“Welcome to the Targeted individuals United Association Web-pages. This website was designed and constructed primarily for the Targets of Covert Psychotronic Abuse, Electronic Harassment and Organised Gang-stalking but all are welcome whom are willing to stand for Truth, Human Rights and Freedom. The non-ethical and non-consensual Targeting, chipping, Electromagnetic abuses and attacks on innocent victims in society has increased as of late, So it has become my greatest concern and priority; as both target and victim of this ‘military-type’ torture technology to reveal to as many people as possible the damaging effects and the nightmarish reality Targets face Worldwide, along with possible solutions! ”
” I as well as many other humans internationally, have been made into experimental targets for Government authorised Electronic Harassment Programs (in excess of 15 years now).”
Conspiracy Revelation: 5.11.2020: 2005 was a coordinated start and spoiling attack on the human genome via Morgellons..for Targeted Individuals…at that time most were already Blacklisted probably 5-10 years earlier by the NSA-Zionazi-Bolshevik-NWO-Crime-Cartel and ShadowGov, as I like to call them. The Pestilence and Root of all Problems for peaceful people on this planet who want Heaven and Freedom also on Earth and not their sick-degenerated-pathocratic variant of NWO-Remote-Total-Control-and-Neural-AI-Infiltration-Hell for all who are not part of the Silicon Valley and decadent Wallstreet Corporate Mafia NWO-Nazi-Eugenic Billionaires-Insanity Club.
“Targets have reached a point where they are frequently bombarded with either psychotronic/psychic ELF attacks (V-2-K = Voice-To-Skull Technology / Microwave Auditory Hearing) psychic driving, occasional Microwave and RF Energy Attacks; i.e. skin rashes, irritation, hives, burns & burning sensations etc. This is accompanied with organized gang-stalking groups, behavioral modification techniques (Dark NLP & subliminal or suggestive manipulations), Brain-Voice block (Larynx Interference) (Conspiracy Revelation: 5.11.2020: I call it the Stridor/Larynx-NDE- Attack..), induced sounds, visions, thoughts and high pitch frequencies (Tinnitus). Notably, their are even more symptoms such as; sleep disruption and deprivation which is also common, temporary vascular and muscular pains, spasms and other irregular nervous system simulations, issues and problems; i.e. twitching, muscle and skin irritation or aggravation, due to the nervous system’s unnatural, hyper-electro stimulation. Most targets also suffer various forms of social exclusion and relationship degradation as a direct effect or side effect of the harassment, along with a majority of other major and minor problems, symptoms and situations (of social, psychological and physiological nature). It is a known and inevitable fact that these sadistic experiments and abuses WILL eventually be more widely exposed and STOPPED internationally; as many Media/Television personnel, reporters, scientists, professional groups/organisations and political persons have taken keen interest in this TI situation! Many people are becoming educated in the knowledge of both these experimental electronic/radiation technologies and the associated on-going gang stalking and harassment abuses (as they have been forwarded vast quantities of proof and evidences) thanks to the likes of Robert Duncan.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 5.11.2020: They transmitted yesterday his name via Remote Telepathic Induction and/or their Satellite-Hive-SSSS-Squad Supersonic Transmission System..
