University Misuse in Germany & Mind Control Henning Witte

Source: German universities use Pentagon research cash

German universities use Pentagon research cash
German universities are breaking ethics rules by taking millions of euros from the US military for research projects into munitions, environmentally-friendly explosives and drone software, critics claim. At least 22 universities and research institutes have confirmed accepting more than €10 million in Pentagon research grants since 2000, the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper said on Monday.

Laut Dr. Henning Witte ist die Technische Universität Bremen berüchtigt für Mind Control Versuche… / According to Dr. Henning Witte the Technical University Bremen is notorious for mind control experiments…

“Mind Control versklavt Körper und Gehirne von Henning Witte
Veröffentlicht am 14.05.2015
Der neueste Forschungsstand bei Mind Control vorgetragen von Dr. Henning Witte.”

Dann melden sich die Leute, die merken, was mit der Psychiatrie faul ist. Das ist reine Quacksalberei in riesiger Dimension, das ist wirklich Quacksalberei… Diese chemische Balance im Gehirn, alles Quatsch, das geht über Skalarwellen. (Dr. Henning Witte)
Und dann ist auch die Psychiatrie eine Front, wo Mind Control passiert. Wenn irgendeiner da abweicht, ab in die Klapse und dann gibts noch die letzten Chips, die noch fehlen und deshalb ist auch der beste Kritiker der Psychiatrie die Scientology, die Filme, die die ins Netz gestellt haben, um der Psychiatrie eins drüberzuhauen, die sind brilliant. (Dr. Henning Witte)BremenMK

Source: german-universities-under-fire-for-taking-pentagon-contracts
“The University of Bremen takes funding from the Pentagon even though it has an explicit commitment to conduct research only for civilian purposes, the Süddeutsche said.
Yet the university said its research into satellite technology was “purely civilian basic research”. The US funding is organized so that the Defence Ministry can pump money into non-military research projects”
“German research institutions have accepted more than $10 million in contracts from the Pentagon since 2000 to cover seemingly benign topics like congenital tumors. But it appears some of these projects also have controversial military applications.
The University of Bremen was the first German university to bind itself to a civil clause. But the recent reporting has revealed that two doctoral positions there were financed by the Pentagon. An environmental physicist landed the contracts without the knowledge of his dean’s office or the university’s top leadership. The projects were attributed merely as “third-party funds” on the university’s accounting forms, keeping both the public and education ministries in the dark about their true nature.
Despite sounding suspicious, this procedure is as commonplace as it is legal. Scientists at German universities are compelled to seek out third-party funding, in part because their institutions depend on it. And because the German constitution has no restrictions on research, scientists have only to comply with corresponding laws, like those regulating gene technology, biological agents, weapons and foreign trade. If a researcher’s university has a civil clause, he or she is obliged, when in doubt, to ask for an assessment from the dean’s office. But researchers are not required to comply with that assessment.
Is Tumor Research Problematic?
For its part, the University of Bremen says it wouldn’t have any problem with a Pentagon contract because it claims the funding only went toward basic research. But Altmann, the physicist, has his doubts. “The US Congress already resolved decades ago that there has to be a military application when it comes to contracts coming from the Pentagon — even if it initially only has to do with basic research.” He does, however, note one exception: medicine.
And things are still lacking when it comes to upholding the civil clause. “I’m not aware of any German university that already has a procedure in place for reviewing projects,” Altmann says.
Some research institutions act as if they were downright clueless. The working group on “inherited tumor and deformity illnesses” at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) has received money from the United States for 10 years. “The US Army uses a certain percentage of its budget for research that can especially be used transnationally,” the UKE said in a statement. “The working group has gladly made use of these funds amid very low funding for rare diseases in Germany. Military earmarks are not connected to the acceptance of money.”
So can research into tumors be dubious? The US Defense Department wants to know how the human body works, Altmann says. “On the one hand, it’s about being able to better protect and cure their own soldiers. On the other, it’s about becoming more aware of potential enemy attacks with biological weapons.”
Yet once something is researched and published, it is available to anyone for any use. This gives rise to what researchers call a dual-use dilemma. Rockets that transport satellites into space, for example, could also be used to carry nuclear weapons. Knowledge about pathogens can be used to develop new medicines or biological weapons. Nuclear technology can harvest energy or build atomic bombs.
And research into the desert locust? It can help to perfect drone wars.”
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