Ramola D/Info Talk 2: White House Notified of FISA Abuse, Patriot Act & DOD/CIA Crimes"

Conspiracy Revelation: 1.9.2019: Wow, you did your home work thoroughly…you are racing fast through the rabbit hole of these subhumans..

“Ramola D/Info Talk 2: White House Notified of FISA Abuse, Patriot Act & DOD/CIA Crimes”
“and truly crimes against humanity, MKULTRA extended operations which very clearly the CIA and DOD are engaged in, all sorts of major abuses being hidden
under civilians and classified laws and national security, much of which I hope will indeed come out in the next few weeks and months as we hear so much talk
about d-class being around the corner…I figure it’s important to continue doing what I’m doing and for other people who are also engaged in
similar exposure and similar journalism to continue doing what they’re doing to expose these targeting crimes because people need to know many people are
being falsely informed by mainstream media and indeed by alt media as well and what we’re being informed essentially by mainstream media in
particular such as the New York Times The Washington Post the Chicago sun-times and vice wired various other magazines and newspapers online, they are
being informed that those who are stepping forward to report the abuses of surveillance fraud really the abuses of surveillance are imagining
it are diluted our paranoid are making it up…and all this other nonsense. I mean literally the entire fake news mechanism, we’ve seen over the last few years has been churned out big time putting out the most ridiculous articles and stories… (Ramola D)(2019)(30.8.)”
“They’re reporting the assault on their bodies of electromagnetic weapons, they are reporting microwave weapons, they are reporting neuro technology, they are
reporting officers about the psyops that they’re being subjected to in the community so for all of these reasons I put together a second memo to Trump and
I sent it a little while ago. (Ramola D)(2019)(30.8.)”
“Jon Rock: vor 1 Tag: Ramola, less than 6 hours ago I sent a similar secured communications to one of the President’s Spritual advisors. I call this so called “Targeted Individual Program” nothing short of ”The NEW Tuskegee Experiment” From the top down is the only way to stop this evil. I’m growing weary. The louder we scream, cry and holler the less we are listened to. Thank you Ramola for your steadfast efforts to stop this evil that is literally killing most of us that are all unwittingly nonconsentual experimentees.
“asif Syed: vor 1 Tag (bearbeitet): the targeting may be shocking, whats equally shocking is that people dont believe this is happening when i give them all the details, evidence, proof, logic, story, facts, videos, audios, etc. it seems there is something very strange with this phenomena. Only one person believed me thus far, most dont even want to believe any of it is true. It may be that they are terrified and ignore this whole matter without further listening, because they dont want this happening to them. I spoke with a lot of lawyers, most never heard of such a thing. There are no lawyers to tackle these cases. This seems to be just like slavery which had happened in this country. Nobody can stop it while it was going on, so called family is probably scared and careless too, and thinks I’m insane and insists that i go see a psychiatrist.
“17xcc ktatyy##: vor 1 Tag: Well. Let´s hope they can or will do something to stop. This false profiling of innocent loyal citizens. Everyone is involved.”
“primarily as a kind of a short note to get my point across, but of course these
short notes …who rapidly become long epics…she’s been doing
a stellar job standing up for everybody in the world, for humanity and speaking
out about these crimes in completely no-nonsense terms which really is the
order of the day and needs to be done, I think, by everybody, we do not need to
pussyfoot around the subject at all, so what Karen offered me was an
endorsement for the memo which I included, both in my letter and have
posted online.. so what Karen says is: I’d like to wholeheartedly recommend the second memo
to Trump as well as the first and I’ll show you all the first shortly: It’s replete with astonishing, but accurate information on the intended high tech destruction and subjugation… no one else ever before in history no one as a nation we have utterly betrayed our country our founding principles our humanity as well as our fellow citizens and even our families with active voluntary participation in the immoral and illegal vilification dehumanization torture and murder of innocent people, falsely portrayed as threats by the DHS-FBI-fusion-center-et-al-matrix of endless baseless predation to feed the police state, others have chosen to deal with pleas for help and common decency by pouring buckets of salt into the wounds of the victims, by dismissing, mocking, ignoring, insulting and
withholding basic human compassion, much less concrete help for them, based on willful ignorance or rank cowardice, this memo is a strong all-encompassing wake-up call that is factual and
appropriately emotional to correspond to the level of unimaginable and unjust traumatic hurt and obscene insult done to innocent people who are infinitely better human beings than their average
sociopathic and mercenary persecutors, educate yourselves swallow the Sharks roll up your sleeves and add your talents to the fight for yourself, for your children and for the future of humanity if there is to be one, signed Karen Melton Stewart, NSA intelligence analyst, 28 years retiredm and accidental
whistleblowerm but unrepentant patriot.”
