Report # 73: Global Gestapo Episode… GOG's New Gestapo
“Report # 73: Global Gestapo Episode 1: Kay Griggs & GOG’s New Gestapo”
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Episode 1 in a new series with Dr. Eric Karlstrom to lay bare the creation, structure, history, and underpinnings of the modern Global Surveillance State and discuss the historic and current tools and methods whereby this over-reaching totalitarian Octopus may be dissolved by informed and aware humanity.
In this opening episode of the Global Gestapo series, Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Professor Emeritus from California State University and a distinguished academic career teaching Physical Geography and Environmental Geography at various Universities across the United States, who has devoted many years to deep research of the current power structure in the world explains his acronym GOG’s NEW Gestttttapo, which covers all the imposed modern phenomena of “gangstalking” or organized Surveillance-State Infragard/Community Watch stalking, “electronic weapon” or directed-energy weapon testing, training, usage, and operation on populations, non-consensual neuro-experimentation with highly invasive brain frequency weapons, and overarching and super-nasty surveillance state or secret agency mechanisms quite similar to Nazi SS or Stasi or Gestapo operations which permit such anarchy to exist.
While many are unaware World War III is well underway in our towns and cities in a global, distributed way which points to a Globalist war on the peoples of all nation states, those operating for the Global Gestapo and Global Surveillance State and those targeted by it are well in the know.
Kay Griggs, wife of a high-ranking Marine Corps Colonel, and a research scholar of Virginia and Scottish history, whose videos have been on Youtube for many years, is one of those deeply in the know, as she reveals in her candid conversations, which describe in gory detail how exactly the elitist power structure behind the US military and Intelligence agency conglomerate works, who it is comprised by, its connections with Israel, and what unsavory practices in the Marine Corps, Skull and Bones, Princeton and other bastions of elitist exclusivity establish and entrench this patriarchical power structure which hinges on the hierarchized colonizing of male minds through enforced homosexuality, mind control, and other manipulations.
Not to be forgotten is this Anglo-American-Zionist faction’s deeply entrenched adherence to beliefs in the occult via Kabbalism, Satanism, and ancient Sumerian religions paying obeisance to gods who demand human sacrifice, a phenomenon which finds modern expression in the construction of various temples and churches of Satanism such as the Temple of Set and the Church of Satan among military mavens such as the NSA’s Michael Aquino.
There is also an intertwining of Intelligence and military Intelligence groups with the deep military and Ivy league elitist secret society groups, something that has been entrenched for decades. Then there’s Project Paperclip, which according to Kay Griggs brought in 200,000 scientists and SS officers – not 1500 as is widely published – from Nazi Germany to the United States, for ensconcing in power positions in Universities, think tanks, government, and the US military. No-limits Nazi experimentation in various fields including trauma-based and dissociative mind control in combination with Zionist and British quest for Empire and no-limits Satanist assault on humanity have led us to where we are today.
Many writers and researchers have covered these topics, including Jim Marrs, Christopher Story, Anthony Sutton and others; Dr. Eric Karlstrom points to resources including his own compendious publications of information on his web sites, particularly, where he has posted excerpted transcripts of Kay Griggs’ interviews. That compilation can be found here:
Dr. Eric Karlstrom and I have been discussing these subjects for a while now, and I will move some of our previous podcasts into this series.”
“Oona Craig
“Gestapo” is a misleading term for the coming World Tyranny. “Stasi” or “KGB” would be better but “JWO” (Jew World Order) describes it best.
“Gestapo” is a term that serves the (((Master Perp-steins))) just fine, because using the word “Gestapo” continues to brainwash the public with the Big Lie endlessly repeated in (((Hollywood))) films that the GERMAN people are responsible for WW II.
Folks, Reinhard Gehlen, who was the mastermind of Operation Paperclip, spoke Hebrew. Adolf Eichmann spoke Hebrew (and Eichmann was not hanged after his phony 1963 show trial in Israel). Eichmann’s “show” trial was as phony as the OJ Simpson Trial (and scripted by the same Hollywood writers).
Watch: Famous Jewish Nazis…”
“WW II, which ended in 1945, lasted less than four years for the US (!) but Hollywood cannot stop pumping out Nazi war films in which the German people as a whole are slandered as blond sadists. Despite nonstop US-led wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia …. Hollywood’s villain is always Nazis???!!!! If Evil Hollyweird promotes the image of the villainous “Nazis and their Gestapo” the word Gestapo is NOT a label that we victims of Gangstalking should be adopting.
The film “Star Wars” even projected Nazis into the future in the person of the Nazi-helmeted Darth Vadar and his army. And Harrison Ford chases Nazis in the “Temple of Doom.” George Clooney chases Nazis in “The Monuments Men.” WTF??!! What are we to think of this? Obviously something is rotten about the “narrative” of WW II as claimed in our censored media, including school textbooks.
The real VILLAINS of ALL WARS are the owners of the Central Banks.
The Federal Reserve Bank has funded the US’s serial wars ever since the Bank’s founding in 1913. Without central bank funding there can be no war, no bribing of politicians, no infiltration of anti-war groups, no gangstalking vigilantes, no roving “mercenary” death squads.
What small group owns ALL the central banks? It is in your interest to find out who they are, because they are the Masterminds, the Predators who want to kill you.
Read: “The Myth of German Villainy” by Benton Bradberry; “1996” by Gloria Naylor; “The Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star” by Texe Marrs; “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed; “The Hidden Evil” by Mark M. Rich..”

Dialectic Reborn
Unfortunatly, Dr. Karlstrom’s Website has been hacked. Too bad, as this site provided a lot of useful information, which invited to further research.
vor 5 Tagen”

Northern Cross
Dont forget about the massive muslim invasion they are uncorking on us….weaponized immigration…..they need A people that hate Christians….that would be the filthy demonic muslim parasites….
vor 5 Tagen”

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