Zionazis-Bolshevic MJ12s NWO Department of Offense and Archontic Invasion and Infiltration of Sophias World – DoD NDQ BCI Torture Interface against the World…

Conspiracy Revelation: 20.10.2020: Zionazis-Bolshevic MJ12s NWO Department of Offense and Archontic Invasion and Infiltration of Sophias World – DoD NDQ BCI Torture Interface against the World and against all Human Rights and Cosmic Laws……delivered via Chemtrail-Nanotech combined with NSAs/Arpas Superquantum Computer and Aggressive AI Left Hook Parasites (that need to be daily Unhooked) to make a living hell for those deemed undesirable by their NWO-Nazi-Eugenics Ideology… Millions Blacklisted and attacked secretly by Pentagons Nanotech-DNA-Bioweapons Sabotage-Invasion called Morgellons…that´s the reality. A Core Evil Agency against Gods/Goddesses primary chosen ones…A disgrace for the Planet. A Virus to Sophia and the Holy Spirit. A Totalitaristic Militarization that breaks cosmic rules.

BTW: It is impossible to justify what unspoken crimes you are doing and you did to the human race secretly and utter cruel DEW Assaults geared by Autonomous AI against non-combattants, unarmed, unwitting and innocent civilians…and all your words presented as helpful are just the cover for your routine crimes of advanced bioweapon dispersals, quantum AI assaults, MK Ultra/MK Naomi tactics, radiation and remote strangulation, brain, abdomen, spinal, neuronal, throat, hormonal region and heart attacks and motorcortex sabotage attacks against God/Goddesses favorites.
They don´t see us as humans they see us as biological systems and subsystems that can be exploited..not as holy children of Goddess and God….as things…dehumanization of humans to subject them to all kinds of cruel Nazi-DoD-Experiments like sleep deprivation torture (2011), burning symbols into the skin (2011) via Warsatellites, Scalar-Weapon Pain Torture
Level 10 of 10 (2011)…Torsion-Field-Pleomorphic-Whole-Body-Nano-Torture (2011). Your crimes will be burned into history and never be forgotten…you really attacked the wrong one.
Horizontal Gene Transfer Bioweapons DOD CRIME SYNDICATE. They tell it frankly …packaged as beneficial…how many did you already murder with these genetic weapons…Genocidal DoD.
How many times you read the word EXPLOIT in their documents…they attack vulnerable unarmed civilians en masse with their military grade nanotech.. globally…

Conspiracy Revelation: 20.10.2020: All people in the world need affordable DNA-Scanners…and I would bet my ass that they already dispersed Bacteria Anthracis on the unwitting population… how they want to protect their Soul-Diers they first will test it on the unwitting civilian population..and then on their own slave mercenaries they call Soldiers.

Conspiracy Revelation: 20.10.2020: With Electromagnetic Warfare they mean to deliberately torture Targets of Opportunity aka Innocent Civilian POIs (Persons of Interest) or Political Enemies and fry their heads, neural circuits and hearts via USAF Satellites. DoD EMF-Warfare Crimes against humanity will be unveiled…
Source: 2009/budget_justification/pdfs/03_RDT_and_E/Vol_1_DARPA/DARPA
BTW2: The Look of WP-Webpages that are infected with Bajatax-Exploit:

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