Back from Exile – Hottest News (Stop 007)

Back from Exile – Hottest News (Stop 007)
“These complaints about harassment came from people where I haven’t really addressed personally I haven’t have
rather been harassing one particular person on Twitter I’ve been just complaining about the genocide right and
putting our public outreach and you shut me down so Twitter hasn’t responded they have refused they give you just always the same text of you’re suspended don’t dare come back we’ll shut you down you know whatever we just we just want you to disappear now that is unfortunately not good enough anymore in the case where Twitter is not just a website and a little company anymore Twitter is actually an infrastructure as much as YouTube is it is a public infrastructure and the reason why that that’s the case you can go to the Google Pagerank oh sorry not even the Google Pagerank it’s called the Alexa rank and these days the Alexa rank shows you what are the top web sites that are being visited on the Internet I think Google is number one YouTube is number two and so on and I think Twitter
is number ten now if you’re one of the top 10 or top 15 or top 20 web sites and you just start excluding people
willy-nilly it is exactly the equivalent of having a motorway in the country and suddenly they say: black people can’t use the motorway or conservatives can’t use the motorway or if you’re gay you can’t use the motorway o if you’re complaining about the genocide and us killing you you can’t use the motorway, so it means you can’t get to places you can’t use what other people are using now here in the European Union this is called discrimination and we have got discrimination legislation legislature against that right, so what Twitter’s doing is discrimination on fraudulent grounds and discarding my evidence of actually other people arresting me and shutting down my outreach work which actually is in the interest of national security because we do have you know a massive threat an actual attack on national security right now so anyway.
..because this is something that I want to raise in court because I think I can prove that Twitter is part of the
cartel companies and this is why it’s also taking part in organized crime and excluding people ok so I want your
evidence from YouTube shutdowns I want your evidence from Twitter shutdowns and any other and Facebook of course as well, all those Facebook blocks and suspensions and all that I want you to get that evidence into shape please.”
“It is not acceptable to exclude people just you know based on fair enough statements that they make on
publicly and even if these are private corporations, private corporations do not have the right most certainly nowhere in in the European Union or Switzerland to be discriminatory and this has been tested in the UK, all the way up to the Supreme Court in the case of I think it was a Christian pair ran about in bed and breakfast and they
wanted to deny a double room to a male gay couple okay and this went all the way to the Supreme Court and Indian the
Supreme Court said that you do not choose your sexual orientation which you don’t and therefore denying
people a double room is a discrimination compared to heterosexual couples and besides it’s not the you know the
business of the bed-and-breakfast owners what people are doing in the bedroom they have rented right in any case I
mean what you know the next thing would be Christian saying ..with the discrimination legislation so what
Twitter and YouTube are doing certainly here in Europe is utterly unlawful and we I think we should go and embrace that in court and have this shut down once and for all have this not instant shut down…we can switch to other platforms alright and we need to switch to other platforms because we have set ourselves up to be
very very vulnerable to YouTube and Twitter nonsense okay so I want you to”..but I’ve got plans to sneak back on
Twitter okay and I will show you what I’m gonna do and I want you to if you want to follow me you know follow me
right now I’m gonna use the JIT account and the handle is called @ JIT update actually it should be updates okay let
me just let me just tweak it it will be has a JIT update or JIT updates I’m just gonna you know find the right handle but it’s this one here okay and this is the joint investigation team account and you
can see that wasn’t really used last week being 20th of July 2017 just because I had so much work…”
“That you have personally struggled with.. things that I’ve struggled with personally is for example the fact that
the police refuses to support me and refuses to investigate refuses to protect me, refuses to do anything, in
fact the police is totally in on the genocide, they are they are in on the Nazi extermination program, if you want
to prove that you can just go through the list and look at the item where everybody of all of these people
testified about the police denying them help and I think it’s something like nine out of ten cases, okay and there you have it 90% of all the people are not helped by the police now other people or you know at other points in the
affidavit you can go through and people test testify about having a denial of help from lawyers or denial of help from doctors okay and with these 14 cases I’ve already uploaded you can already do. Well, it would be considered low
statistics, but given that these cases are so highly complex and so specific it’s not actually just simple incidents
counting that we’re dealing with here there are 14 mega cases testify to under oath which are big okay and in all all of those cases we can prove that the police is in on it and the the lawyers are in on it as well they deny all help and that is pretty amazing, now this could not have been proven before these affidavit templates in court to court standard because most of the testimonies are what the court would call anecdotal evidence or hearsay evidence, so you have to understand how these courts work, if you have somebody a witness testifying to you, that’s a very high standard, if they testify under oath that’s the highest standard, but if they also sign it with their signature witness, nobody can claim that it wasn’t a person and if they provide photo ID, that’s it that is the highest level of evidence that we have on the planet, okay, it’s just short of somebody actually turning up in court in person with their photo ID doing the oath right tere before the court and testifying in person now with thousands of victims all around the planet and different on different continents we can’t get everybody into court so we get the one step down which is the highest standard writing and those are these affidavits right here without these
affidavits what I would literally be forced to do is to submit to a court court screenshots of tweets printouts of
emails and maybe little quoted clips from YouTube videos to prove that many other victims are suffering the same
thing as me okay do you understand now with that that’s not quite the same standard if however you can go into
court and whack a ginormous bundle this high with everybody testifying about a the offenses exactly the same way as in these affidavits that’s it that is a proven fact beyond a shadow of a doubt, okay, so what I’m telling you is if you go to this website with the International affidavits you have my signature and my sign promise that every
single one that I’ve uploaded there came with exactly all these they came with the the signed statement of truth with the signature being witnessed by a person entitled to administer oaths right with a stamp in many cases
and it also came with photo ID so what you do is you download my statement with my signature and you download all the other affidavits okay and digitally it’s very easy to go through these PDFs so you take one thing that you want to prove for your own case this could be directed energy weapon gunning gang stalking gangster
walking house breaking the denial of help from police officers and you have all the proof that you need to back you
up okay and that’s how we do this so I just want you to know this and I will also show you how to quote the stuff in
detail but you know you can have an educated guess and Curtis in your court file yourself okay so I just want you to
be aware that we now have these 14 affidavits and I want you all to be aware that I really need your victim
affidavits if you want me to fight this in court successfully with 14 statements that’s great but I think if I look
carefully let me just take you back so here at the very top I’ve got a quick summary I have got eight from the US one from Canada – from the UK one from Belgium one Russia one from Japan thank you very much the person who
testified the first person from the Asian continent and out of those I have…”
“So they were participating in a conference in the United Kingdom and Sputnik News wanted my opinion about …the five eyes, well, yeah, my opinion is, I mean I’ve got a very strong opinion, but my opinion and my but what is borne out by the facts is that the five eyes are conducting a genocide across their territory, okay, they are war criminals and also their human traffickers right and they are also one big global
organized crime cartel that’s the truth about the five eyes.
Now unfortunately because was my first you know appearance
on mainstream media I couldn’t quite get all that in I didn’t actually say the five eyes are conducting a worldwide
genocide I just couldn’t I I told the journalists ahead of time that this is that I wanted to say but in the five
minutes of an interview I just had to tone it down and what I said is that whatever these five eyes people are
saying on that conference will be pathological lying and I think still that’s the first time that the mainstream media’s broadcasting that the five eyes are pathological liars. We are getting them..slowly, slowly, slowly.”
“because this is a live genocide if you don’t report about the mass murder of your compatriots then you’re not a fit news organization you actually again engaged in discrimination
that is unlawful in Europe and when it’s discrimination with you know in the lethal outcome for the victims you’re in deep shit okay so anyway I just wanted to tell you about this
Sputnik news arm thing that’s another thing I can I can tick off now.”
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# “e / CLOUD14”

