Nick Begich "DARPA Is Testing New Mind Control Technology On Unwitting Civilian Victims."

“It utilizes essentially, what is called an Frequence Follower Response or FFR, and what this is is where the brain of human beings will lock on an external signal and begin to mirror and begin to follow it, hence Frequence Following Response and what that does is altering brain chemistry, the sort of grossest way, it can just adjust or alter an
emotional state, as an example, from say lethargic and passive to highly active and agitated.. almost flipping on and off a light switch. The ability to do this in a directed way, on a large scale with HAARP, is one thing, the other is to use any electromagnetic carrier, which includes: Television, Radio, The Internet, The Power Grid, any of these things can be modulate ..and drive physiological responses to those external signals. Just think about, a if you are a radio receiver ..when a transmitter sends a signal out the receiver is in resonance or harmony with the signal.. The same is true with every cell, every element, every molecule, every body organ, including the brain within the human body, so if you know enough, to sort of tune the human radio , if you will by analogy, you can affect any physiological process this isn´t theoretical anymore, this is science fact. (Nick Begich)(2017)(13.2.)(“DARPA Is Testing New Mind Control Technology On Unwitting Civilian Victims.”)
This is the direction in which our military is going… for disabling or degrading adversarial groups, By being able to override essential the operator, the human being themselves, forget about bombs, bullets and blowing things up, if you can effect the operator in such a way you can literally shut down warfare and this is the direction
in which it is headed, but not just in warfare, the idea of utilizing this technologies in the civilian sector, this is where I have deep concern…
(Nick Begich)(2017)(13.2.)(“DARPA Is Testing New Mind Control Technology On Unwitting Civilian Victims.”)”
“Long Way Homevor 3 Monaten
The best kind of slave is a slave that doesn’t know he/she is a slave.
so wettovor 2 Monaten: When one is not free to express his or her own thoughts, one is in a perpetual state of slavery. – Euripides
Rubin Schmidtvor 2 Monaten:
“Gradually, by selective breeding (or VMAT2 aerosol vaccines/viruses ) the congenital differences between rulers and the ruled will increase until they become different species. A revolt by the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organised insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.” Bertrand Russell. !!!”
I. Sokolovvor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet)
Mind Control (MK) research should gradually be declassified. Only the early MK Ultra has become available for the
public. The MK Ultra program show that Governments worldwide have no respect for human rights. The victims get
symptoms like schizophrenia or acute psychoses of schizophrenic nature.
The MK “arms race” between the superpowers is scary. Even scarier is that this research has been outsourced to entities outside Government control. Pentagon say the human brain is like a computer
without a security system. Today´s technology enables two-way communication of speech, images, and manipulation of the nerve system. Use of satellites, Artificial intelligence and super computers has
revolutionized the Mind Control technology. Politicians should be pressured to allow this research only on voluntary participants in the research program. There are suspicions that Mind Control victims;
(a.k.a. Targeted Individuals (TI))”
131kimbervor 3 Monaten
PS: MK Ultra was AUTOMATED into the JADE II Computerized Tactical System. Being used on Global population.?
Antworten 6
Dr Katherine Horton – Stop 007vor 3 Monaten:
Yes, what you are saying is correct. Everybody should check out the information you have. This is serious stuff,
folks. It is a decentralized weapons system against all living beings run by the psychopaths at the core of the
military and the intelligence agencies.
131kimbervor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): They are using National Security Defense System for transmission of RADIO frequencies and High Definition Digital Broadcasting for Biological Attacks. Armed Forces and DHS Joint Task Forces – CIA, FBI, DHS, Police, Fire & Rescue
and Citizen Emergency Response Groups are attacking the REST of the Society. Evidence on ALL parties Hard Drives –
Computerized tactical System AND Individual BIOMETRIC Targeting over Open Air waves, Communication, Surveillance and
Broadcasting Networks + Devices.
131kimbervor 3 Monaten: Go to my Channel page, see my discussion posts. I´ve been writing about these crimes for 3 yrs. now. I have thousands of links, resources and descriptions of these inhumane attacks.?
131kimbervor 3 Monaten: Most of the details came from the Military pdfs for JADE Helm and their JADE II system. A few links to follow.
