Time Travel – What Our Government Knows & Hides [Documentary] 2016

“THINGS THEY DON’T TEACH YOU IN CHURCH — We Live in a TIME/SPACE HOLOGRAM … The Secret TIME TRAVEL and TELEPORTATION Program of the US Matrix Govt is used to Govern the Planet Politically… EARTH … as EVERYTHING Else … Has an INFINITE # of Alternate Possible Future Time Lines … Where EVERY Conceivable Possible Future outcome is given the Oppty to work itself out … In an Alternate Reality … The Military Industrial Complex has “Time Cops” that move IN and OUT of these Alternate Future Time Lines … Using STARGATE Technology Housed at AREA 52 … to explore which Outcome they deem most desirable … They then Tweak the Present to move Humanity in the direction of the Future Time Line they Desire …
They have Pre-identified Future Presidents & Events & Prime Ministers and can… IF they So CHOOSE to USE that info to Control us Politically by Co-opting them 20 years in ADVANCE and Grooming them… as Secret CIA, MI5, MI6 Operatives so that what you Think is a President or Prime Minister is REALLY a Life Long Operative….Thus the Unregulated Weaponization of Time Travel is a Serious Threat to Humanity… Another Reason for the Secrecy … D.C Insiders claim that Prez. Nixon Objected to the Excessive Expenditures and Money Laundering involved in the use of Weaponized TIME TRAVEL thus was Set Up using WATERGATE to take him OUT .. This Real Life Technology was the Inspiration for the HOLLYWOOD Movie “Back To The Future” … UNBEKNOWNST To YOU …
The U.S. discovered during WWII that Humanity was Deliberately Taught the Wrong MATH and SCIENCE EONS Ago to keep them in a Reductive State of Mind delaying their ability to Navigate Higher Universal TRUTHS … The Military Industrial Complex gained Access to the REAL MATH & SCIENCE Decades Ago which catapulted them OFF PLANET into the Breakaway Societies and Alternate Realities that Operate within the Construct of the Paranormal Sciences they Now Experience … Once you take Away the Mysteries of the Universe you enable a Society to Evolve Exponentially … The Convoluted Universal Matrix is the Grandest Matrix of all Matrices.”
“… The Military Industrial Complex Depends on the Fact that they think Humanity’s Reductive 3D Mentality is TOO DUMB to Process The reality of Alternate Universes that is their EVERY DAY REALITY … THANKS for Reminding me….”

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