Super Soldier Talk – Johan Fritz – Kruger, MDF, Nacht Waffen SSP Officer

“Super Soldier Talk – Johan Fritz – Kruger, MDF, Nacht Waffen SSP Officer”
“Super Soldier Talk: 17.600 Abonnenten:
While Johan was in the Marine Corp he was picked up in Diego Garcia and recruited into the secret space program as a Kruger Officer on the Moon. From there he was transferred into Mars Defense Force and later Nacht Waffen. He has done over 40 years of service and eventually made it to executive level management aboard the USS (United Secret Space) Patton. He was also C/O of the Franklin for 15 years. Johan is able to remember more than other experiencers because he was able to resist the mkultra. He will be discussing the dynamics of the secret space program and answering audiences’ questions.”
“Mark Sommerville: vor 2 Tagen: Humans are traded for technology, yet 99.99% of humans never get to see this technology, forget about ever getting to use it.”
“Stephane fyfe: vor 3 Tagen (bearbeitet): He is recalling by memory, he speaking truth’s that he experienced directly in a way or another. he reminds me of peter but with more concrete explanations.”
“Lü Eckert: vor 3 Tagen: Ya him is so straight. Like a teacher.”
“Natasha Robinson: vor 3 Tagen: I agree this is one of the most informative interviews ever. You both have a great energy between you . More interviews would be greatly welcomed.
“They basically said we’re gonna take everybody who is radiant Guardian / Earth Alliance we’re also gonna bringingEarth Alliance we’re also gonna bringing some assets from what used to be solar warden we’re also gonna bring us to Nacht Waffen assets, anybody who is against the enslavement of humankind, we’re trying to get all these people into the same group and that’s what
Space Alliance was along with a whole bunch of espionage assets that were part of radiant Guardian and what end up happening was is that the old man .. I call him the old man, my old CFO on
board the patent he had screened almost all of these commanding officers that had recruited because of their intolerance for slavery and what end up happening was in that time line as we
were basically we took 20% of Nacht Waffen assets and came back into space back into space the space alliance group radiant glory and that was quite quite a big shake-up the other thing that it shook up was up the ICC had we’ll say garrison and colonial governors and commanders and they started getting rid of a bunch of slavery as well to the point that it caused the ICC to actually send all their slave production stuff off to another planet called seventy Virginia B which is a huge planet and it got a lot of horrible facilities
around this planet and all of it is designed to create human slaves.”
“JR: so one of the reasons why they initially I mean first of all the Germans they they took a lot of slaves with them to Antarctica to build the bases and so I guess that
never really discontinued even though they discontinued to call themselves in AZ eyes so uh, so anyway this channel is already demonetized by YouTube, but the point is is that um you there was a group I guess.. did you say this group was called radiant glory?”
“Yeah, that’s the actual program name for what CG is calling Space Alliance but the actual program name is radiant glory, radiant guardian was the Earth Alliance a program
named EDF.”
“JR: Does that mean they want to free humanity on Planet Earth from our slavery?”
“That’s the idea, now, you have to remember when this happened it did create some diplomatic issues right so we have certain species that we do trade with who absolutely are
trading for genetic material that’s the number one currency in the galaxy. Metals don’t matter, technology sort of matters, the DNA is King, especially if you have a
life sample or if you have a breeding pair of whatever that thing happens to be and that’s what these other species want they want a live breeding pair of whatever species are going to be using as slave or food and that’s really what they’re looking for, they’re trying to supplement their food income they’re trying to supplement slaves species, all that stuff and usually the slave comes with its own regeneration tank and food replicator, as well and with the rejent a they the slaves don’t age so they could just keep them there for as long as they want I’m assuming.”
“Well and they all they’re also putting the regeneration tanks if they’ve been seriously injured if they’ve been you know all kinds of stuff can go on it you’ll see
slaves have been repeatedly traumatized, raped, brutalized, all kinds of stuff.”
“I mean I’m glad this schism took place I mean we certainly need a change we can’t keep treating each other humanity like this that’s making it makes us look like a laughingstock to
all the other ETS out there, but anyhow, okay, so once yeah so once the decision who took place to firebomb the planet what happened to you?”
“Mike Mathieu: vor 3 Tagen: This was one of your better guests James. Great information. It makes me think about my own choices in terms of eating meat and how we as humans treat cattle, etc. It’s frightening to think you’re not at the top of the food chain.
Lü Eckert: vor 3 Tagen: Here is organic gardening in German on that playlist.
Mark Sommerville: vor 2 Tagen: Humans eat everything that moves, yet we are disgusted to find out that some other species eat us!”
“rtnrdny: vor 3 Tagen (bearbeitet): I love this interview and I really am taking to Johan as an individual dedicated to liberating earth Humans from slavery.”
