Super Soldier Talk – Arcturus Ra – Cosmic Agent – Healing Technology

“Super Soldier Talk – Arcturus Ra – Cosmic Agent – Healing Technology
supersoldiertalk Published December 29, 2021 5,140 Views”

“Rumble — Original Recording Date: November 14, 2021
Arcturus Ra is a Starseed and Cosmic Agent who has volunteered to assist humanity in raising its planetary frequency. Arcturus shares some of his awakening experiences, his views on ET contact his technology and healing modalities including his holodynamic med bed. Filmed on location in Sedona, AZ.”

“So Magic is tested by your Craft..So by what is being produced and brought forth about, what you bring to this planet, your divinity is measured and there you can´t lie, when Hollywood and the corruption and the corporation companies did that for a long time with money and technology as a tricknology and politics as polish tricks and we fell for quackademics and lamestream and now we have to direct to awareness…and I am no longer subscribing to that.”

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