QUANTUM RED PILL CAFE. pt5 “Starseed Lives Matter” more SSP, spiritual attacks, guest Johan Fritz

“QUANTUM RED PILL CAFE. pt5 “Starseed Lives Matter” more SSP, spiritual attacks, guest Johan Fritz”
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SSP Factions
spiritual attacks
it’s a trick”

“what your metaphysical background just keep
going with it you know like people talk about uh say meditation real quick i researched years of meditation you know what …how i finally learned to meditate when i learned to relax my jaw that’s all it took but i spent years of talking to metaphysicians and really awakened shaman and all
these people because i was heyoka so i was actually looking for a way not to be heyoka i was like.”

“so for me i would say for me in terms of the meditation questions i’ve been asked this a few times actually well i’ll just state this the the way i teach meditation it’s not about
quieting the mind it has nothing to do with meditation
what you’re actually doing in meditation is you’re first off you’re observing your thoughts you’re you’re listening to your thoughts you’re observing your thoughts and what you’re really looking for is those patterns underneath
all those thoughts is there an underlying pattern that keeps cropping up over and over again because that pattern
is what you need to be really addressing absolutely and that pattern has a lot to do with triggers, so for example let’s say you have an emotional trigger and for whatever reason you’re not sure what that emotional trigger is well your
subconscious may present a feeling an image a color something
that gets your mind in that space where you can start
processing why that triggers there and it takes time for some people to work through that stuff because the subconscious has to know that the conscious mind the id is ready to actually have this information given to it otherwise the it releases”

“it’ll come to you in a dream if you don’t deal with it
you’ll get sick you know diabetic or whatever and it’s worse for ssp people because you’re dealing with two or three
different lifetimes you’re dealing with the life
that you’re living here with your family and your job and clones in a lot of closets i feel sorry for
but i feel sorry for everybody in the program because people that are awake and they realize that we’re kind of living in this matrix if you want to call it that in the movies
that when they’re in the matrix they got to leave the matrix right they knew what was going on but then they got to get
unplugged. we have to live here we have to still go to work every day and pretend like everybody else we’rehow are you supposed to go back to work knowing some of what
when you’re dealing with other alters and clones and years of
experience you know and one thing delores said
and some people might agree with this might not i’m just putting it out there i’m not making this shit up this is what
she said years ago that a lot of these beings that had come
here would she was calling waves one two and three right
that some of them came here and they had a certain level of protection put around their soul ..so you would not acquire karma while you were here.”

“is the conscious mind ready to start working through
the trauma that’s stored in the subconscious and the ego
because that’s really what you’re doing is as when i went through my phr sessions connie was essentially pulling
up box by box of this trauma..connie’s your your hypnotist right she passed in 2017 uh she was my uh she was
technically a licensed counselor they’re a licensed therapist
and ironically she lived in like one most conservative states in the world west virginia so the the funny part is when i found her my sister was working for her”

“is that sometimes people they when they start having a fear reaction understand this fear first off and foremost is natural, it’s a normal reaction the human subconscious or the the conscious mind has to the unknown and really what we should be doing we shouldn’t be fearing any particular
person or thing what we should be doing is addressing what’s causing the trigger i.e the fear to occur in the first place
and a lot of that has to do with the fact like in my case my fear boiled down to the fact i didn’t know what i was going to uncover i didn’t know what kind of a person i was in the programs most people don’t even know that they’re
in the programs when they’re looking for help.,”

“it was a lot of torture it was a lot of time travel torture
it’s a lot where they operate on you and
they don’t use anesthesia so they let you feel the pain
in my case one of the things they let me watch…um i didn’t realize that most of my trauma came from the uh mk ultra or the ssp side of stuff not to one time my ex-wife had gotten a fight.”

“also working a counselor myself it’s you have to be very careful about when and how you release that
information to people, because my wife and i we luckily my wife is very patient and very tolerant and when i’ve
told her stuff i’m always waiting to see what her
reaction is going to be because some of the stuff that i say
is completely like when it comes out of my mouth i’m like wow that sounds much better in my head and it does because i’m trying to recall this dream or the experience i’m trying
to explain to her and there are times where i say stuff
i’m just like oh my god i sound like a freaking crazy
person saying this but in the in the bigger context of what
was going on the programs is actually kind of normal it’s like a normal everyday thing .. it’s
like so yeah you have to be kind of careful with
that and you have to kind of preface your
statements with with your significant others and if you don’t have a trust built up with that partner it’s very hard talking about some of these deeper core level traumas because you’re not in the right heart space and trust space to bring that stuff out and say look i’m putting this on the
table because i want to talk about it
what do you think because you’re just not in the right space for that right so so that’s that’s where i think a lot of
people also have their inhibitions because i’ve had people talk to me they’re like you know what i know i was in the programs but i can’t talk about this stuff with my
spouse because if i do that they’re going to like kick me out to the street and look at a bad episode of cops.”

