Why is the U.S. Government Censoring ORGONITE on Etsy?! / EMF spikes

“Why is the U.S. Government Censoring ORGONITE on Etsy?!”
“Shane Matrixslayer: vor 3 Monaten: Orgonite also repels WiFi frequency poisoning making it harder for the “elite” to poison and control humanity.”
“GODRULES 2: vor 3 Monaten: The irony is that Οrgοne probably will do more for you than half of drνgs the FDA approves..”
“gscgold: vor 5 Tagen: Sooooo…lead paint…became a problem after decades of use in our everyday lives until…the digital age…think about it…wifi signal can’t penetrate lead paint on walls…suddenly it’s a hazard to our lives…yet the cancer rate keeps going up each year and not down..how ironic is that.”
“Joe Ogden: vor 3 Monaten: Hate to break it to you, but everything is radio active…everything…like natural back ground radiation or UV light even banannas…”
“Zentruth: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): Many people downplay the usefulness of Crystals until they learn their computers, radios, watches, lasers and microscopes are all crystal tech.”
“Equate Null: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): Let’s get Rid of the Criminal FDA, They Are harmful to human beings…”
“The Best of Discord: vor 1 Monat: Right.. and crystals cure cancer.”
“True World Order: vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet): I am experimenting with orgonite since 4 Years. It works very well against EMF Harm and Weather Modification Programs (Chemtrails)”
“Tracy Angel of Love: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): It transmutes negative energy to positive. With the ascension of a mass of humanities consciousness love is really returning. Love has won. It’s already done. Transmuting negative energy into light is what ascension is all about. Whether you are religious, spiritual, compassionate or just a beautiful loving person you are creating abundance in light and love. Yes people are being threatened it is true. Even a positive subliminal creator on Youtube was murdered a couple of months ago…..but was he? Lots of threats towards light bringers of love but its fear, their fear. Light brings truth awareness….. end of humanities slavery and a balance of energy on all vibrations with connection to true living source. Bye bye the old controllers.”
“Birdman: vor 1 Monat: There are no rocks, crystals or any other inanimate objects that produce supernatural powers which heals the body. This is no different than someone who believes in Scientology.”
“MENE MENE TEKEL: vor 1 Woche: I had no problem picking up at least 20 of them within the last few months! I tested the energy they have, & there no where close to Shungite! They don’t stop EMF’s, just manage the negative frequencies to a positive one. I tested them with a professional Trifield meter.”

“EMF spikes
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“Deborah Anne Weber: vor 5 Jahren:
Wow. It’s the intensity of the violence they use against us. You could see that whomever was directing the beam was getting red-hot angry, downright rageful that you caught on to what they were doing. I’ve come across these stone-cold sociopaths, my God, how they hate us so utterly and we are nice, intelligent, gentle women. I don’t like having to tell these SOBs off to try to constantly defend myself and my body… The rage they have at us is utterly irrational. It’s psychotic & sadistic.”

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