FBI file details contactee George Van Tassel

“FBI file details contactee George Van Tassel”

FBI file details contactee George Van Tassel (video)

George Van Tassel / The American author and ufologist once claimed to have been in contact with an extraterrestrial from Venus.

A controversial figure in the annals of ufology, Van Tassel was an accomplished aircraft mechanic and flight inspector who worked for various firms between 1930 and 1947 before retiring to the desert.
He rose to prominence as a key figure of interest in 1953 after claiming that he had been awoken one night by an alien from Venus named Solgonda. The being allegedly invited him aboard its spacecraft where Van Tassel was telepathically gifted the plans for a device called the “Integratron” which was said to be capable of rejuvenating the human body.

The following year, he and a few others began building the device out in the desert.

Said to be capable of not only rejuvenation but time travel and anti-gravity as well, the “Integratron” was built on what Van Tassel claimed was “an intersection of powerful geomagnetic forces that, when focused by the unique geometry of the building, will concentrate and amplify the energy required for cell rejuvenation.”

The device resembled a strange domed wooden structure which lacked any screws or nails.
Van Tassel himself died in 1978 of a heart attack, leaving the device unfinished and non-functional.

You can view an old interview featuring the man himself below.

The FBI file can be viewed – here.

“George Van Tassel 1964 Interview on Aliens,Ufo’s and Time Travel
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“Time Machine you are building down there in California.”
“We produced phenomenal results…started in 1953.”
“A Time Machine.”
“We discovered a Time Zone…Magnetic Field.”
“George, it´s devil talk to me.”
“You could only record of an event by thinking of it now theoretically we believe we can take the video tape magnetic camera into the time zone and photograph Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address or Caesars armies marching or anything that’s ever happened
“let me get this straight otherwise you’re telling me like HG Wells imagined 50 years ago that everything that happened
in time is still there to be seen by the recreation electronically of a thought which exists.”
Jack you know how you talk into a tape on a tape recorder and play the interruptions back identical to the play that you made, the Earth’s magnetic field is the same way you can put
interruptions into it and play them back out of it an associate of ours in creating a magnetic coupler with this principle coupled in the Earth’s magnetic field and played back TV shows from stations at door that aren’t even in business anymore.”

“Why hasn’t this hit the headlines throughout the world as that’s a time machine in action.”
“Jack the reason it hasn’t hit the world is because, as I understand that now, the Navy Department took him
and the research over, because he also discovered he could bounce magnetic echoes off the ionosphere and locate
submarines under the ocean regardless of where they were.”

“and is he a free man walking around today?”
“Well, he’s free where he is in this super-secret research that is conducted.”
“Now so therefore you tell me soberly in front of the television camera that thing’s old television programs have been recreated out of nothing?”

“Played back with a picture and the sound just …the day they were broadcasted, we’ve done this many times… Well, this requires quite a piece of apparatus this magnetic coupler works on around 50,000 volts and it doesn’t have any radio frequency connected with it and actually the television set which plays back the picture doesn’t even have an antenna
connected to it.”

“You have a Time Machine Plan.”
“You have time machine plant, you have done experiments which shows you can bring the past to life where did this formula come from?”

“And the first cyclotron was something like 11 years in
the progress of building / for that cost millions George, you haven’t got millions, billions. / We don’t have the overhead,
the draftsman, the engineers and people setting around the payroll, all of our effort on this is voluntary by many
people in technical fields that contribute their effort to the project. / They all believe in flying saucers? / They
all believe in flying saucers. / And you obviously believe totally in flying saucers? / Yeah. / Does your wife believe in flying saucers? / Well, I don’t know very many people that don’t, it’s as obvious as believing in heaven or afterlife or anything else, you have of a certain thing to believe in, in life, you believe there’s air we breathe yet you don’t see it, we fly airplanes on it and this isn’t intangible, we can measure it. / But why do these people come down these
from outer space why don’t the line in the white house of them Kremlin square in Moscow and say hey listen to us we
can tell you a few things we’re 700 years old we can travel through space, we’re not concerned with time differentials? /
Well, probably they’re not with giving us too much of their
information, because we’d only use it in our battle to destroy each other. / Did these four men tell you that themselves? / No, they didn’t tell me that but this is a reasonable assumption on our part where the world is divided
in 2 camps, each capable of eliminating the whole civilization and if we were to go to another planet and observe this condition, we would certainly be a little
cautious about who we talk to or what we reveal.”

“Van Tassel last known to be residing at Yucca Valley, California. Among his other unusual views, Van Tassel claims that space-men inhabited the Earth before Adam; that Jesus was descended from the spacemen, and that after resurrection, Jesus was “retrieved” to outer space by means of
a “transistor beam”.”

References: https://conspiracyrevelation.com/2019/03/12/contact-in-the-desert-2017-george-van-tassel-the-integratron/








“Ufo Alien Austrian News Wahrheit und Dokumente: vor 7 Monaten:
1920-1960 There were amazing opportunities for the whole of mankind. But they´ve choosen to lock it away from all of us here. Why? Brookings? Well, we know even commisions can fail. Yes I am talking about the warren boys. Haha..Anyway..With all their denials, threatening and deceptive actions over 80 years now they´ve made a tremendous mistake in not telling us all what´s going on here. First we´ve a right to know and second they´ve done criminal actions to hide it and have made very bad decisions too. So even if they wanna tell us the truth, they cannot do it, because that would take an end to their powers too. In explaining it. I guess that´s the major problem here. The term “We cannot handle the truth and it would have impacts on all religions.” is nice, but we aren´t living in 1960 anymore. 2019. People worldwide give a damn shit about that anymore. It´s more than time. To step out.

Ufo Alien Austrian News Wahrheit und Dokumente: vor 7 Monaten:
He´s actually also talking about the Haarp project. With the help of the Earth ionosphere they are able to locate every Vessel on Earth. No matter where and in what medium they´re. I bet that´s the main reason for Haarp. And the worldwide facilities. And of course their laser surveillance earth orbit weapon program. Seen on STS 48. They´ve clearly fired two times on this incoming first cloaked and than visible craft. It´s odd. And their secrecy too. Why? To prevent knowledge from all the other nations criminals? Well, show me one government that´s honest and good? You´ll have a hard time to find one. Haha..”

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