“i understood that you can’t tell everybody this because they don’tunderstand time travel you have to explain how
aliens work you have to explain because it’s just not being Milab but it’s them picking you up and taking you for weeks at a time when you’re three four five six seven
years old while they’re doing all this breaking your your consciousness and then they bring you back and you look
fine you only slept overnight that’s all you remember.”

“um i’ve had these episodes where when i’m in bed i’ll be almost falling asleep and then all of a sudden i wake up and
i’m maybe an inch off the bed and i slammed back in the bed
and i’ve told people i’m like that’s probably an indicator that something else happened and in my case what happened
was i actually got abducted and i know for a fact either i was either in a clone body or my 2.0 body or something is going on because i also knew i had the programming turned on
whatever was going on in that environment inside that ship had turned on the programming because here i am on a restrained table with my hands locked down my ankles
locked down and all of a sudden i look up and i see
these beings looking at me and they realize that i’m now awake and i started trying to move my wrists and all of a sudden i realized wait a minute i don’t have to move my wrist
i’ve got i’ve got fatal level programming i can i can just turn that thing on and also i flip the switch and
restraints come off as i start to come up off the table at
these guys…nope boom back in the bed and harry and
slammed back into the bed and i’m like what the hell just happened yeah i’m trying to hear i’m trying to explain this to my wife and i sound like a freaking crazy loony person trying to say this but that’s what happened.”

“I was talking to my friend razzie about this too, sometimes they’ll change the name, they’ll make you from tall to short, from skinny to fat, they might change your skin tone, so they change a lot so it like took i don’t i don’t know what my alter’s name is..but people seem to understand that they
will change details, so you don’t remember but they can’t change everything, so they can’t remove the whole memory and they do use like the best memory wipes possible, but they still will replace stuff, so if you start trickling back and you start getting some recall.”

“Pay attention to details, details, trees, look for treesm skylines..”

“We are the only species that I know of to date minus the cassiopeians that actually use some form of music,
because none of the other species use music or art, they don’t understand it.”

“Let me stop it right there real quick and you’re going to hate me for this, because you are arcturian, they are some
of the most musical beings i’ve heard, but then this could also be one of those triggers too that you’re just not allowed to remember… just such a high level of
spiritualness.. so yeah that’s just people just discern do your own research figure it out you know this is my truth, that doesn’t mean it’s right, this is just what I found in my research.”

“They actually are building or in testing Darpa is right now
with the university of chicago and argonn national laboratories, they’re actually doing what they call a quantum access internet, this would be called internet 2.0 and
what it actually does is you will not need a wire you will not need wi-fi all you need to have is a module that
plugs into box a and into your device and if a molecule or an atom moves in box a it also moves in the device plugged
into your box which creates that vibration which is translated into electrical signal /is that quantum technology like quantum entanglement type technology /
yes yeah they already tested it on a 15 kilometer
long link between two buildings in the netherlands
they actually were able to vibrate those molecules and actually pass binary information from point a to point
b and back.”

“and i don’t want to chuck their name out there and put them potentially in a harmful situation right
uh now base wise the number one base in australia i look as pine gap because the cia and the australians
have a joint base there at pine gap and if you watch the footage from the space shuttle they have a i think it’s
um i can’t know what the actual mission is but they actually have this picture of a object shooting up at a ufo
and the object is going one direction that makes immediate right turn as the object comes out of the cloud cover
at the ufo and that’s directly above pine gap, so we know that there´s testing going on where they’re
trying to develop anti-ufo weaponry to bring down craft.”

