Targeted to Free Jesus Defeats Nanotechnology Weapons FULL MOVIE (better quality)

“Targeted to Free Jesus Defeats Nanotechnology Weapons FULL MOVIE (better quality)”
“.. and the most important thing that i believe is our mindset so if we think of disease that’s going to
intensify and just like the scripture says.. we become what we think about so we as people have the capacity to override signals that are man-made, We have a special capability within us to raise our frequency very very high and to be able to surpass these
technologies , so our attitude is our altitude , so I just kept focusing on healing and believed that could be
possible even though I didn’t know how it would happen, I just kept believing it, so here we to the toxicological findings and of course that dovetails directly into the scanning report that was done previously in it certainly showed that my body was
introduced toe military-grade nano materials or biotech…
in fact a real report that there’s the reason and the purposes that is behind this technology was for specific reasons
and soon we’ll get to that this is just you know indicating that the report that the toxicological findings reflected was
indeed connected to the Federal Communications locations and then the next step was that I would go to dr. Privitera of blessed memory he had passed away and he recommended I get an MRI of the head with special attention to the ears because that’s where I noted
a lot of pain when I would descend only and I noticed that I had like pinkish ooze coming out of my ears which was I
guess blood mixed with something else and so it was very very painful and that pain happened to me twice when I descended a plane so needless to say I didn’t do much traveling by plane since then we have the MRI before the surgery indicating there’s not a lot going on here, the whole purpose of getting the MRI was to see if it would be okay to get the polyp removed from the … sinus and
that correlates to the Columbia investigations report showing that there was a signal in fact in the same
location, so this is the MRI before the surgery, there’s nothing really going on in the area near the ears and then the
MRI after the surgery shows the nanomaterials are present in the ears and around the ears and it webbed all
the way around my head and all the way around the skull and so forth so very very it was pretty fast acting severe…”
“the contents collected from my scalp and these are daily things that are not of human origin so of course you can see
that it’s at the millimeter scale there, they’re really small and the origin of the specimens that’s the test
that went along with that Raymond spectroscopy, now what Raymond spectroscopy does with FTIR and other tests like this, it will actually break down the composite materials and show what the material that was collected… the dragon protein was found
also at the nano scale in my body , this dragon protein was the for the purposes of monitoring my genetics.
The purpose in the summary, now this is important because different kinds of nanotech have different purposes and
that in this particular attack these were the findings of what they were looking to do conclusion on summary the
integration of nanotechnology into the bio sensory world world to monitor or control human life is where the line in
the sand is drawn for the human being, the majority of high-impact technologies that utilize brain computer interfaces
as a neuro net, the tree network brain ship or bio sensor would be for the following control and monitoring of the
brain and bodily functions control and monitoring of the behavior of the individual, thoughts, temperature etc..
sending and receiving verbal commands stimulation of bio electrical transmissions within the neuron trees of
the nerves to be utilized as a listening device for remote sensing and monitoring, to be used as a transmitter for
listening in on conversations within a specific area that the individual, may be in where the device has been implanted
in them if there is a digital computer component to the device it should be used to capture visual transmissions as
a walking talking monitoring system, a high-tech extrinsic spying system, especially from military industrial
espionage so that’s what the summary was.”
“The red container number 1 which contains the carpet material from the suspect vehicle was positive for nanowires, she says further the analysis revealed, I did have an analysis and a hair analysis so this is part of the report that points to those findings
the analysis revealed specific materials that would induce colon cancer, breast cancer and leukemia and she gets into a
lot of technical language here but we’re gonna just skip past that each used as a specific tag to induce and/or monitor
cancer mechanisms development the analysis results indicate that the materials utilized were of a specific innovative nanotechnology delivery system with a specific intent such as to give our client cancer at an accelerated rate of time, now she further says in
another subsequent report on July of 2015 a legal notice of criminal activity by government officials and demand for action by witness Dr. Hildegard Staninger, she says in relating to her observing of my being repeatedly poisoned , non-consensually of course by advanced nano materials, her professional belief and expertise indicates that I was a recipient of weaponized innovative
technology and she says here further in this report you can definitely get on on the second tab down, the full report it says here to the..knowledge there have been repeated attempts to murder ,.. to mean cause permanent loss of brain function and monitor her biological presence genetics and physiological functions via remote sources, so basically what I wanted to do
here is show you this isn’t going to be professional this is just it show you in comparison to the PowerPoint that I have
two pieces of equipment here I don’t have any signals, I’m not in pain and I have a total turnaround and results, so I
just want to show you who do the best we can this is the X Tech and in order for this to work properly it has to stay
still on the area of concern, so I used to have a 0.02 Microtesla reading and now I’m zero point zero zero, so this is wonderful,
this is a tremendous breakthrough against this nanotechnology. So what I basically want to say is I’m free by the grace of God I’m here, thanks be to God and you can be free too, this is my belief. When I was going through this I was searching for someone who can help me to get through it and there was nobody, I had no access to anybody that caould tell me that they went through it.
…and I believe that if we all work together humanity can get through these kinds of attacks, god bless you all.”

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