Super Soldier Talk with Hendricks – Cyborg in SSP Latest Mission Update

“Super Soldier Talk with Hendricks – Cyborg in SSP Latest Mission Update”
“Super Soldier Talk with Hendricks – Cyborg in SSP Latest Mission Update”
“Update, what do you have for us? Latest update would be two days after we did our last interview I was laying in my bed and then I went to sleep and then I woke up in one of my clone super-soldier bodies in a parallel reality to this one and I was in a house with my younger self who was six years old I had my mom dad and my cousins there same ones in this reality and I was trying to convince them that I was their son from the future and that they kidnapped me that they did all these procedures to me blah blah and they wouldn’t believe me,
so I had to levitate my cousin off the couch with my mind and gently put her back down and then as soon as I did that they were all mind-blowing that I had these abilities and I was also telepathically putting images in their head of like feelings and stuff like that so they knew I was there a son from the future and my six-year-old self still wouldn’t believe me but then at
the same time when that one that was over this tractor beam went through the house and I started levitating me out of the house through matter and it also caught my dad in the in the levitation too and as we were coming into this red spaceship I saw my handler there and he looked like the this doctor from this movie called Resident Evil and he just the look he gave me I felt such, it wasn’t fear, because I don’t feel emotions, but I just felt fear for my dad because what he would do to him and then I blacked out I don’t remember anything after that.”
“And then my Reptilian family came in and picked me up out of my house at nighttime and ..the last time they came to earth was when they physically visited here was 1870..and they just showed me their big yellow eyes with yellow reptilian slits and they were just also assuring me that my memories are blocked that they’re not gone and that they will all come back when I leave this world and that was yeah that was pretty much two nights ago… okay so so two reptilians or other alien beings coming to a foreign planet. You have to remember these beings are billions years more or millions years more advanced than we are and they consider human beings as lower beings, so they think that they should be able to eat them. Reptilians also eat other different types of beings that aren’t just humans and just like how we eat, cows and chickens and pigs, because we think they’re lower than us, so they just that’s their perception and they go back to their fourth dimension or whatever planet they’re in the third dimension and then they do their thing, so that’s their perception on it, so people can get all mad about it, but that’s just what it is.”
“so reptilians consider humans lower life-forms?”
“yeah because we’re genetic created slave race we’re not a natural race to them we’re an altered genetic race so we are actually genetically modified to be a food, slave workforce and sex and a sex slave force.”
“There’s thousands of different types of earth planets is exactly like this ones that are actually farm planets there this whole system that we live in today where we go to work in a we vote and we listen to music videos this is actually a controlled matrix slave system for for conscience beings to be controlled in a matrix of where they’re asleep and they just don’t know what’s going on but it’s happening everyday.”
“Michael Trooder: ​and tasty bacon.
Frequency Revolution: ​I’m a vegetarian for this reason! All beings have consciousness.
Nancy Volker: ​When I was taken as a baby A tall grey and an MIB where there but lately last year I asked about The Reptilians several times it feels like they are listing and watching our activities on line.
julie pattison: ​One of the reasons over two million people in the US disappears every year One of the reasons so imagine how many in the world.”
“Ask them politely to show me that their true form and then there does their eyes will just go big yellow with yellow slits and they’ll just stare down
into me like reptilian huge dinosaur eyes and then I’ll just know as them.”
“Well and what about this guy here?”
“He is the guy that I served within the dark fleet like I said last time he’s my commanding officer but they’re same eyes if he can vote yeah the yellow eyes is
slit of course I like covered the glass helmet okay that’s not a crystal helmet and I thought reptilians don’t like to wear any type of clothing because it
irritates their scales is that true? No, that is not true. I know my family when they visited me about a year ago they prison what they do is because they’re in the
fourth dimension they’ll project themselves here so they’ll just project their faces and the one that came in is
when I said they were actually wearing top hats, like they really like fashion they really like olds like 1800’s fashion that’s exactly what they look
like and they will wear like tight jackets but that they’ll just project just the top of their body like I don’t
see their their hands or their feet or anything and I just see their faces and stuff.”