Conspiracy Revealtion: 29.5.2019:
This Guy is watching and he is a spy agency agent…
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Conspiracy Revealtion: 29.5.2019:
Insane what is going on, seems that Germany really becomes Ultra-Nazi again, you won´t hear this in mainstream media news, I mean by objective fact they showed their super hideous stealthy Ultra-Nazi-behavior already in 2005 with NASA advanced Bioweapons and secret irradation of entire cities (Chemtrails (which deploy Morgellons/DOD-DARPA-CIA-NSA-USAF-Alphabet Pentagon Inc-Illicit and criminal stealth Implantation according to natural law)/Morgellons/Digital Dermatitis) (and 2001 NASA Warfare Document) revelation (all based on USSOC and U.S. Nazionistic Dominion).
I took a look into´s a total racist and full of anti-white zionistic nwo propaganda network… not worth to spend a minute on it. FORGET IT!

And remember the term NAZI truly means Anti-White and is a Zionistic/Freemasonic Psy-OP as Sean HRoss pointed out:
“Dich ruft die SS actually means ISIS is calling you. Skull & Bones is a Feemasonic Lodge. It´s pharaonic freemasonry, it has nothing to do with Europe..A bunch of pharaonic skinheads..skinhead that´s pharaonic. Foreign pharanoic skinhead nazi…they always want to destroy Europe. (Sean Hross)(2013) [35474]”
Conspiracy Revealtion: 29.5.2019: Pharaonic does not equal Nazi..the original Pharaos were spiritual people and connected to the divine with awakened Kundalini, truly enlightened, not a fake charade, it was a sign of TRUE Royalty by divine selection(!!!) (by the Holy Spirit!!! For Real, by Sophia – The Virgin Spirit – the Mother of the Universe), not the fake ones that are currently in Power! As she is right here triggered by my words and by my side! She comes only to those who are pure (genuine pristine refined) in heart/Soul/Spirit.
Under a recently passed law in Germany, social media companies can face fines of up to 50 million euros if “illegal, racist or slanderous” comments and posts are not expunged within 24 hours. Gab as a company will fight for free speech rights globally but urges its users in Germany to follow all local laws while on Gab. To date, we have not received any take-down requests from the German government.
Nach einem kürzlich verabschiedeten Gesetz in Deutschland können Social Media-Gesellschaften mit Geldstrafen von bis zu 50 Millionen Euro konfrontiert werden, wenn „illegale, rassistische oder verleumderische” Kommentare und Beiträge innerhalb von 24 Stunden nicht aufgehoben werden. Gab als Unternehmen wird für Redefreiheit weltweit kämpfen, aber drängt seine Nutzer in Deutschland, alle lokalen Gesetze auf Gab zu folgen. Bisher haben wir keine Entfernungsanfragen von der Bundesregierung erhalten.”

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