The one who can defeat the Oil Cartel Dominance in the World is this one. – the undefeatable – the indomitable –

The one who can defeat the Oil Cartel Dominance in the World is this one. – the undefeatable – the indomitable –
Tremble NWO Zionazi U.S. Shadow Gov Corporate Crime Inc… when he returns…
Give Kissinger, Rockefeller and the Conglomerate of Globalistic Subjugation and his Zio-Club a lesson highest one…

Conspiracy Revelation: They summon him up…
“Shubh Reeves Garuda is the carrier of Lord Vishnu- the Preserver of Cosmos out of the three hold divinities : Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh or The creator, preserver and the Destroyer.
劉龍鳳 Same creature seen with the Anunnaki and the Japanese Tengu.
Ernesto Espino Is this being the Tengu?
龍鳳 Possibly, the further back you go the more they look like a mix of a reptilian and a bird.”

Conspiracy Revelation: The Core Problem on the Planet that needs to be Cracked…

Conspiracy Revelation: The life insurance of the Oil Mafia….
“The Pentagon Is The World’s Largest & Most Dangerous Climate Criminal. It’s the Elephant In The Room”
Conspiracy Revelation: This one is watching…Underground Aliens….stop producing Bioweapons and Earth deteriorating things or he will come down into your Bunkers…

131630cookie-checkThe one who can defeat the Oil Cartel Dominance in the World is this one. – the undefeatable – the indomitable –
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