REVEALED – PLAYING GOD – Who is Spraying Us with Chemicals…

Conspiracy Revelation: 1.9.2019: Agrobacterium…
Most Morgellon People are blacklisted by the Nwo Crime Syndicate aka is a compliment and a seal that you are on the God/dess (Good) side and not with the Destroyers of Darpa Zion-Nazi-Bolsh. DoD Cia Nsa Dia Pentagon Alphabet Crime Inc..

“REVEALED – PLAYING GOD – Who is Spraying Us with Chemicals…
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“Jansen Bence: vor 3 Stunden: They are spraying Russia and China. So you need to add to the narrative, other world entities.
שוש תרגומי איכות: vor 12 Minuten: They are spraying in Russia. You need to check your sources. It’s being sprayed worldwide.
China and Russia don’t care about their populations, just as other governments worldwide.
“Jim Phelps: vor 2 Stunden: There are fools:
Being a Deuterium Sciences person leads one into a special level where the old world’s miracles and amazing stories are just science facts from nature and the human biology.
You find a bunch that schemed against others, have hidden knowledge that they exploited and slowly killed others. The so called special ones were more along the lines of crimes against humanity that hit the US health like a freight train to Hell.
The chicanery and deceit and treachery involving deuterium in the environment and health is extensive and killed almost all on Earth due to deceptions most profane.
The few deuterium knowledge folks know exactly why it was forecast about a Rapture of Truths, Deliberations called Tribulation, a need to separate those of evil intent from those of truths for all the world, and it is most amazingly wrapped up in deuterium science knowledge.
More than 30 years ago now, the special low deuterium knowledge of the atmosphere put together the Air Pharmacology (aka chemtrails)… and the look was along the lines for the return on Jesus knowledge about you guess it deuterium sciences for all the world and announced by world wide cloud seeding methods.
It was an interesting time for the design of the so called Manhattan Project II, and the biggest project on Earth to correct for run away sciences that tried to cover up and totally ignore deuterium.
So, now you get to learn the real deals on Bible stories that line up with science of deuterium, how Revelations became where we are today, and many are learning how they were deceived and from that they will all fare much better.
Wonder no more why religion has fallen away from truth in religion’s long history. Find a Pope or a Billy Graham that even knows the word deuterium. let alone its food chain distribution and causality for mitochondria linked illnesses and disease and therein lies the problem. None of them know the required knowledge they knew back then and they are basically just Elmer Gantry fakes of religious knowledge.
Stay tuned as the whole story is going to be full-filled and those that follow closely will see well the why and the how it comes into being.”
“Jim Phelps: vor 2 Stunden: The Study of the Manhattan Project and especially deuterium shows just how corrupt Govt can become.
FDR started the Manhattan Project and allowed the MED to set up kill operations in an around New York to protect it from German BUND spies and others. It was run from Plainfield, NJ by Army’s Ralph M Lockhart and they killed thousands using Mafia connections. That would later set the stage for other things like killing James Forrestal, JFK, attemps on Castro, et al.
FDR in later times saw the Manhattan Project big bomb as unneeded and was not going to use ut against Japan, which was wanting to surrender and James Forrestal was backing allowing that to happen. FDR had become the enemy of Churchill at Yalta and FDR and Stalin were better friends. As a result at wars end, FDR was going to stop all Colonial Empire exploitation by UK, Netherlands, etc. So, the Churchill poisoners were working against FDR beginning in Egypt and the in Southern US at Warm Spring, Ga., where he appears to have been poisoned.
The Churchill and Masonic Boot Licker Harry Truman gets in place and is highly influenced by Ralph M. Lockhart and the game to blow up Japan and demo nukes to Russia went into full swing. Such games of treachery and deceit outraged FDR’s Sec of Navy James Forrestal and soon he gets tossed out a window in the same style that NY Mafia killed German BUND members and were controlled by MED’s Ralph M. Lockhart. Forrestal was Catholic and big pals with JFK and the SR Masons hated Catholics. The Catholics did not like Zionists, and SR Masons backed Zionists as Truman set up Israel. Lots of very dirty politics all around the Manhattan Project and the Bomb ad Imperialism wanting to exploit that power.
It would only become worse over time due to the cover ups involved. JFK crossed the Imperialism control over the US when he failed to take up UK’s Northwood’s base games for false attacks pressed on him by JCS’s SR Mason Lyman Lemnitzer. These bunch of Imperialism backers wanted to use the Russian Missle Gap launch time delay issue to do a first attack and have Russia surrender to Imperialism. JFK stood firm against them and refused all faked up methods to attack Russia or Cuba and pushed the criminal scheming SR Mason off the JCS, and he runs back to UK Northwood’s base near London.
