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This is the 2nd time Robert David Steele has interviewed me. Robert David Steele, is a futurist and applied intelligence expert who founded the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence and former CIA officer. In this interview he asks Kerry 7 main questions regarding ETs, the secret space program and more…”
“Q: That´s absolutely fascinating. Now what about Super Soldiers, ..I have read about anti-aging, I have read about age-reversion, so tell me about your sense of the technologies that have been used to create super soldiers, not only in the outer space context, but here on Earth.”
“A: KC: We are talking about Transhumanism in thas case…
The first model super soldier, in which he was enhanced, also had additional psychic abilities and powers and making use of what we call orgone, it´s also called Kundalini in the East and it´s also know as Vril, you may know it by that name.
The Nazis were also the first people, at least in this sort of century, I guess, in the last 100 years that went down the road of creating a super soldier. So we were not the first, it came from the Nazis… Universal Soldier, in fact, is a Movie…series of Universal Soldier depicts the nazis and the progression of the development of supersoldiers, you know, they like to hide in plain sight..they can say: Oh, it´s just a Movie… when in reality it´s actually real.”
“A: KC: We are talking about technology that is creating Cyborgs, it is actually bettering the human body, so bigger, faster, better, that sort of principle. In essence they are created to endure everything…endurance, you might say, is the name of the game..The other thing is, there are a number of super soldiers out there. Randy Cramer talks about even having the technology to replace limbs or parts of the a battle..he says it´s happened to him, he had certain parts replaced and so on.”
“A: KC: This was started back in the time with the Nazis. It has to do with Parallel Earth…All of us have doubles in the parallel essence you have to go into another dimension to cross into that dimension to access those individuals…they are being brought accross, like the person in this dimension has been close to death or dying and they will be replaced by one that crosses over….to make sure that the being continues to exists and then I have a whistleblower who talsk about people like Mark Twain and others that have been reverse aged, so they have this reverse aging..In fact, William Tompkins, he was doing what he was doing in exchange for hopefully getting for him and his family reverse aging pills. That then would allow him to stay alive much longer and then go to a younger age. Generally from what I understand, they reverse age someone to around to their 20s, it´s younger for women, they are like 23, and men it´s a little bit older, like 28 or so. So there are different ways of dealing with super soldiers and also keeping a human being alive and bringing them back.
There are Nazis, like Wernher von Braun, for example, who have been reverse aged and in essence are young men now.”
“J B: vor 1 Woche: The Future of mankind also depends on the Will of the Creator, which is ABOVE everything else.
shawanok: vor 1 Woche: Obviously, the Creator has given each of us, above all else, a pivotal role in determining the future, our own personal one and that of mankind. Peace.
Soferia Nebruin: vor 6 Tagen: J B True……..and few people comprehend what that really means. Very sad and the state of the world today is evidence for “humans” failure.
J B: vor 6 Tagen: ​@shawanok True… but there IS A LIMIT to it. God’s plan will be carried out in PERFECTION with or without the free will creature collaboration… and this includes other beings either Angelic in nature or flesh and bones. The only difference is that with our collaboration it will be PLAN A, without it PLAN B, C,etc.The end result will be exactly the same from God’s point of view and for His Glory. In other words has an example: there will be no “CYBORG” future of Mankind if it is not in GOD’s plan.
attilaevil: vor 6 Tagen: @shawanok paying bills and taxes, right.
attilaevil: vor 6 Tagen: @J B that plan sucks a big one !
Tobias Gunning: vor 1 Woche: Great interview, really enjoyable listening to Kerry explain the gig✌️👌👂
Mapuana Kupuna: vor 1 Woche: Yes, help spread the word to awaken the masses! Aloha nui!
WhyMe Lord: vor 1 Woche: I was gang stalked by a “former” naval intelligence man about two weeks ago, he insulted me!”

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