“A memo to President Trump and to all oblivious readers of New York Times and other lying and complicit mainstream media treason on the ground in the USA, public-private partners in targeted
killing of Americans, massive surveillance state abuses have permitted treasonous assault, terminal brain experimentation and murder of innocent Americans by domestic and multinational defense utility service telecom corporations and intel agencies CIA, FBI, DHS, US military, Navy, Air Force and local
governments with radiation assault weapons and neural weapons and I will add that .. yes I’m aware these very same scenarios and strategies and actions are being carried out worldwide by other countries intelligence agencies and militaries in cooperation with the U.S. DoD. (Ramola D)(2019)(30.8.)”

“Means, they are not participants is an oxymoron that is wrongfully been being used by the medical research industry, so there could be vast numbers, there could be millions Dallas Montgomery mentioned 20 million, Dr. Robert Duncan, I was told, has man mentioned 73 million, this is a
report from someone, but I’ve reported it, because part of his Facebook post was sent to me, but not this particular portion of it, which stated that one point six of the world´s population is now targeted by the US government and that´s about 73 million, that´s a large number…he´s been receiving reports from those who were targeted for many decades now and he says it´s, I think he gave me the number, 15,000 that he had personally corresponded with, it may be more, since then, since he last spoke to me which was a few months ago and also the break up in…”
“To permit DoD Intel DOJ to torture at will and hide the Torture illegally under
exemptions from informed consent the requirements for research on human
subjects touting normative intelligence surveillance criminal justice activities
here, so these treasonous exemptions legally permit… to create the legal
framework, to permit these Mengele scientists in the DoD and in the CIA to
do exactly as they please and get away with it, so these treasonous exemptions legally
permit ethics less agencies or so they think like DARPA and Army Navy Air Force
intelligence and dia CIA to run clandestine and extreme no limits no morals no ethics MKULTRA style neuro experimentation on healthy … citizens with full intent, being played out currently to transform them into brain-invaded, brain-degraded, brain-cloneable, biorobotized…slaves and used them as you please that’s the plan and that’s being carried out… these treasonous and unconscionable executive orders and military appropriations of Rights, also legally
permit multinational corporations or so they think, such as Lockheed Martin and
Raytheon and General Dynamics to use the bodies of millions of Americans, now put under surveillance, on false and fabricated grounds, as target practice, in terminal death dealing and infinitely
assaultive health damaging and life assaulted field weapons testing of directed-energy weapons in coyly named directed-energy bio behavioral research contracts. (Ramola D)(2019)(30.8.)”
“Frying someone’s skin with microwave weapons and watching how they jump, much worse, actually. Americans are also being trafficked into clandestine medical behavioral health monitoring programs
run through NIH and other agencies, run by universities and research hospitals and involving non-consensual implantation, remote tracking and precision RF assault to induce accelerate and studies specific diseases and injuries for monitoring,..reporting torture, 24/7 assault and
deliberate stress and trauma creation with remote biohacking and neuro hacking weapons,
so that’s part of what is going on and let me go back and see if I can read a little bit more you know there’s a whole list on that memo of the kinds of horrific bio-effects people are
reporting as being resultant from these radiation assault weapons, sonic assault weapons, scalar weapons, plasma weapons, you name it, you know, they could be extra-dimensional weapons, they could be who knows what, because we are talking about top secret weapons from the classified suitcase so
among the many things that people have reported our intense radiation burns, blisters, lesions, extreme radiation dermatitis, such as that connected with continuous microwave assault, repeated
assault with microwaves on millimeter waves, sudden organ and joint damage, brain fog, headaches, migraine, kidney pain, sudden onset of diabetes, arthritis, bones and joints being damaged instantaneously, gallbladder, you know people suddenly have their gallbladders removed and they have no understanding why they suddenly developed these gold stones or kidney stones, well, these weapons do exist that can produce these overnight literally as we now have information from military
whistleblowers and other things people are reporting our you know heart attacks, strokes bronchitis pneumonia, people from every young age is suddenly being you know filled with heart attacks dying you
know falling down and dying all of a sudden electronic rape and sexual assault sexual stimulation sexual assault electric shocks continuous vibrations frequencies years provoked by external EMF signals which can be recorded and can be shielded from the difficulty overheating of skin face
chest back in subdural heating as with ultra thin film technology biomed nanotech sensors and pulsed energy projectiles and I should add you know that this has to do also with nanoweapons, some nano weapons are being used in conjunction with newer weapons and in conjunction with these MKULTRA and
millimeter wave weapons and with these bio behavioral research projects they are literally subjecting people to all kinds of extreme horrific ghastly assault with all of these New Age weapons that are now you know in the world and literally the public domain and on the market currently if you look a lot of this has become public Dr. Flores who is article I published recently his Nanomafia article on my website in addition to some other articles but he spells out what’s the cerebral Internet is and what digital slavery and digital enslavement looks like in in this century with nanotech with micro tech and with the kind of brain netting and brain connecting that’s being pushed by all of
these technofascists young people today are being told that the hive mind is a wonderful thing because then we can share the knowledge of each other’s brains and all of us get connected on
this fabulous brain-internet whereby we can then also connect to the internet
per se and have access to massive information at our fingertips and pens become wonderfully knowledgeable and so forth not realizing that what this really means is the total death of neuro
privacy, the total death of your brain being your own separate private space your own sanctuary where you can think your own thoughts and card your data as you please and ponder as you please and
come to conclusions as you please even if you don’t speak your conclusions or share your conclusions verbally or in action you know the last frontier so to speak has been attacked by the US
military and the intelligence agencies and now we’ve got the technofascist
companies telling everybody to give it all up and become just little BOTS and nodes in a large super brain internet connectome horror project. (Ramola D)(2019)(30.8.)”