“Mind Control Exposed – Tim Rifat:
Targeted Individuals are people whom are illegally and covertly stalked, tracked and tortured, often harassed with the use of hi-tech – Modern-day Military type Technologies. These Technologies are created by Government Funded organisations, such as; The Military Sector – Raytheon, DAARPA, NASA, SERCO, UCL, MI5, SIS, DOD, CIA etc. Victims are often covertly and illegally implanted with small RFID (Radio-Remote Frequency Identification Device) type transmitter chips e.g. PositiveID (previously known as Angel or VERi Chips). Some victims are occasionally implanted with more miniature variants called Nano-Biochips, Stimulators and Transmitters which are visually harder to detect. This chipping is done primarily for covert GPS tracking purposes (alike GPS on a mobile phone device). These micro devices also allow for the constant nervous and neurological system’s connection and for the unnatural anatomical stimulation of chosen target/s via the brain! Targets can in theory be remotely connected to with these devices via radio type frequency signals; this can be done anywhere with cell tower reception and at any time! Signals are continuously relayed and transmitted back and forth to the Controller/Agent (wireless EEG) from the Target’s neurological implant devices and/or Nanites, thus the mind and body being in theory “wirelessly” connected to. Scalar waves abet this whole operation by allowing the operators to view targets within their homes alike a sonar device, echoing and bouncing signals from people and objects. Chemtrails also allow for much of this (Mind Control) surveillance, abuse and harassment to take place, as the chem or smart dust often sprayed in our skies contains microscopic metallic substances such as Aluminium Oxide, Barium (BA, AL) and other electro-magnetically charged and ionised nano-metallic particles as well as engineered chemical compounds. These Government ‘Chemtrails’ also contain pathogens, foreign blood cells and fungal/mould spores that can potential develop sicknesses in those exposed; alike the ‘so-called’ ‘Morgellons’ disease, Asthma and other internal and respiratory problems etc. The fungal infection or micro metallic electro-magnetised dust spreads in the air and is then absorbed into the body and blood stream via inhalation and skin permeation, it then compromises the immune and nervous system of all exposed over time. Therefore, Chemtrails allow for both greater neurological and physiological control effects in Targets and likely anyone whom is exposed. This ‘so-called’ chem-dust is professionally known as ‘Smart dust’; metallic and ionised nano particles that can be electro-magnetically charged and effected, thus the exposed easily tracked, electronically manipulated and stimulated (as it effects the human Brain and Nervous System as “they” designed and desired it to). There is little exposure and in-depth discussions regarding Chemtrails, why?
​*n.b.*(Chlorella, Senna-Pods, Baking Soda and Epsom Salts apparently can Help in flushing out these Metallic Particles and Pathogenic Fungi from your skin and blood stream).”

This Traumatising Government Harassment and abuse can often be set up with Private contractors, Corporations, phone companies, corrupt businesses, organised criminals, street gangs, right-wing extremists, doctors, dentists (!!!!!!), off-shore insurance companies, lawyers, or anyone whom can stand a chance of making any money off these innocent victims. They do this whilst gathering unique Intel (Cointel-pro) for those they deem government and to enjoy testing out their newly purchased or given Energy Weapons and it’s Control effectiveness on innocent humans. As previously mentioned, subconscious mind manipulation, sociopathic mentalities and money are often the biggest drive and incentives for what i call ‘perps’ (Perpetrators) and gang-stalkers activities. Others are either manipulated through their vigilant mind-frames, convinced that they are doing good deeds; the ‘laws’ work, when in fact it is quite the opposite! They’re often tricked and sometimes Mind Controlled into attacking someone else possibly more alike themselves!? These alienated targets are usually accused of evil and heinous crimes; sexual abuses, drug dealing or thefts and such which these ‘perps’ may consider plausible enough to fuel their stalking and harassment activities and deeds. I call this ‘Incentive Based Targeting’ yet in theory those they attack and stalk are no more guilty than they are or were prior to their stalking activities! The instigators or Top personnel enjoy confidently the bullying crimes set against these targets, so in effect.. their employed ‘perps’ become the criminal villains and condemned souls; eventually society destroys itself encircling the Targeted Individuals.. Bullseye! This harassment is done until all or a majority of ‘perps’ are manipulated, brainwashed and controlled and the system implodes with everyone becoming mentally unstable, insecure, obsessive; developing compulsive disorders, insecurities and hateful attitudes. An enveloping and self-destructive mindset imprinted into all associated, although with the slow realisation of their illicit and disturbing behavior crimes, ‘perps’ can often become very guilty, over-whelmed and turn hateful; either embracing their new state of being, as evil or posing as a Target to assist genuine victims!? The Irony is, the Targets themselves whom always try to remain informed, strong and vigilant, tend not to be as easily manipulated as these ‘perps’ are and find a means to avoid conflict and maintain a positive outlook, effectively confusing the ‘perps’ and causing them in essence to ‘go crazy’! There’s nothing more disturbing than realising you’re pursuing, hurting and possibly killing an innocent person whom ‘you’ or should I say ‘they’ once were. It seems inevitable that the slaves will one day turn against their masters and targets inevitably celebrated for their bravery and strength in these (or those) troublesome times. People ask why??.. It is simple.. CONTROL (Problem = Chaos = Solution = New Order).”