“BluePanther3000: vor 2 Tagen (bearbeitet): James, great interview. I just wish the audio and internet lag issues could be rectified.
Yeah, I bet you need donations. I would gladly help if I had some Monopoly money to spare.
I hopy you can fix those techinicial issues soon mate. (make sure guests are always on wired connection and not wi-fi please)”
“JR: Somebody actually asked this question in the chat how does the cyborgs escape the slave system?”
“So, what can happen is if you have an asset which is what a cyborg is considered anybody who is brought into the program is considered an asset, you’re tracked by an asset number that
individual or that cyborgs may go on a mission or they may get loose out of their container and if they’re able to get off the ship or get away from their handlers where they cannot wear that
usually back of the medulla is they actually have what they have it’s like looks like a small explosive pack, usually mounted from the Medulla, they can actually detonate that and actually
sever the brain stem or what the left are bringing us from the body and that’s how they terminate the asset a lot of times you’ll see a cyborg take damage and what
cyborg take damage and what what happened is is actually take that amount of damage that detonation pack may actually be damaged it may not even go off and the cyborgs may be able to get
away from its handlers and we’ve seen that happen with a few there’s been a handful of assets I can think of where that happened many times the security teams like mine we have to go in and
actually find those assets and actually retrieve them and either bring them back in pieces or bring them back and put them having been subdued and that’s usually not a good thing because those
cyborg assets are trained to be lethal, so it’s kind of like letting loose a giant piece of cutlery inside of a box and gifted you’ll get it it’s usually not good.”
“JR: Could you describe what one of these cyborgs would look like?”
“It depends on the job so every single SSP has their own mission profile the cyborgs they use and of course we know
some people who worked at what they call the PLC’s where they actually would outfit these cyborgs for both Kruger, MDF
and Nacht Waffen. Essentially the cyborgs job is as we would send in this clone it gets artificially manipulated
added armor they may remove limbs and put in completely artificial limbs and may give them tails and they give them
all kinds of stuff to kind of offset balance issues or gravity issues or working with specific material issues
but the overall job of this particular being usually has to do with the fact they have a certain task to carry out
more often than not cyborgs are used in assassination techniques because essentially they’re only given the
forward lobe, their actual memory centers in the brain removed, they may have their hypothalamus,they may have
their brain stem back here in the medulla they may have
some lower level brain functionality still in place, but the idea is is that they do not have any of the higher
cognitive memory level stuff going on and actually a good example of this and a soft disclosure will be to look at the
Winter Soldier was Captain America how they treated him initially, that is exactly what typically happens
with a cyborg augment is that he’s repeatedly wiped or the memory centers were removed and he’s given a certain
mission profile they program him to speak a certain way if it even speaks and he only has one specific job to
carry out at that time.”
“JR: Have you ever been put into a cyborg body?”
“I was not, no… When you look at an asset, essentially
what they look at is for example the first thing I look at is genetic makeup where is this person come from right, especially if you happened to be of a certain German bloodlines or even Scandinavian bloodlines you’re
immediately put into certain programs if you have intuitive empathic abilities or that gives you another higher up if you
have fracture ability mean you come from a home or you’ve had a lot of trauma going on when your kid or if you can be
fractured psychologically that puts you into run up the higher up in the rungs you are there typically the mortar used for seamen type either clone or alt with the call altered assets, in my case I was used primarily as an alter asset I can’t I have not had any recalls of being in a cyborg body to date.”
“JR: When I go to Vegas in April and share a little bit about the secret space program so here is this was is what one of these alters super soldiers look like us they would have
like a skin tight suit this one is uh John by felton years ago and Felton never wanted to come on my show I was
trying to bring him on but now he doesn’t want to go public anymore.”
“They’re actually a corporate group that essentially they’ve learned how to monetize all of the how do we monetize
the DNA for example you’ve seen Emery Smith right he worked for a group here on earth that did a lot of the DNA research they actually take material they would sample it they would study it they reverse-engineer it all that’s ICC stuff and usually that’s the downstream stuff of what I did when the field would take sample he sent two guys like him. “I C C stands for interplanetary corporate conglomerate” correct yeah and they have a bunch of different names for it but essentially that group does all like you know how do we keep
the bases running how do we keep the ships running the basic security and garrison duties is all done by them underneath of them is JDFC Joint defense forces command which
essentially oversees MDF, EDF, SDF, all these guys.”
“Their headquarters is actually on moon but they also have
training facilities almost every person that goes through any branch of JDFC trains initially usually either on the
moon or on Mars while the – and Mars look the big boot
camp everybody goes through there they all need to get weapon trained, armor trained, it’s also where Kruger does all
of their they do any sort of cyborgs or any sort of like assassin training, it’s all done there Ares Prime yeah it’s all done, a lot of it is done on Mars, “so JDFC could
be synonymous with lunar operations command” Well, they’re part of that group yes it’s the command structure yet the LOC sea which is what you’re talking about the lunar operations command center ..that’s kind of a base name whereas JDFC is the actual group name its operating inside the base.”