“So coming back to what else people are you know reporting they are being hit by: flickering of nerves and muscles as with military tracking radar, most definitely being used, I can attest to that, gassing with chemical weapons being vented into homes and cars gassing and chemical assault is something people are reporting through various means including from helicopters from those little planes that fly by and drop things over people’s yards and home so that you go
outside and you know smelling some kind of ghastly you know psych drug because you’ve been speaking out a little too much and it’s you know time for you to be psych drugged with some kind of
neuroleptic to shut you down, skin infestations, swellings, fattenings, darkness, lightnings filled with strange fiber, black shiny dots as with nanotech nanotechnology sprayed at them in
Morgellons infestastations or via direct chemical weapons people are also reporting the covert non-consensual implantation of RFID microchips, brain computer interface chips and bio MEMS
as well as nanotech and by the way many people have indeed gotten scanned and
they have discovered that these things do indeed exist in their bodies. (Ramola D)(2019)(30.8.)”
“Neuro take-over this is the other end of Neuro hacking by Robert Icing remote
control of one’s motor and sensory cortex, limbs, organs and entire body using sort of neuro hacking techniques, such as EEG heterodyning, eeg cloning, BCI-CBI interfacing which is what dr. Robert
Duncan speaks about and which dr. James Giordano, the military neuroscientist who has some spoken out a great deal about the horrors of military experimentation in these areas, has not expressed in so
many words, but has somewhat hinted at, when he talks about how currently selected targeted individuals brains are being studied and you know all sorts of experiments are being done and if you
pull together information from various sources you will see that indeed the Department of Defense has been studying how to remotely control people’s bodies you know they say it’s for national
security they’ll say it’s for espionage they’ll say it’s for oh the remote
battlefield etc, but essentially what it means is removing a person’s free will, removing a person’s sovereignty of self and bodily integrity and neuro integrity and hacking into that person’s human
body, human emotions and consciousness, really and human mind and Control Center and taking it over. ..TI’s who are reporting relatives are dying from heart attack, stroke, repeated assault with radiation weapons and fast-moving and slow-moving cancers, so there is a huge difference between
health effects that occur naturally or as a consequence of natural aging and health effects that occur all of a sudden, out of the blue, thanks to being assaulted with these ghastly weapons and
that in a sense.. so this memo goes on to talk about deliberate stress and trauma
creation with illegal FBI, DHS, CIA, DoD, COINTELPRO abuse and persecution, this is
the other aspect of it people are being subjected to COINTELPRO abuse high speed
hazardous driving, high level noise harassment, noise assault around the
neighborhood’s, non-stop hostility and ridicule and community member monitoring
them monitoring from neighborhood neighbors non-stop vehicular and aerial stalking with small planes drones ground vehicles, helicopters and non-stop pedestrians stalking … in public and I can attest to all of this as well and guess who it’s being run by the FBI, InfraGard, National Sheriffs
Association community police, neighborhood watch groups, DHS, fusion centers, a civilian military operations run by Special Ops Forces Marine Corps, DoD, well hidden under FBI community
policing, FBI countering violent extremism, DHS, Home Guard and Neighborhood Watch and DOD peacekeeping initiatives and operations and you know it’s very important to know that Dr.
Robert Duncan has stated that all brain mapping that’s being run is trauma based, he’s
attested to the veracity of weapons testing being run on people he’s attested to the veracity of
brain mapping modification and takeover being run on targets of the military in
the CIA/DIA. James Giordano has openly stated the brains of specially targeted individuals are being studied, this appears to be an admission of deliberate targeting about standing in moral
Americans for destruction by unethical military weapons manufacturers, this new
terrain is the human brain, so horrific neuro experimentation and..weapons testing projects are being run by extremely diabolical, evil, unethical military and intelligence agency heads employees and contractors. These are human rights violations and this is being done 24/7 to impose physical and
psychological stress trauma torture and assault just so people’s traumatized vulnerable brains can be mapped data downloaded from their brains in whole brain emulation projects in live brain
reading projects for big data supercomputing in AI mass control for the further benefit of these treasonous control freaks. Question when did the USA become the country of human sacrifice of
accomplished Americans for death-dealing Devils playing Mengele in US military and intelligence, so we have fake lists, fake terrorists, fake investigations, fabricated records, lies, defamation and slander operations, blacklisting, sabotage and the destruction of american lives, the FBI is involved fusion centers are involved. (Ramola D)(2019)(30.8.)”

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