“The Masons, the Goyim Eaters, all feel that they are somehow special ..the people who press the buttons in the 3-D, think they are gonna get away with it, no they are not…so that the rest of us can move on, in a much better, a much more fantastic and lovely place. My understanding is the emergence of the divine feminine has ..become rather unexpected arrival, in certain corners, which is why there is such an effort to push this planet into a death zone. (Miles Johnston)”
“2 Elderly People…they had their Soul transplanted into these 2 young children…”
“D F: ​Resistance is NOT futile.”
“Anne Lane​Beware of mr nasa in trumps office. His nasa weapons plus our smartmeter force I to flee our house.”
“Bibury Caria​Orphans train.”
David of Shield​: DestructionofHumanitybyDesign.”
“J Mallett​: Obama is the biggest CIA coward pansy on the planet.”
“J Mallett:​ I am too much of a loner to be in a sheep herd.”
“Lee Veltman: ​Starseeds and Indigo children.”
“J Mallett: ​Obama is really Barry Soetoro, changed his name to represent his satan possession for end times. Creep.”
“Dave Rice: ​Superconductors.”
“Esoteric 369 wall​: Frankenstein Technology.”
“David of Shield: ​Earth is a Seed Planet and Laboratory for Human development.”
“This is not only a war between Humand and ETs, but also ETs and ETs… We have evidence of Soul Transfer going on. Their Souls could be easily already transfered to empty bodies. .. You must have a certain amount of Reptilian-DNA. (Kerry Cassidy)”
“Suddenly they needed her to have kids.
..Soul Transfers..It is known that there are Souls transfered:
Human Souls are taken out and other Souls are put into Humans, as part of the infiltration, here in Wiltshire. (Miles J.)”
“About the deals, the technology, to transfer consciousness to another body: You can choose a body of a women or a man, if you are on his side.”
“There is actually a french TV-Show that is now on Netflix, that is dealing with this, I believe it is called “Transfers”… We have known about this in Project Camelot, since the very early days, that means about 13 years ago…who basically considers himself to be such an individual and his Soul was transplanted into a different body…This is something that Greys are famous for to having this Technology, so this is where the Humans get the Technology from. (Kerry Cassidy)”
“Head of Illuminati…They should pay fully everything..This is barbarism…People are targeted by these Satellite Systems..We have to defend ourselves, nobody will do it for us… NWO Illuminati people, the chosen ones…On Bahamas. The Top Illuminati don´t know what to do now, they are almost panicking.”
“He was hired by the oil companies to work and to council..and then he befriended the top officials running those oil companies…so he came in touch with the Illuminati.”
“The Time is very dark now, but it could have been much much darker, if the Illuminati had been succesful in 2013…”

“This is an ongoing program and basically he is saying that we are all tracked and this is correct, not just Targeted Individuals…I interview a lot of people and I go across the boarders,I don´t care if somebody never has done an interview in his life or if someone is so well-known, it is ridiculous… (Kerry Cassidy)”
“These people work for other people and they are all being directed under the council of foreign relations, CFR…this sort of wrapping a net around the Planet and basically trying to trap and control every human being…going back to the Anunnaki who wanted to control humans and interfered with our DNA… and they did not created us BTW, this is often misunderstood. (Kerry Cassidy)”
“Rege Gonzales: vor 1 Monat: Satellite tracking humans since 2008 as a Targeted Individual here in Manila Philippines, that is very true. They track us via our unique bio fingerprint frequency, only demonic psychopaths will do this kind of stuff. The Cosmic God Cabal will replicate events here on another star system with more ferrocious intent and methods. This God cosmic false light chakra cabal must be stopped !!! They must stop asap !!!”
“Jyl Freeman: vor 1 Monat: @Temporary Life this is true. It is an important point to remember that our authority is like Goliath, and we have the power of David. the technology has operators that are human, just like us. greatest strength is often the greatest weakness.”
“Ray okeedoki: vor 3 Wochen (bearbeitet): @Jyl Freeman but they have AI, and set a target and forget… and the AI can manage its surveillance and beam weapon attacks… auto pilot… so none of this there is not enough of them as humans… the system can keep tabs on many and focus its efforts on the key individuals. Sure it wont get all the people all the time… but it only needs to try and drive people crazy at various times as an accumulative effect…. imagine losing your temper all the time… and it becoming a program in your own head… using your own issues against you etc… its been evolving… voice of God weapon can hit everyone in the area… all having the same thoughts is the tell tale sign.
“Rege Gonzales: vor 16 Stunden: We are inside Ai.”
“tonyotag: vor 3 Wochen: Wow, this really sounds like that the spoils of war from World War Two that America inherited fascist Naizs making plans and goverment as control.”
“Debt Stress Solutions: vor 3 Wochen: Keep up the good work Kerry. You really are a star.”
“Certainly the inability of people to adjust as they are moved around with various types of energy weapons and assault. We are now finding ourselves in a war economy where our cities do not have enough ressources to repair the damage and loss and I address now… Kill Cities by Rothschild and Rockefellers, that was taken down by Youtube, we were able to get this backup and understand the insidious plans and most people are so overwhelmed, just surviving and running around, in a hyperactive state, to meet all of their social obligations, that people just don´t have the already most people are completely mind-controlled…MK Ultra and more. (Deborah Tavares)”

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