“(Tony R.) He is a 46 year old, married father…, calls himself working class man, you are calling yourself a sex slave, involved with satanic worshipping and the elite used you in this way..I am assuming without your permission and later sold off to secret space programs, where he served on Mars for a short time, as a support soldier for the Mars Colony Corporation and then got involved in the Ceres Colony Corp. where he lived over a decade and was working on German Ships, as a repair man and eventually as a Cargo Man on interstellar space ships.”

“I think teamwork and cooperation on the full disclosure project is ultimately required to achieve full disclosure…
Some of the informations that the epxeriencers.. have to provied can be linked or connected together based on the informations that each of us have individually…to show that there are many benefits of working together, to try and solve the full disclosure SSP Puzzle. (Jason Rice)”

“I wasn´t groomed for the (>secret<) space program, I was kind of more a victim of it, like in earlier I have made somebody mad, that had access to it, in the program of the store and back…I was taken at night..during that time I was a slave,..20 years and back.. it was done as a punishment for me, it was not because I was the best man for that job..I have done over 40 interviews now..and most people don´t remember as much and people that remember quite a bit, don´t want to talk about it. What I have found is the absolute best therapy is to speak to other people that have experienced this…Trauma programming.. and they understand what you are saying. (Tony Rodrigues)”

“The interplanetary ships we used were either cigar shaped or ..it´s almost like an arrowhead, as a general shape…from the large cigar shaped and the arrow shaped…The amount of eual time 20 years and a couple of months. 20 years in 2 months to the inital departure point, happening within a couple of hours. …It would have appeared that I was gone only for a couple of hours. (Jason Rice)”

“Do you think you are used in the astral in this way? (Kerry Cassidy)”

“A special asset for astral work: No. (Jason Rice)”

Conspiracy Revelation: But I remember experiences of dumb coordinated astral projected sky light-grid flights….

“The enhancements we received were nanites, and once all the nanites were cleaned out of my system, all the enhancement during that time were gone. ..Nanotechnology..the enhancements that IDARF provided were cleaned, so any other nanites, those others present in the atmosphere, ..there is chances, that we are breathing them everyday. They were removed as part of  a 10 days procedures upon exit.. (Jason Rice)”

“We are getting nano right now from the Chemtrails, every human from the Planet, so I doubt it is cleaned out of your system. (Kerry Cassidy)”

I did receive injuries during my combat tours…the nanites sped up the natural healing process…it wasn´t a matter of dying and then being..my consciousness ..placed into a clone. (Jason Rice)”

“I know you have said, you sort of started out as an illuminaty sex slave and then you got recruited somehow into the space program, to be a slave for them, what kind of a slave were you..? (Kerry Cassidy)”

“Okay, so basically it was a 20 year term, that I was taken..I was probably owned and I went to a program, a CIA Remote Viewing program, where we were classified as Clones and trained to do psychic workd, intuitive work. I was a psychic…I was being used as a security measure that shipped cocaine…I think there are many different technologies,  certainly the ETs have many technologies to do it. ..they putting me through near death experiences…I had greys and reptiles in my bedroom who carried me off…It was around April of 1982 that I was taken. (Tony Rodrigues)”

So now are you currently still involved in the secret space program or do you feel that you are being used in the astral? (Kerry Cassidy)”

“No. (Tony Rodrigues)”

“83, 84 to 86..He was a satanic elite, involved with the CIA, drug trafficking, he is dead now. I found his obituary.  I have been accused by people of being schizophrenic, but I am not.
I didn´t speak to anybody for a long time.  (>MRI<) End of May 2015..The Big Recall…I denied them as dreams, I remember Seattle, Peru, it was my home for a long time. You don´t want to believe that stuff. (Tony Rodrigues)”

“It was ran by the military (>German Military<) ..and they reported to the high command of Antarctica and I believe that the high command of Antarctica reported to the Reptilians aound Jupiter. (Tony Rodrigues)“

“Those that were pulling the strings, the Draco, were also responsible for the orgnanization and invasion, creating the hybrids, to create the circumstances we were invited to help, they created the problem and the solution at the same time, they get their foot in the door and they are to franchise this control mechanism to other Planets. (Jason Rice)”

“The Dracos were behind the scenes pulling the strings…The Puppetmasters behind the scenes were the Draco…They were..Reptilian, they had a very large physique, enough to scare just anybody, they had slited pupils, they were about 15 feets tall..They were more humanoid in shape, they had a longer Torso, they are a lot more humanoid shaped. (Jason Rice)”

“A Hybrid-biological machine mixture. (Jason Rice)”

“Okay, what is the biologicl?.. What do you mean by Hybrid? Hybrid what? (Kerry Cassidy)”

“They appeared to be a mixture of Canaan race, a werewolf Hybrid mixture with a machine, they had mechanical joints.
.. This particular Hybrid was one of the invading enemy.. Humanoid like beings, as well as Insectoid. (Jason Rice)”

“Are you familiar with the Anunnaki and what they look like?

Why did you come forward? …that doesn´t automatically mean that you do want to be a public person.. Were you familiar with Project Camelot? Had you seen other Super Soldiers..who worked on other Planets? (Kerry Cassidy)”

“The other thing was, I didn´t want to take it with me to the grave, I didn´t want to have 20 years of knowledge of things that are going that have been dubious, that have been a secret to everybody.. I didn´t want to take all this knowledge with me to the grave… I wanted to do these interviews and let it be a part of public record. I mean people should know… Things that I have gone through, things that others have gone through, the military is doing this…I kind of slipped through the cracks of the whole system… Not everybody remembers, not everybody can remember has much. I want to put it in the historical records. Every Interview I have done I have been asked to do. (Tony Rodrigues)”

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