“JR: and so I’m assuming you’ve been to that facility on the moon and what Randy Cramer described it as is different layers of construction from different eras and some of it you could see like really old 1950s looking … 60s, 70s, it’s key and so they never really go back there and renovate the old stuff, they kinda just keep it, is that your experience to what you saw?”
“Yeah that’s absolutely correct when I woke up on the moon the first time I woke up in a room that look like a weird
1950s color movie, the door frames, the door jambs, everything looked like a 1950’s movie and the first thing they do is they typically wait to see if you’re awake and then they start putting you through the undock process a lot you’re running from room to room these two guards will carry you from room to room moving from room to room and once you’ve gotten through all the end processes and they actually figure out what program you have to give him a key word you’re given while you’re on earth at least in my case I did I had to give him a certain keyword and when I gave
him that key word that’s when they said okay well obviously this guy is this asset and all of a sudden now I’m being
trained in these different programs I went right through the ranks and he shows programs.”
“JR: okay, and so when you were stationed on the moon or at least went through the program, did you ever recall seeing any ETS with working alongside humans..”
“ they had well call a smaller brown and tan colored Draco, even some black Draco on the base, they helped a lot with the psionic programs they’re also military liaison they had what they called tall white that were there they
had Zeta Reticulans who worked there they also had Nordics that worked there and there were few other species as well
but those the ones that predominately worked with human, the human scientists who were running the in dock and
removing people from the programs those the groups that typically worked with us, a few mantids as well my ADD the mantas are doing a lot of documentation and they were actually documenting who you were where you were what your records were all that kind of stuff.”
“secondly they’re also the second biggest transporter of weapon technology so that group specifically their job is to
essentially figure out how to figure
out where they want to put the slaves where they want to put the technology and what they wanna do with it and use
as an exchange rate that’s already established right those groups figure out what makes sense to them and like I said if you have if you have a group where you’ve got for example a
live breeding pair that is extremely valuable to other species, so and that can be any species by the way, but a live breeding pair is extremely valuable.”
“They have actually have a really thick almost armored type ski, they are bred to be that way.”
“JR: they like to kidnap humans and make them slaves, they also generate their own race ..
okay, so I guess the next question is you mentioned about the black goo I’m not sure who said this men have been Penny
Bradley, but she said that the upper management in the SSP or some of the dark fleet were required to drink the black
goo to make them super intelligent and smart, but it also took away their emotions and made them extremely negative, what are your thoughts on that?”
“That is one of the reasons for the schism we talked about earlier, the individuals who actually had ingested
this stuff were the other 80%, the 20% of us that left had not ingested that we were told not to, so you could kind of
say that that and the slavery issue split that group at some point, it was like a political dichotomy going on, for us we
were looking at the best interests of our species, they were trying to be interconnected which is what happens that’s one of the side effects of that black goo you have people basically hive-mind sharing data all at one time and they’re all Co-Processing it all at one time.”
“JR: It´s like the BORG.”
“Yes, that is exactly what it is but the downside of that is is it removes all your humanity, well, the black
goo is kind of like it’s the antithesis of life so if you would consider life to be kind of creative emotive force in
the universe what we would call quote unquote God then the black goo is kind like the Satan of the universe it was the antithesis of that God.”
“He was actually cast as a military intelligence asset to go find out how the Lyrans were staying away from the black goo. The Lyrans had actually developed this yellowish green
chartreuse colored gas that actually forced the black goo to come out of the body and it actually caused it to die, it also killed the asset in the process, so what we did was he actually had gotten his alter had gotten a copy of this
gas that the the schematic how to make it how to produce it and how to use it he brought it back to knock Watson and
we had built me started building gasps turds on our ships every time someone with debark and in mark they would have
to go through this gaster to such extreme people and if they got touched by the black goo it would actually kill them on on the spot you actually see the body at the for all sing it’s black goo stuff with my other eyes it actually
turned his crystallized glass on the floor or on the flight deck it was not good usually, so, yeah, that’s
typically the way it went down, the first time I saw it was when we used that gas onboard ships in to check our own people, because we’ve been exposed on a mission
and the CEO the guy that’s my old man
they call it that I call you old man, the Admiral called me and said: I want your ship, clean, cleansed from stem to
“Usually very violent reaction.. black goo AI and artificial intelligence (mistranscription Youtube: the mana) it’s a nanite virus, yes.”
“So let’s talk about this for a minute the two areas that I was directly told are two things that were directly
attached to that AI Nanite Virus: first
off was a type of stone called cintamani stones, the second was the actual meteor that’s in the middle of the building in
Mecca..that meteors embedded in the actual building
they’re at Mecca I was told that stone was actually what they call a messenger that was sent from the heavens from this
nanite ai virus and it was sent to our planet and it landed and it was actually picked up and used at that facilitation
and it’s considered a holy relic, because it came from the heavens, right, but that’s the second one that I know of
here on planet earth, so yeah.”
