Nano particles and you…

“Worse news (sorry): If you do not enjoy “traditional” geoengineering aerosols raining invisibly up your nose, you are definitely not going to like sniffing periodic dumps of programmable nanoparticles 80,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.
Under development since 1995, the weaponeer’s goal is to install microprocessors incorporating gigaflops computer capability into “smart particles” the size of a single molecule. Electronically networked in the air, thousands of sensors will eventually link into a single supercomputer no larger than a grain of sand.
Brought to you by the same military-corporate-congressional-banking complex that runs America’s foreign “urban renewal” projects – otherwise known as Permanent War-For-Profit –U.S. Military Inc. is preparing to unleash swarms of “smart” nanoparticles in its ongoing Eco War against the Earth and all creatures dwelling here.
Raytheon Corp for one. The original owner of Bernard Eastlund’s HAARP patent, the world’s fourth largest weapons maker also owns General Dynamics – the biggest manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
How can high-tech nano chips be cheaper than potato chips?
Answer: Nano particles are self-replicating. That is, these ultra-miniature self-assembling machines can be made to reproduce themselves until programmed to stop.
The “chemtrails” we are all too familiar with after a 15-year dose continue to inflict eye infections, nosebleeds, skin sores, muscle pain, chronic exhaustion, weakened immunity, acute asthma and allergies, short-term memory loss and heart attacks on people in more than a dozen countries. [Chemtrails Confirmed 2010 by William Thomas]
Aluminum is a neurotoxin capable of dulling concentration and reasoning ability. By blocking nerve impulses from being properly conducted to and from the brain, dizziness, memory loss, impaired coordination, involuntary tremors, speech disorders and a loss of balance and energy are also cited in medical texts as indicators of aluminum poisoning.
Nano-researcher Jim Giles describes nanoparticles as “tiny lumps of matter that… can travel to the brain after being inhaled. [ Jan 5/04]
Specifically, inhaled nanoparticles make a beeline for the olfactory bulb, an area of the brain that deals with smell. They tend to accumulate and clump there. A surprised toxicologist at the University of Edinburgh, Ken Donaldson, says, “I would never have thought of looking for inhaled nanoparticles in the brain.”
U. of Edinburgh researchers are also looking at the effects of nanoparticles on the liver.
As Dr. Celine Filippi observed, “Nanoparticles delivered into the lungs crossed the lung barrier and entered the blood. Particles in the blood can reach the liver, amongst other organs.”
Owning The Weather In 2025 and Hall’s Overview of Nanotechnology both appeared in 1995. Since its Frankenstein infancy, nanotech has gone exponential. [nanotech-now]”

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