The War in Ukraine Could Change Everything | Yuval Noah Harari | TED

“The War in Ukraine Could Change Everything | Yuval Noah Harari | TED”

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“I mean, when you look at the Soviet Union, you can say that there was this mass ideology,
which was shared by a large proportion, or some proportion, of the population.
You don’t see this now.
You know, Russia is a very rich country, rich in resources,
but most people are very poor.
Their standard of living is very, very low, because all the wealth and power is kind of sucked by the people at the top, and very little is left for everybody else.
So I don’t think it’s a society where the masses are part of this kind of ideological project.
They’re being ruled from the top.
And you have this classic imperial situation, when the emperor,
which controls the largest country in the world,
feels that, “Hey, this is not enough. I need more.”
And sends his army to capture, to extend the empire.”

“The war is absurd. We talk about strategy, power, budgets, opportunities, technologies.
What about human suffering and psychological trauma?”
Especially, I assume what she’s asking is what about, what’s going to remain, in terms of the human suffering
and the psychological trauma going forward?
YNH: Yeah, I mean, these are the seeds of hatred and fear and misery that are being planted right now in the minds and the bodies of tens of millions, hundreds of millions of people, really.
Because it’s not just the people in Ukraine, it’s also in the countries around, all over the world.
And these seeds will give a terrible harvest, terrible fruits in years, in decades to come.
This is why it’s so crucial to stop the war immediately.
Every day this continues, plants more and more of these seeds.
And, you know, like this war now, its seeds were, to a large extent,
planted decades and even centuries ago. That part of the Russian fears that are motivating Putin
and motivating people around him is memories of past invasions of Russia,
especially, of course, in Second World War.
And of course, it’s a terrible mistake what they are doing with it.
They are recreating again the same things that they should learn to avoid.
But yes, these are still the terrible fruits of the seeds being planted in the 1940s.
BG: It’s what in same article you call the fact that nations are ultimately built on stories.
So these seeds are the stories we are starting to create now. The war in Ukraine is starting to create the stories
that are going to have an impact in the future, that’s what you’re saying.
YNH: Some of the seeds of this war were planted in the siege of Leningrad.
And now it gives fruit in the siege of Kyiv, which may give fruit in 40 or 50 years in more terrible …
We need to cut this, we need to stop this.
You know, as a historian,
I feel sometimes ashamed or responsible, I don’t know what, about what history, the knowledge of history is doing to people.
In recent weeks, I have been watching all the world leaders talking with Putin, and very often he gave them lectures on history.
I think that Macron had a discussion with him for five hours, and afterwards, said, “Most of the time he was lecturing me about history.”
And as a historian, I feel ashamed that this is what my profession in some way is doing.
I know it for my own country.
In Israel, we also suffer from too much history. I think people should be liberated from the past,
not constantly repeating it again and again.
You know, everybody should kind of free themselves from the memories of the Second World War.
It’s true of the Russians, it’s also true of the Germans.
You know, I look at Germany now, and what I really want to say, if there are Germans watching us,
what I really want to say to the Germans:
guys, we know you are not Nazis.
You don’t need to keep proving it again and again. What we need from Germany now is to stand up and be a leader,
to be at the forefront of the struggle for freedom.
And sometimes Germans are afraid that if they speak forcefully or pick up a gun,
everybody will say, “Hey, you’re Nazis again.”
No, we won’t think that.
BG: That’s happening right now.
I mean, lots of things that were inconceivable just 10 days ago have happened in the last few weeks.
And one of the most striking, to me in any case, is Germany’s reaction and transformation.”

“So we see that oil and gas are actually the basis for dictatorships.
If oil and gas, if the price drops, if they become irrelevant, it will not only undercut the finance,
the power of the Russian military machine, it will also force Russia, force Putin or the Russians to change their regime.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 6.3.2022: That´s why they are hellbent on keeping this Truman-Show-Retardation-Loop of Stoneage Politics while they use Schauberger-Anti-Gravity Engines for their TRB3s, where they can fly to Mars in 45 Minutes, Maglevs with 14000/Mph in DUMBs and Med-Beds that can cure almost everything and replace or regrow almost all organs, when diseases should show up.
Insanity – this double-play of two worlds.

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