“the one question he says is are there overweight extraterrestrials, so the term overweight
to me is a judgment term and I think we’re looking at that based on the human meaning the terran view of
beauty…I have seen an upright walking king beetle that is in fact a ET species I have seen uh Slugs that both move on land and on in water that are intelligent species..
so the answer to that question is you have to look at the standard for that species to find out whether or not to find out whether or not they’re technically overweight or is that normal for their particular species that’s the answer.. the next question he says is: do they do drugs or alcohol like us? I hope so, I will say this, I have seen certain species who love salt it actually affects them the way
cocaine or amphetamines affects us here right I’ve also seen certain species they’re directly affected by sugar

that way as well and they would pay anything to get a hold of sugar to use in their foods because it has the exact same effect as amphetamines or other chemicals do here.”

“you have the big negative dracos because they think that they own everybody, then you have the humans and the humans are sloppy about it like i’ve literally fallen asleep on my couch and they put
me in my room before”

“I think we should separate something out here too
there are so i’ll say this and i’ll also make some clarifications, alright, all draco are in fact a
reptilian et species ..but all reptilian species are
not draco.. right..first off and foremost, secondly within the draco genetic system you have to separate out the people who are what i would call ciakar which is those who directly descend from the queen and those who are in fact
being taken over those non-ciakar who are being taken over
by um this black nanite ai virus, the black goo, right and and unfortunately what has happened within their culture
is that some of the ones that have been taken over by this goo are completely okay with it and this actually happened in Nachtwaffen.”

“but uh from my experience the best place to look for ufos is right right above your own house”
Conspiracy Revelation: 14.8.2020: Exactly..

“I have to say Nachtwaffen was very particular about
choosing certain bloodlines, now if that particular african bloodline had german heritage like south african heritage, absolutely it would bring that asset in, because it’s not about the color of the skin that’s important, it’s about the dna material and actually having that gene and metagene
to turn on and use on the equipment.”

“and the right spiritual coming to the table ..
what i mean by that folks is if if you’re a native of earth and this is your first go-around you don’t have any abilities you’re not telepathic you’re not telekinetic you don’t
go through portals and do all this other stuff
this is your first go this is what ascension is for those people assets in the ssp are already coming to the table because you are very high advanced and i don’t want to
like fluff anyone’s ego but it’s just if you’re a syrian pleiadian arcturian andromedan i know there’s a lot of other races those are the ones that come off the top
of my head janami jilliatar, these are extremely advanced races, so they’re coming to the table with all these abilities already in place all they have to do to you is
crack you open like an egg when you’re like a five years old three years old and put you in the programs bring that

“and that is the orion’s cube technology that’s exactly what they do the orion’s cube technology allows you to crack that
soul open find out what the lineage is and say you know what we’re going to tap into these abilities that existed within these certain lifetimes and we’re bringing that forward”

“now right if you were geronimo if you were a great general
..like one in throughout history they’re gonna pull your
ass in, if you’re a king and a ruler they’re gonna pull your ass on the program because you got leadership abilities, if you were on these ancient atlanteans, lemurians, any of those guys your ass is in the program because you’re not
native to this world, the whole native thing is there’s about fifty percent that are just normal humans that are just native to this world, this is their goal right, everyone else, all of us, four five sixty beings we’re all here
for this your ass is probably in the program not everybody but just because what your break is some star cities are just here to help uh with the vibration of the planet, others like us are we are what we’re doing..when the bible talks about 144 000 come on guys i don’t have to say it out loud but just do the math of yourself just look within you.. if you’re coming if you have in your gut.. .. you should be
telepathic or telekinetic and you’re frustrated here come on
you wouldn’t know this unless you’ve already experienced that and countless millions of years of past lives where you’ve been telepathic where you’ve been on pure races that are only telepathic.. that’s just a normal communication for everyone else out there.”

“You’re not getting karma for this maybe that’s why they’re they’re using us is because they know that we’re not
going to get karma for going as shitty as it is and i’m so sorry if that hurts anybody’s feelings but you’re not
going to get karma for this stuff my biggest problem when i first started out with this. I was a loved one, I was so worried about service of self-service to others ..that when i found out i was in the ssp i was probably really depressed
and most people i didn’t know i didn’t really talk to anybody back then about this uh i was depressed for months, because my whole thing here i thought i was like a first generation person like i’m here to work on my ascension process i’m going for the metaphysics and law of one so i can ascend
well it turns out essentially is not for us we can help those others that are trying to listen a lot of us are here for a different reason you’ve already done you’ve already done the ascension you’ve been on worlds where you were a 3d being going to a 4d or 4d being one of 5d the problem they have now but they they can’t have a bunch of us kids running around because what happened 2000 years ago when one was walking the earth and all those abilities right and he and if you listen to the law of one he was going from four to five d
right imagine if you have five and sixty and six and seventy beings here like a lot of us are that those are abilities that are godlike throughout history you people have been gods i hate to say little g you know not the creator of the universe kind of big big guy but but the little g you’ve all had these abilities that’s when the history when you read the mayan stuff the atlantean stuff the egyptian stuff
this is you.”