“The Vril society was the basis for the German breakaway civilization which became Nachtwaffen.”
“So there’s a castle in Germany, this is actual embedded symbol, it’s actually in a castle in Germany that was used for the SS Reich to bring people into Black Sun before the fall of the Reich and … it was also a symbol to the same castle by the way..t’s also used as an image for their for the actual ship system, it’s also used as an image for if you look at the actual ejection port for the motor for the Haunebu the Black Sun emblem is actually embedded in the actual moving mechanisms of the Haunebu Engine, there’s a ship that actually got photographed in Antarctica that actually has that particular imagery on it by the way..A navy guy that what´s her name one of the ladies I was talking to some folks in the Navy down there she he inadvertently captured the picture of the ship and actually had that
particular image on I’m like that’s one of ours
“the Eagle” The symbol that I typically saw was a picture of the earth that had a chain around it with the with the Nazi Swastika in front of the earth. I’ve seen that emblem on both Ceres and Ganymede both and that’s actually the symbol for the German breakaway group having won the war and not being
defeated by the US and the Allies, if that makes sense.”
“JR: and there’s got to be a lot of rivalries going on between the US Armed Forces and these German groups
because you know which supposedly beat them.”
“Well and that’s the altered history that we’ve been told,
again the the victor has changed the history books, right, in order to fit the profile they want to share to the world and the fact is if you look at projects like operation Highjump that was in no way a victory, we lost that battle, regardless of how you cut that, we lost that battle, so…we lost to
a group that were flying UFOs let’s just call it what it is.”
“People were happy within the pleasure houses they
weren’t fighting out the street.
“JR: The upper management can require some of their
officers to go into these pleasure houses.”
“Yes, Yes. It does actually and I’ve actually been ordered to do that a few times, because I’ve come back to my mission I would be all kind..are you grumpy and my CEO
would be like when we get to this planet you’re gonna go to the pleasure house and you’re not coming out until you’re happy and that is an order to be lik, okay, only two hours later I’m happy, great.”
“JR: Was there any complications with interspecies
relationships, like with pheromones or maybe some kind of psychic bonding them would cause issues later on?”
“Some species do have that, the one I’m thinking of
rough top on my head of the Cassiopeans, they bond very closely with their love mate and Randy Cramer’s an example, he actually had a wife who was Cassiopean I believe and a child by her. Those life pairs are very very
intense, because not only do you bond in a legal term, but you are also bond in a psychic sense with that individual.
There are some species that not only bond psychically, they also bond pheromone wise, so in other words when that person
that you’re bonded with reacts in na certain way ..the pheromone is designed to immediately force you to
protect that particular individual, so and that particular species, they were one of the groups that we interface
with ambassadora all services.”
“JR: so this sounds like a Star Trek episode or Orville or what not, anyway.”
“They’re trying to figure out how do I get the most efficiency out of the people I have right, so if you have a
group of people that are homeogenicly working well together and it’s one particular ethnicity, why would you upset
that, right, and that’s what they’re looking at. I think now if that comes off as being racist and I guess okay but
from my perspective there they’re looking at efficiency, not that necessarily with the black goo but that’s the underlying
mathematics that is going on here.”
“JR: Okay, alright and so I guess what would you like to see
happen in the future? I mean, I’m assuming space force, just be nice to see them, make disclosure, do you see that happening them telling the truth about all this SSP stuff well if you
“If you want my honest answer, the only way that
we’re going to see anything about the program’s come out in the media or in real life, it is gonna be to appear here in the U.S., we have a military coup of some kind happen, because it’s not gonna happen, with all the program containment that’s in place right now with the clearances,
it’s just not gonna happen,”
“JR: Even us discussing it basically by becoming the new I guess you could say the new leaders of the disclosure
movement it’s making them look bad but then again I guess they expect people not to believe us well that is true but
the underlying thing is if you’re most these programs are cut what they called USAPs – unacknowledged special access programs – if you look at DoD 5 to 2 2 0 m which
is the book that actually designates how you handle SAPs and USAPs, there is a statement in there where it specifically
says if you you will not verbally or otherwise disclose a unacknowledged special access program in any form form
or otherwise, that means if someone asks you: does this program exists and you disclose it if you
you’ll have your clearance or you are still in the program, then you’ve already violated your oath which is why these program managers and people here on earth they get money and resources up to those programs will never ever talk about it
they will not because they don’t want to risk losing their job and the safety of their families and their friends.”
“JR: yeah so all the whistleblowers are basically
ones that were kicked out of the program, because we wouldn’t follow directions.”
“or they were retired yep.”

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