Chemtrails and Chemotherapy -more-alike-than-you-think

“Chemtrails and Chemotherapy -more-alike-than-you-think
“They are confident that you do not ever seriously look up at the sky, and if for some reason you do, thanks to the dumbing down effect of public education and the media, you won’t know what you are looking at.
For a long time, starting when chemtrails started appearing all over the U.S. in the 1990′s, those who spoke of them were dismissed as crazy conspiracy theorists. But now, there is solid evidence that chemtrails are real. Patents describe some of the materials being sprayed. Military whistleblowers confirm that these materials are being loaded on the jets for spraying. We have video evidence of the spray nozzles on the planes, and of the billowing clouds of particulates being released. Air, water and soil samples show the same toxic metals, including aluminum, barium and strontium, plus a list of other toxic materials in the mix, that are raining down on us almost every day. There is no question of whether this is happening, nor is there any question that our health and the health of animals, plants and the entire biosphere are being drastically harmed. Nano particles such as those being sprayed can cross the blood brain barrier, and affect our brain function, while poisoning other parts of the body at the same time. Aluminum and the other metals raise soil pH, radically reduce the health and numbers of all lifeforms, from soil microorganisms, to plants and trees, to animals, to humans.
It is true, because people in many levels of government and industry believe their superiors who say nothing bad will happen to them if they go ahead and spread these poisons everywhere, it’s just normal business, and scientists have already determined it’s a good idea. That’s pretty far up there on the stupid meter, but it’s more comfortable for many people compared to having to actually think about what all this means and the future it is creating. Where this is not coming from stupidity is when you look at the higher levels of control, and you get to where the design, programs and orders are coming down from eugenicists. These are the people whose intent is to depopulate the Earth. Most of them feel they will remain in the privileged elite, and only those “below them” will die, and also it’s necessary “for the Earth.” Most or all of these levels of controllers are wrong, they are also slated for termination, as soon as their functions are completed.
Likewise, in what is referred to these days as “health care,” protocols like chemotherapy are being administered by those who don’t want to admit to themselves what they are really giving to the patient, though many of them would never take the treatment themselves. But at the higher planning levels, the point of most of modern medicine is also eugenics, just like it is with chemtrails.
For backup details and documentation on chemtrails and geoengineering, you can start by studying material on the website, as well as They will lead you to many other sources for study. For a good explanation of the deadly effect of modern medicine, you can start by looking at the paper written by Dr Gary Null and Dr Carolyn Dean, called “Death by Medicine” ( But the bottom line is, we are being gradually and intentionally killed, eliminated as undesirables from the planet, by those currently in control of government and economic systems. And the purge is accelerating now, becoming much less gradual. The truth is that we are dealing with a system that is very sophisticated, using psychological operations, deception and programming to get the members of the targeted population to do its work, and basically destroy themselves. The details are complex, but the plan is not really that complicated. Use the means at the disposal of the numerically small group in control to clear out the unwanted population of the Earth, leaving the planet for them, and perhaps a small number of slaves if the robots cannot handle every type of job for them. That in a nutshell is where we are.”
Source: (3.10.2013)

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