Then JFK was faced with a Canadian SR Mason despot named Curtis Leman that hated JFK. During the Cuban Missle crisis, over nuke missiles placed in Turkey the Ralph M Lockhard goes back to JCS duty and makes more hate against JFK for not hard lining Cuba and Russia and trying to avoid nuclear war which the Imperialists wanted at any cost. JFK narrowly averted getting the US East coast obliterated and in the back channel process became closer with Khruschev and both sought not to have a nuclear war. Then JFK got into nuke test pollution and got an agreement to end Atmospheric Testing with the Russians.
In the highly SR Mason controlled Oak Ridge that backed JCS (Curtis LeMay, et al) and Imperialism’s want for war, then JFK became a Communist and Oak Ridge’s and Imperialism’s enemy. JFK and RFK knew the Mafia was out of control over Cuba, as CIA began working with CIA to take out Castro. This was led by John Roselli and the Chicago Mob with Giancana and Hyman Larner’s Zionist connections in Canada, et al. (Curtis LeMay=Canadian Mason and SAC command—saturation bomber of Japan)
JFk and RFK knew they were being lied to by SR Mason JE Hoover and it was time for him to be gone. So, they needed some intelligence that worked for them, so when ONI trained LHO wanted to come back to the US—the Kennedys picked up LHO as one of their agents to spy on Mafia and CIA. So, LHO is plugged into New Orleans and Guy Bannister’s anti-Castro operations. That soon gets LHO plugged into the CIA and Alton Oschner’s kill Castro with cancer plan. That project then involves Manhattan Project’s Hard Urey and his discovery and knowledge of deuterium and its role in cancers.
As that project developed LHO came to Oak Ridge to learn methods to seed cancers using radiation and deuterium. Once deuterium entered the picture, that was a Manhattan Project critical issue that JFK would fire on over health issues of causing cancers—-just like he did with SR-90 that ended Atmospheric Testing. JFK’s plan was in his next term to work with Khrushchev to end Nuke Weapons and knowledge of deuterium and cancer would further ending nuke weapons productions that filled the Columbia and Savannah rivers with deuterium..
When LHO came to Oak Ridge in July of 63 they told him them wanted to kill the Communist JFK in Dallas using a Zionist named Jack Ruby and his connections with CIA’s Chicago mob. As the plot to kill Castro failed and they found LHO was a JFK mole, the game became kill LHO and JFK to shit down letting out the deuterium big secrets. Deuterium is linked to the Special Manna water that was low in deuterium levels due to special natural effects. Then that low deuterium effects was the actual special secret for the Ark of Covenant and how that group won out over others.
So, the hit on JFK was accepted by Jack Ruby to help the Zionists get the bomb as getting rid of JFK and inserting LBJ would open the door for Zionist proliferation of the Bomb knowledge and materials. These conspiring Zionists also wanted the religious deals connected to deuterium to be silenced, as that would push the Jesus and Catholic religions into the highest respect and theirs to the lowest and compared to Satan.
To that end, JFK was killed by Jack Ruby leading the plan and using Gianacana’s killers—Nicoletti, Files, Marlow. Then they tried to frame LHO as Cuban and Russian plotter to again try to get the US to Nuke the Russians. It took a lot to stop that nuke war from being instigated as it required Jack Ruby to personally kill LHO to attempt to keep that plot going and Ruby had to silence LHO as he knew the deuterium connected to cancer secrets and others that led to the inner secrets of the Ark and the despotic issues of that connection to Satan religion.
It goes on and on with the killing of RFK who would force these issues out if he won Presidency. It is the reason for the USS Liberty attack to keep the Zionists from showing off a nuclear loaded Jericho missile against the Arabs, which LBJ allowed to happen.
Now, it is the Basis for a Deep State control over the US that Trump and others in the military are battling as they set up the Attack on the Pentagon itself and the leading Patriots are sick and tired of this many decades of deceit and treachery to control and dominate the US..
Being an insider on the Manhattan Project shows one both how corrupt religion has become as well as how corrupt Imperialism has become to dominate and control the US at the highest levels of Govt.
The invention of Air Pharmacology (chemtrails) that uses low deuterium water is about forcing out the knowledge on deuterium that existed long ago and its influence on health. Much as Prophecy tells that Jesus will return on the clouds, we took that idea and Air Pharmacology had a dual purpose of blocking the End-Times damages and return of the missing pieces of history and religion, so that all the world can better see Satan Vs Heaven and Peace on Earth..

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