“Why are their Targeted Individuals?
There are several or more reasons why people become targets and this usually has relation to possible conflicts conducted by e.g. ancient bloodlines that you may have descended from and/or part of, past events you may not be aware of; accomplished by yourself, relatives or perhaps even your forefathers and relatives etc. *[I must add; Nazism is a strong part in this Mind Control Warfare as that was the birth-place of Modern Mind Control as we now know it.. MK Ultra and the likes]. Targeting can also be initiated due to a person’s sexual affiliation, aristocratic greed and pride, prejudices, jealousy, racism etc. [Please note: Most civilian perps or assailants are likely involved due to having an acute mental illness, or through manipulation/bribes and cash incentives or simply due to fear of themselves becoming a victim for refusing]. The main and most pathetic reasons for these experiments and abuses are due to the sadistic desires of so-called ‘Human Centipede’ type ‘paper-clip scientists’, neurologists and rogue psychiatrists etc. A common belief is that a host of wealthy aristocrats and/or ex-Military type personnel are wishing to test out their new mind and social control technologies. They do this with the comfort of a currently free and unhindered secret use and abuse of experimental electronic “toys” ‘so-to-speak’ (bio-weapons, Electronic Weapons) on unfortunate, unwilling and unwitting, often poor citizens. It is indeed a form of behavioural modification science and social experimentation, with mass monitoring and mind control implementations. Other very extreme and rare reasons would be due to a: messy divorce, child custody, unrequited love, whistle-blowing, revenge, differences in social, political, or religious beliefs, tactical positioning and actively deniable cases of provoked suicide assassinations etc. All-in-all.. this is done primarily with the aim of destabilising and controlling society as a whole, provoking a societal breakdown and/or civil conflicts. A chaotic society formed in order to justify the creation of a new order and the introduction of new de-humanising laws that further strip away society of their human rights and freedoms! My Advice to all whom are reading IF YOU ARE A PERP, ‘GET OUT’ WHILST OR WHEN YOU CAN! DON’T FALL FOR THIS FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY GIVEN!”

“Today in the advancing scientific world, it has come to light that every living individual’s Brain emits a unique type of Brainwave ‘Fingerprint’ or Bio-Signature, these extremely unique ELF/ULF (Extra/Ultra Low Frequencies) brain-wave signatures can now be detected, analysed and recorded; constantly tracked and monitored via radio and microwave devices etc. Over time your mind print can literally be mirrored or mapped on to a Super-Neural Computer, constantly communicating with the target with use of Wi-Fi/Cell phone-Microwave carrier signals; relaying data to and from the target via local Cell Towers. In some rare cases, drones or aircrafts are utilised for long distance targets in remote areas; drones equipped with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), RFID capabilities and the rarely mentioned Scalar wave technology (which are unique quantum wave forms that can be rebounded instantaneously to and from your brain or body, transmitting your physical, neurological and biological information through locally chained smart wi-fi devices and cell-towers etc). This technology allows communication Looping in ‘real-time’, feeding intricate information to the ‘so-called’ Government or Military controllers, basically a new form of a Wireless and Advanced E.E.G. machine. Anybody’s brain signatures can effectively be logged or decoded as a unique type of ‘finger-print’ for ease of specific detection and identification of any chosen individual/s. Again, the Target’s brain E.E.G. or neurological patterns are constantly monitored and updated in ‘real-time’ for ease of mind control and the manipulation of any given target! This practice can also allow these Intelligence agencies or rogue operatives to not only track and monitor a Target nearly anywhere on the Earth but also to silently control, Mind read and manipulate their perceptions, moods and thoughts in real-time; this process is better known as RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring – Brain Mapping). They can access and manipulate private thoughts utilising verbatim (audible thoughts coherent only to the individual/s) via the nerves or larynx and manipulate a Targets physical and cognitive functions to a minor extent via brain frequency manipulations e.g. 6hz fequency modulation can effectively stimulate aggression in a target. What is more terrifying is the fact that soon Micro/chips and transmitter implants may be a thing of the past due to Technological advancements; much to the detriment of people in our modern day societies. Most ‘genuine’ Targets claim they are constantly harassed and abused, often gang-stalked and monitored 24/7 by ‘mind controlled people’ or whats referred to in the TI community as ‘perps’ (perpetrators)”
