgellons can only grow in an acidic body which indicates poor physical shape and lack of eating vegetables and over-consumption of animal protein and lack of minerals. At 53 minutes he gets into the alien aspect of it.”

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