My Youtube presence ignored by Norwegian mainstream media – let them know

“My Youtube presence ignored by Norwegian mainstream media – let them know”

“Juan Caballero: ​Greetings from Gerrmany.”

“In Norway they publish the income, your personal income i don’t know why they do that i think it’s a it’s a
stupid tradition, but anyway they do and our fine journalists in mainstream propaganda media, they will
produce a list and they’ve done so this year as well they have produced a list the highest,
the income uh the highest grossing or earning what’s it called i don’t you know what i mean here’s the income of
the the richest youtubers in Norway. I’m going to say this straight out why the hell am i not on that list
and don’t get me wrong here i i’ve been looking at this for since you know i’ve been looking at this for a
while for three years or so and i don’t care…if people know my own how much i earn or not i don’t care because
this what i’m doing here is not about that but you know what i know why these people every time they are talking about
writing about doing something on youtube, I’m completely ignored.
Why is that, why is it that these [ __ ]fucking imbeciles are writing in these stupid newspapers that
“oh here are the biggest uh norwegian youtubers” um you know oh
“oh this guy has 100 000 subscribers. Wow, that´s a lot.”

“Sibbe Bladh: ​they are trying to Keep you quiet rebel chief!!”
“Thomas Taylor: ​I wouldn’t want my income to be on a public list. That’s an infingement on privacy!”

“i have decided that i will no longer stay silent about this, because there is an agenda there is a
reason behind why they are ignoring my youtube presence and i won’t have it anymore i’m sick and tired of these
people, so this is war, i’ve had it, now, gary snow is saying better that they not
notice you well i can actually assure you they have noticed me oh yeah they know very very well about my youtube
presence, they have just decided that it’s best to ignore this guy, because he’s not
it doesn’t fit our image of the youtuber…”

“their image of a youtuber: That person must be young, very politically correct…nice,
uh politically correct and they must not talk about anything edgy, no, they can’t do that, no
and they certainly cannot talk about political issues unless they are completely
within..the accepted norm or what you can say and politically correct
and all that i’ve had it with these people, this is war. I am going to make it
impossible for these people to ignore, my youtube presence because i’ve really had
it and also i’m losing money i’m losing money on this because they there are people out there in in tv
production and so on and they don’t really watch youtube…”

“There’s a time to stay silent, there’s a time to speak out and we need to speak out..
I’ve said that a million times now.. and there are people recognizing me
in the streets and so on, it doesn’t happen that often that it does happen you know,
a few times every month and it’s nice you know it’s it’s nice if i said to you
that oh i don’t want any attention i don’t want to, I would be lying, I need to be honest with you because I feel i’ve built
my channels here on youtube on very much honesty just being who i am and believe
it or not there seems to be lots of people interested in what i have to say and so on and this really is not about me
this is about it’s about me it’s about other artists youtubers influencers and whatever you want to call them
who are facing the same problem they are being ignored while mainstream media
they pick and choose these insignificant, moronic youtubers with a very very
limited following and they are saying of look at this this one here has 30 000 subscribers what a
huge following…”

“Militant Roots: ​RESIST TYRANNY.”

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