“you wouldn’t even be here if you haven’t mastered this shit you know you’ve mastered all these abilities every one of you if you’re in the program remember their memory wiping technology is phenomenal it is it is next level shit is other
dimensional shit so it’s going to work don’t be surprised with everything that we’ve talked about i bet i only remember one or two percent of my experiences
you know i get more my experiences from other people that remember what i’ve done on the other side or psychic readings that i’ve had i i have i think i’m probably in the 20
to 30 percent recall range that’s a great recall now i love talking to you your recall telling you’re freaking phenomenal and even even with that there’s still gaps from kind of like
what what’s going on there.”

“so there’s two areas of the brain in my opinion again i’m not a psychologist i’m going off of what i know as a counselor there’s two areas of the brain in my opinion that store parts of this whole story you have the ego
which has what we call alters or alter egos there are some compartments of the ego that make up these personalities that
get called forward when programming is activated the secondary part of the brain that stores some of this trauma is in fact the subconscious because the subconscious
stores all that energy that energetic content and memory content and in some cases that’s not contained
within the alter and often what happens is when people
suffer from what i would call um like trauma like in
my case i had an nde a near-death experience and when i came
back from that nde all of a sudden the containment around
those program memories started failing for like a year not only do i have stuff going on with me processing my spiritual
awakening but i had all this dream stuff coming out what i thought was dreams actually memories
around around all of that containment that just failed, now there is some containment still in place but there was a whole bunch of it that failed and all of a sudden i’m like
what is all this.. so that is i would say that is um the two
areas in the brain that store all the trauma and what you have to do is you have to find someone who is good at hypnosis that can allow you to access those two different sections of the brain to reintegrate this stuff again to create healing.”

“you’re not alone on that aspect you got to face it then you can move past it ,just bring it to light write it down talk about it and then just move past it.”

“Well and also too you can send the person at that time
who you were at that time you can send that person healing forgiveness and love spiritually speaking during meditation
to start creating a path so that from that point up to where you are now is yeah but again that takes time so you have to kind of work through that energetic signature right… past life stuff… current lifetime stuff…”

“i had this happen with another individual he actually
was transferred his alter was his alter ego was transferred into a female clone body, he’s a male right “and that happens a lot too…that’s common”.. it does and when i saw he actually put a picture yeah uh i saw a picture of his female
alterate who was actually cloned, he was actually cloned
off of uh the the female clone…i was like i know exactly who this is i even messaged him i said this is the name of the clone, this is the name of the altar i’ve put all the stuff in there i said i know a lot about her and it’s stuff like that where it’s like too distinct i’ve had people tell me the same thing about me too they’ll be like yep i know that you’re captain fritz, I know exactly you’re on the franklin, I know you from your ship and i’m like i
don’t remember this person but then again if you’re a command staff person like me. I’ve got over a thousand people on my
ships that i may or may not know very well, right.”

“people need to understand real quick they’re really good at erasing faces and names for the most part”

