“Snow White is Black Knight or Dark Knight that is the key Satellite…so this Satellite could take control of certain individuals on the Planet…”
“His Group of Pleiadians took down those Satellites..His group.. we are talking of Pleiadians which some also call the Anunnaki.”
“My Information is there are 3 Dark Knight Satellites.”
“There is a splinter group….there is a group of Pleiadians which are not true Pleiadians, they are a splinter ghroup and these are the guys which Billy Meier..came into touch with..they had a very strong connection to the sumerian culture, the Vril Society, back in the days just before Nazi Germany kicked off.. This group operated a very primitive Pleiadian Technology. It was a offshoot..this group ..had a connection to the control system on Earth…there is a big distinction between true 5th Dimensional Pleiadians and a group of Pleiadians that are split that look more like Nordics…and they fall back into the 4th Dimension.”
Bernard Au​alex: Collier called these beings the gizah intelligence.
Corky Duke: ​I wanna trust Simon so bad, but his position is Trump is here to take down the deep state, when he’s clearly on the side of the Ziocon cabal…which is the deep state.
2018 09 16 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes
“So the major points I think we really want to look at are the strange number of poisonings that have been reported on
aircraft, these are sort of transnational international flights and England has been quite a local for this, either going
from England to another country or coming back, particular one I think from Britain to Spain or Spain to Britain, there was one from Africa and sort of during the flight pay these passengers are reporting that they’ve been taken ill and the pilots radioing the country of destination and the police and the ambulances are all standing is real…people are being genuinely poisoned but with a very low level, it’s like a sort of a food poisoning is, it’s not a evil virus or something that’s going to spread a pandemic.”
“I’ve talked a little bit last time about GCHQ and more informations coming out about these satellites that have been taken down. GCHQ ran a sort of a separate coding between itself and the National Security Agency and via the NSA to the CIA. Now I want to clarify this that the GCHQ isn’t non-operational, GCHQ hasn’t been taken down, but the satellite linkage system that this encrypted
coding was operating, that’s no longer operational, so GCHQ on this particular network isn’t able to communicate its communicating..”

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