131kimbervor 3 Monaten
JADE Helm´s JADE stands for
1) Joint Airways Deployment Execution = land/sea/air, private, public, governmental, military – Communication,
Surveillance and Broadcasting Systems and Devices
2) Joint Assistance Deployment Execution = All Armed Forces (people) collaborated with CIA, FBI, DHS, Police
Departments, Fire & Rescue, Businesses, Health Care Professionals, Civilian Emergency Response Teams
3) JADE II – an Artificial Intelligent Computerized Tactical System with Analysis Applications, Biometric
Repositories, Multiple databases from ALL Govt/Private/Public Agencies, Prodigy Life Management/Deployment Planners,
Raytheon´s Execution program (that runs the show), all National Defense Weapons and IBM´s Deep Blue/Watson as it´s
collective hived knowledge and voice.
(Info from Raython and Military pdfs)?
MrsLizard Kingvor 3 Monaten:
I feel like my brain has gotten really slow and mushy. I don´t do drugs or anything, maybe it´s school and chemical
genetically modified foods. I also can´t socialize as well as I used to and I think it´s all the vaccines that were
pumped into me , this goes for a lot of people , especially in my generation.
L DJ1991vor 1 Woche:
same here. i used to be bubbly,outgoing passionate about life, nature etc. but my memory has become cloudy, I´m bored
alot even though im doing things i love.i struggle to sleep, i suffer from anxiety so i shy away from people. i tried
meds years ago for this but nothing helped, i knew it was chemtrails and wifi everywhere. the only thing i can
suggest is try to stay away from electronics as much as possible( difficult in this day and age) unplug all
electricals and turn off wifi when not in use, try to get in nature more it helps alot. an try an have a good diet
MrsLizard Kingvor 1 Woche: L DJ1991 Yea thanks for the reply take care. Hopefully things will improve?
131kimbervor 3 Monaten:
Research Targeted Individuals, Gangstalking, Electronic Harasssment, Electronic Torture and Mind Controlled Victims.
Predisposition NOT necessary with this weapon system. From one who knows – We number in the millions!!!! T
shinzantetsuvor 3 Monaten:
I’m a targeted individual, and yes… This is absolutely real.. And fucking disturbing. I’m shot with frequencies, my
limbs/torso/hands violently shake… My nervous system is being messed with. It happened after a hospital visit… I
was in disbelief!?
S Duncanvor 3 Monaten: WOW scary stuff, They’ve found the human frequency and manipulate our consciousness our beliefs our history. WOW?
Tom Parisvor 3 Monaten: Great interview! Nick is a brilliant and encouraging man.
Maria Gonzalesvor 1 Woche: I’ve been hearing a horrible frequency since May 2016 that has definitely effected me negatively. Hope this
monstrous weapon is soon destroyed. I am now suffering from hyperacusis. The Sumerians knew about cymatics…this is
ancient technology in evil hands.
Christy McKeevor 1 Monat: MINORITY REPORT!?
Christy McKeevor 1 Monat: I think they are using this tech to turn boys and men gay. Theres some crazy shit going on these days. I cant
remember the name of the operation right off hand, but I do know they have used the very thing im talking about on an
enemy army before…
Deborah Anne Webervor 3 Monaten: They are all considered WMDs, but the elephant in the room is that actual lethal military war weapons are being used in conjunction on innocent Americans and our children from Presidents to very young children. Even Medusa, V2k, Sound
Projector, LRAD all of ADS (active denial system) which attempts to feign schizophrenia (there is no such thing as
hearing voices in schizophrenia) is a WMD aimed at assassinating witnesses, whistle-blowers, victim witnesses.
All of those “felonious acts” happen right here in the USA. Check out “Rogue State” it’s essentially a reference
book, half of which is citation. All of it is coming from psychopathic people using technology and particularly WMDs
against innocent people. Millions of innocent Americans have been murdered for this garbage.
Everyone behind this MUST be put to death. Those are laws of Nature and laws of US Constitution and Treatises signed
and ratified. We just don’t have real men in this country – most people didn’t notice the good, tough guy kill off. I sure did.
mary janevor 3 Monaten: i think the biggest tool for mind control is simple old propoganda and culture, it can achieve all the things haarp
suposedly does.”

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