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Christine Hart – The Private Investigator.
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Interviewing MUFON’S expert, Joseph Jordan who has just written a great new book, Piercing the Cosmic Veil… He believes that the Pleiadians are evil and all ET are demonic. He talks about how ALL ET abductions are astral and intra-dimensional…”
Conspiracy Revelation: 13.8.2020: Very Christian-biased interview…don´t take it for full Truth and with a grain of salt to people who have a very narrow bandwith of spiritual comprehension… just heavily dogma-biased, but some interesting infos nevertheless to reference crosscheck with other material.. I must strike out some info, because it is plain unproven assumptions and the typical reaction of narrow-minded dogma people. Christianity is only for 2000 years on this Planet…and surely not the Alpha and Omega of the entire Universe…they take themselves too important….and gross-overgeneralizations and demonizations are surely not pointing to objective Truth.
“What the government was dealing with aliens were actually demonic forces in the skies and so I believe that the cover-up is is bigger than we can imagine uh if you talk about this disclosure and why is it not happening I believe it’s not happening because the government knows what we’re dealing with and they are really afraid to let this out it’s one thing to say hey folks we’re dealing with aliens from other
worlds hallelujah we’re not alone, but it’s a whole nother scenario to say uh excuse me folks but we’re dealing
with forces beyond comprehension, evil beyond comprehension
with power beyond comprehension that we have no idea what to do about but i’m telling you in our book we tell you
if that’s what this is and we’re pretty sure it is
we have the power to stop it we have the most powerful weapon in the entire Universe…”
Conspiracy Revelation: 13.8.2020: I can also disprove your assumption that this name alone will solve every issue…I can show you several examples where it didn´t help.
“Everything that is paranormal, everything that is dealing in the psychic realm everything that’s dealing in the new age metaphysical realm those are all separate parts of the
delusion anything that people get involved with that’s outside of scripture is going to be part of the enemy and in some way it’s going to take them away from the one true god the whole purpose is for our souls to be doomed okay we’re
dealing with a cosmic war a cosmic war that’s been going on since the beginning of time and the prize for this cosmic war is human souls okay your soul is going to either live
with god the creator forever…and this is just a modern version of the warfare this warfare has been going on for
thousands of years since humanity’s been here in one form of another this is just the modern guys the modern version of warfare.”
“I’m seeing an increase in where I started 20 years ago
the people that have turned away from god in in society
um i tell you what it’s gotten deeper and deeper and deeper into some crazy stuff:”
“the demons or whatever what do you think they’re getting out of doing that it’s a control it’s an ability to to control the person it puts fear into those people it lets them know that they have no control over what’s happening to them
and they have to succumb to this experience they have to succumb to what these entities are doing and usually this is that good cop bad cop i told you about um we have many cases over the years that we’ve looked at where people they’ve gone through the horrific experiences but at some point
have given in to the experiences and the next thing you know
they’re no longer having the horrific experiences but they’re being visited by the nordics or the pleiadians
and being told that they’re here for a purpose and what they went through was getting to that purpose that they’re to
be messengers to humanity you know we see that a lot there’s a lot of communication between these entities
and humans but it’s always a lie you know they try
to prophesy about things that are coming and earth changes and all of that but nothing has ever come true with what they predicted / but i i should imagine they would be
able to see ahead of time just i’m sure they can but they’re lying about what they’re saying.”
“these spiritual entities actually took over your personality your your everything you actually became a living human being
shell for that that entity.”
“that’s about the closest thing to possession that i have
ever seen and it’s not like possession you would see
in .. the old movie the exorcist possession can be very very subtle and i think that’s the example the walk-ins are showing yeah it’s curious isn’t it and there’s a
lot of i think a lot of military activity..”
“Well, when we started going and looking at deeper into the investigations about their personal life we also
started looking at their family life when they were
younger: what were their parents doing, what were they into what were their belief systems and every time we found that the open do door had come from the parents okay and biblical
scripture backs that up biblical scripture says that the head of the household the spiritual head of the household the family is the father and if the father’s not
keeping a spiritual covering over that family you know then that family is susceptible to the the
the viles of the enemy uh the demonic forces as well as he is.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 13.8.2020: Sounds like a fallacy argument…why should the innocent child get the whole karmic load of the parents…that sounds like a total distorted concept…then you must indeed also put the deities and/or the creators of the genetic codes on the judgement bank.
“Okay, so what we see here is an entity that is
able to live in a different realm of from
us what christians called spiritual what secular people call
interdimensional but they’re able to break that veil and come through and in harass us deceive us and perpetuate ..
that we’re dealing with now why do i call it a ufo delusion and what’s the purpose of the ufo takes their eyes and their focus away from the one true god the one true creator of the universe this whole phenomenon is creating a futuristic religion of itself the the saviors that people are looking for are ETs from another world that’s supposed to come here and save us from all of our troubles.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 13.8.2020: And what you patriarchal brainwashed Christians never understand that it is the Goddess Sophia who also helps out aka Maria Magdalena M.M. inscribed in your hands aka Shekinah aka Holy Spirit aka Mahadevi aka Mother of the Universe. SHE IS THE EARTH REPRESENTATIVE UNTIL CHRISTNA/KRISHNA RETURNS/AWAKENS IN ONESELF TO GIVE HER SOLACE AND COMFORT… Christos-Sophia-Hieros-Gamos.
“they live in a parallel universe to us they live in a realm
that’s beside us, not away from us but right here beside
us, they are aware of everything we do, everything we see everything we look at, everything we get involved in
they’ve taken advantage of what we expect
Et to look like oh yeah in the beginning it didn’t start that way but as hollywood picked up on it you know and the ideas came about so did the change in the look of these entities
and keep in mind too they appear as whatever they need to appear as to convince that person and to delude that person to get them to actually actually fully believe in them okay
whatever it takes whether it takes you looking at crop circles cattle mutilation sightings or in the production
experience they’re going to use whatever it takes you to disbelieve in the one true god and that’s what we’re seeing.”
“and a flimsy hold on their own minds yeah
yeah and these entities i think come in and use it
but it just shows you the viciousness they have towards
humanity if they want to torture and rip and just destroy us you asked earlier about looking at all of this is is this
something that is coming bigger and bigger
we see all of the distractions in the world right now that look to seem to be political or racial in nature in in a lot of countries i don’t believe that’s the that’s the
root cause of what’s happening here i think actually what you’re seeing here if you look at the root cause which is
what i do as a safety professional when i come across an accident i can find causal factors that helped the
accident happen but when you get to the root cause of
actually what happened that’s where you find the
answer and i believe the root cause of all this stuff we’re seeing in the world right now is because it’s a spiritual war.”

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