“(the emotions the reptilians have, are they the same as humans)
So what I am in my reptilian body the only emotions that I have is dominance, ego, power, like I’m better than everyone type ego feeling, if you don’t do as I say how dare you disrespect me or how dare you don’t listen listen to what I say that type of that type of personality, they do what they want when they want they don’t take no for an answer, I don’t never ever felt love like
that love feeling that humans feel I think that’s just a human body experience because when I’m off planets, even in my soul form there’s no such thing as feelings or emotions I think
feelings and emotions are actually just this third dimensional genetic body, because in other alien bodies I don’t feel any emotion or any compassion raising.”#
“I’m gonna go defend it, so when I saw humans just being massacred and eaten and children being eaten and I
couldn’t stand there anymore and watch me more I had to do something, because there are there are lots of
reptilians that don’t agree with it that don’t eat humans they don’t they don’t want it anymore.”
“I don’t know names, never, because…all my memories, I don’t hear sounds, it’s always just feelings and telepathy,
I don’t hear anything.”
“They live in towers really big towers like really tall and each the bottom is poor like slavery and the
higher you go the very top is royalty and rich like then and that’s where our human society gets you know our
hierarchy from is from reptilians like this is kind of reptilian based society where we have rich poor and we have
military and different types of military like statuses like generals and lieutenants and sergeants all way down
the bottom.”
“That’s such a good question, every experience I ever had is always telepathy, every question I have ever asked is always because I don’t hear my own voice when I’m in those bodies, so even in my Super Soldier bodies I never hear myself talk it’s always I say something in my head like you’re talking in your head and then someone just says something in your head that’s all I hear, I don’t hear voices, sounds, I just it’s not even even a word sometimes it’s just like a projection of a name in your head or the projection of a scene with feelings so you just understand better it’s more of a more faster way of talking than in an actual speech.”
“James Ring: ​Of course, its good to spread the word.
Michael Trooder: ​😃 yes. Love this stuff.
limeinthecoconut: ​the heart chakra energy is the bridge to the Divine.
BAH * KAH * RAH * ZUU: ​the heart chakra it´s the gateway.
Mo Hawk: ​sounds like a cybernetic hybridised robo cop warrior.
Lastixen: ​reptilians dont have power when they are in astral plane they are weak.
CoRt Spadet: ​you all are OP.
julie pattison: ​mind control.
Mo Hawk: ​the reptilians accidently spilled into this universe by rift as their universe collapsed.
limeinthecoconut: ​Reptilians are parasite only……they do not create or have heart energy…
JP M: ​All Metaphysical abilities 👽📡🗺🐲
Lastixen: ​reptilians dont have their own universe.
julie pattison: ​third one down orion its from.
BAH * KAH * RAH * ZUU: ​im draco and lyran mixed hybrid
i just wanna say that: ​heaven and hell might very well be real. i’ll leave it at that.
“also infiltration I got my spy so they’ll put me in child avatars or even asian-looking old man avatars or even a
Asian female avatar that looks like it’s been capturing the sex ring for its entire life.”
“so this was drawn many years ago by William Ross and I don’t even know if he’s doing more videos but he used to be
very outspoken and this is um he said this was Grey Technology and they have these crystals pinkish in color and this gun here could take your soul and they would transfer your soul almost I guess it’s temporary if you sat in
here but I’m not sure maybe they figured out do you have any do you recall any kind of weapon or you were like this?”
“all I heard was a dark story from a commanding officer once that the reason why full disclosure doesn’t come
out is because there was this they found out something in the greys or doing with Souls is that this planet is actually
like it’s also a farm planet but it’s also used to lure Souls in and capture them in a biological body until a point
in time or when that body dies that soul changes energy in a different way and that the Grays would actually take that
Soul out of that body and take it to their hometown and harvest it for a soul energy and then that soul would never
exists anymore. It just depleted and and there’s a
lot of reasons why full disclosure doesn’t come out is is because it’s the dark truth is like insane like you
me are talking right now there’s probably some listeners and stuff like that and for you we’re not here eating
any scripts or anything these are just memories we’re talking about and then you have everyone else on your talk show
talking about similar memories and then just like that’s still like 2% of what really going on other that we imagine if we remembered all of our memories I don’t think I’d remember everything.”

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