“thing that i said because he was asking about well how do how do they keep this uh away from the eyes of officials and
the public and i said well i think we should cancel all uh
unacknowledged special access program and special access program clearances, all those read-ins must be canceled and
all those programs must be evaluated by by our government and the public i asked to ask them a very direct question i
said how do you think trillions of dollars have left the earth i said i said to quote a movie line do you think hammers at area 51 really cost 21 000 dollars. Now the next question i i went over he said um could we start talking about this whole idea of well how could we minimize the cost in government like for some programs i said i would force all government sourcing programs to use the lowest cost sources they can like lowe’s and home depot we already have companies here to do this stuff this is removing the cost
overruns because the gsa in my opinion is like one of the worst government organizations out there and they’re scheduling in my opinion i put this in here i
actually put this in the responses the gsa scheduling is crap
in my opinion as only creates cost overruns and falsities
in terms of getting things done um and based on the records right i said each of these individuals should be hander each of these issues meaning what’s going to happen is
this as soon as you release the records there will be certain people who can be tried for high crimes misdemeanors and
crimes against humanity i said each of these people should be
handled under a military tribunal they should be broadcast on television publicly for anybody to watch them nbc
abc cbs what what are you talking about here uh coming out public i thought this was, as soon as these records as soon as these records get released you’re gonna have certain people who when we’re talking about people that work for the icc and some of these people work on the triumvirate
who we know are responsible for crimes against humanity and other crimes these individuals will be tried and they
should be tried underneath the tribunal because this program has been ran under a military program anyhow, so these individuals should be tried under a tribunal, it should be broadcast, so that people the public can see this on normal
syndicated tv nbc abc cbs that way anybody can look at this and know for a fact what’s going on because we need to put this right in the face the public that’s the only way that we’re ever going to come to terms with what’s been done to our populace it’s the only way that we’re going to come to terms with what they’ve done to you and i
and people like us right um so who you talking about who do you mean by put on trial the like the soldier the ssp asset or the congress people putting them in charge, well that this is exactly what i’m talking about we need to look at the
records to find out who the program managers were
who the people in the triumvirate were and also
who gave authorization for stuff like mk ultra to be continued on people like me and you right right
yeah those guys suffer those the people that really need to

“Yeah um and i think because because they can’t give us back our life like they can’t give us back
what they took like i’ll never be in a normal relationship you’re lucky to have one most people that i know that are in a relationship don’t have kids they have kids they
don’t have a spouse you know there’s always yeah see you and
i don’t want to call other people that don’t have kids but you know i know other married people that are assets in
the program no kids if they are like single like me they
probably have kids but then they don’t have the other half
like they’ll never be able to get back what they took like all the ptsd all the all the nightmares all that shit so i agree n the compensation..”

“these individuals in my mind should have the authority to decide the outcome of those clones, because they are in fact our direct genetic material we bring these people back to earth there’s no way to differentiate them between the clone and us.”

“people should understand the way clone clones work like a lot of us that deal with that stuff here we don’t look
like me many look look look alike butthe clones that i’ve been in look nothing like me you know like uh we were talking i don’t know if i put this out there but like a couple years ago i had this uh we’ll call it a dream officially ..let’s call it a dream where me and some other soldiers were um meeting a bunch of one percenters and we were kind of like on display as super soldiers or whatever i didn’t look like me
you know yeah a lot of dog employment and i have spoken to other ss peers that have lots of yeah you’ve done it..they’ve also done it um with other presidents or one percenters.”

“if you’ve been involved in monarch and chaotic programming which you by its very nature is targeted they should be given
unconditional unlimited help damn right yeah the medical the
psychological and medical side stuff should be helped and these people should be allowed to reintegrate these memories
the memory capture should be removed they should be allowed to help these damaged people and help them reintegrate this stuff into their lives.”

“SRA, satanic ritual abuse …People like Justin Bieber coming forward..that kind of crap that is exactly the
kind of people we’re talking about here these they have been told that in order to get the high to get the control they
have to manipulate and do certain things by these hybrids
these hybrids in turn are controlled by the planetary prince who’s in charge of the planet and that’s where the problem comes in that we’ve you and i have been discussing about this whole lot of things right, so let’s say we root these people
out right out of the media out of the music industry out of the movie industry out of our political groups,
eventually what’s going to happen is this prince is going to get no feedback from his hybrids telling him what’s going on down here that’s when the armada is going to get called.”

“So the last two groups I will mention really quickly, one is called red dragon which is the chinese group, they also train on Mars, but they have their own training base they train in
and that that is actually kind of interesting, I know there is in fact an african group as well and there there there are what i would call darker complected officers within some of the programs more so mdf and jdfc than anything else
right but i would say this too Nachtwaffen was very specific about certain ethnicities not being admitted into their office or ranks they may be in the enlisted ranks
but you more often would not see them in the the officer ranks because most the people who are in the officer ranks had not only the genetics which means they’re
usually either viking, they’re of royal descent somewhere in Europe or they’re of German descents and that blood those three bloodlines have the most draco genes in them, right,
um so anyhow yeah those individuals they want in charge of the ship because they can access all the technology
uh and the other group is the yazoro yozora
no kyushu group wang k they’re the japanese faction now it’s
interesting between nwr and ynk there’s some interesting little things that have happened since 1939 the japanese
were the ones that actually came with the cloning technology first they were the first ones to do it yes the germans had been experimenting with creating twins they’ve been experimenting with creating.”

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