“So now we understand that Targets can possibly be attacked and/or monitored via the government and militaries along with low-orbiting crafts, Radio/Wi-Fi technology, hand-held DEW weapons and Cell Towers but did you know Targets can also be monitored and harassed by common civilians; paid-off neighbours, local doctors, physicians and scientists etc. People assisting a false agenda of a corrupt regime and government; people being trained to utilise their covert and illegal Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) technologies on innocent humans at close proximities!? People can also stalk and track targets via the internet (Dark Net), not only via local cell-towers with their carrier waves (GPRS/ Sat-Nav systems) but as an I.P. form also i.e. hacking and spamming. Most public harassment and Stalking activities of Targets are usually caused by Extreme right-wing groups i.e. Cointel-pro (CIA.. MI5/6 servants); perhaps guising as or utilising a Gay Agenda Groups, Peadophiles, Religious zealots, rogue operatives, Neural Scientists/Psychiatrists, ex-cons or probational criminals and various other Organised or disorganised Snoop Groups willing to participate. Other contractors or perpetrators; are often the ex-military and military factions/divisions, ex-police/Police groups, Religious cults & sects, The Mentally ill sector, drug addicts, Dark occult members and/or any lay persons willing to assist and gain somehow, in these atrocious and in-human, criminal practices.”
Psychiatrists have an easy ride with a targeted individual or better known as a T.I. The uncanny claims and weird explanations to a so-called “normal” or “stable”” human being may obviously seem abnormally strange or weird but the joke in this is; ALL Psychiatrists know of or have some extensive knowledge regarding ´Targeted Individuals´. We know this as initially The ´Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders´ was created by Nazi Behavioral Scientists with the hopes of covering up the tests and the unwitting scientific experiments/studies to be conducted on human beings (now still conducted by the likes of Psychiatrists and Neural-Scientists)! MK Ultra Program; The roots of modern Mind Kontrol (New Phoenix Program, Project
MEDUSA or Monark etc.) as we know it; straying from Nazi Germany camps during the second World War, now migrated all the way into the heart of the west i.e.; America´s C.I.A, (often pronounced See-er), NSA and British Intelligence M.I.#5-6, SIS with their (HAARP) energy weapons developments. Experiments which are believed to have been originally started by the Communist Russia´s KGB and other third World communist governments during the Cold War (Black Op factions of today) to control
and slow-kill opposition covertly. Psychiatry was created to disguise these Mind Control programs,
their Statistical manual alone has over 4 or 5 versions each time increasing the symptoms and diagnosis for illnesses such as; Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar,
depression etc. Theoretically this is labeling us ALL as mentally ill people, this ensures that ANYONE, (Target or not) can become a Victim; discredited and made a test guinea-pig for ease of Mind-control and drug experimentation´; there-upon they
can introduce and forcibly implement the usage and consumption of ´so-called´ Anti-depressants and ´Anti-Psychotic´ type medications (which are merely submissive hallucinogenics containing harsh chemicals and mild LSDs – which I might add, have very
damaging effects on our bodies and mind!). DO NOT TAKE ANY MEDICATIONS UNLESS COMPLETELY NECESSARY! ..
*Please watch the short video below featuring an ex Nazi Psychologist/Psychiatrist speaking completely against Psychiatry along with its unethical and abusive treatment.. Dr ´Thomas Szasz´.”

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