Penny Bradley Disclosing about Cybernetic Factories, Nacht Waffen, & Aries Prime Base

“Penny Bradley Disclosing about Cybernetic Factories, Nacht Waffen, & Aries Prime Base”
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Awakening Cosmic Reality Show
Penny Bradley Disclosing about Cybernetic Factories, Nacht Waffen. & Aries Prime Base on Mars.
Penny describes her life with the German factions on Mars in the Secret Space Programs and how she met various different extraterrestrial races.”
“Q: Hi it’s Ileana here at awakening cosmic reality show and we have penny Bradley today with us hi penny Lelaina it’s nice to see you back it’s
been a while “it’s really good to see you back, I’m glad you’re doing it, is better to be back with us” Yeah, well, I mean I had somebody steal my work and it was a
copyright issue that I was dealing with getting it off the internet because all my presentations about the secret space programs Mars and stuff it was all put
in a blog without my permission I never gave permission to do that and this person called me a larper and a bunch of other things that were not appropriate
and it was done all in French and my work was put in French. I did not approve any of that, I did not give my consent, so I told them to take it off and I just
basically put everything all my videos on my website and storage for a while, so other people wouldn’t do the same stuff, because I was finding my work being
ripped off quite a bit, so that’s why I went silent, nobody deleted my videos …YouTube did not delete me my website wasn’t deleted it
was just put in storage on purpose for a while, so my work wouldn’t be abused to announce that and I wanted to talk to you about that cybernetics factory that
you destroyed and also ask you about Ares Prime on Mars how that base was like being on on their base colony how that was like for you discuss not not
often “you said it right”. I’m trying to pronounce it correctly .. so can you describe to us, well, you are a secret space program asset and you’re still in
the programs and you have alters who are in there so can you describe that experience how you got to know about the cybernetics lab the factory and how it was destroyed and why?”
“A: Okay, because I’m an asset, I have alters, plural, many, my understanding was that I had approximately 2200 alters, though one of the two that I know works with James
Rank, we, our unit and I believe Rochelle was also part of this group, so there was a group of us who were going to the the cyborg factory for upgrades of our
enhancements, okay, there’s a fine line between enhanced human and cyborg. I think it has to do with how much of your actual brain is still in the body and
this was a Krueger Unit that did Missions. Kruger is a missioner, is a mercenary company in space, they sell their services to other factions and to ETS to fight their Wars
for them, so we’re basically soldiers for hire and this particular squad are basically ground thumpers, so that’s my super soldier alter and that’s how I
know James Rink and part of how rochelle remembers me i don’t know who the other people in the unit are, but this was this was in September, early September 2016. (Penny Bradley)”
“I didn’t know exactly where we were and I was immediately hit with the visual of all these rows and rows and rows of robot bodies and the humans on hooks ringing the room, so this was basically the assembly area and little old me here on Earth pani freaked out and that altar doesn’t have a firewall on her psy abilities and I put out an energy pulse
that destroyed the lab, destroyed the factory, destroyed us, because they had to give us new Avatar bodies afterwards. I remember I was piggybacking the same alter in the new avatar body when James Rink gave me a hard time over it I got a dressing-down over and .. the alter had a really hard time convincing him that it wasn’t actually her…t along the way someone
had changed the process of me bleeding over, so I cannot just take over an alter again, ever since then when I woke up in them, I’ve been piggybacking where I can see through their eyes, hear what they hear, know what they’re doing, but I can’t control it, so whoever is in charge of me has an asset reconfigured my ability to do that. (Penny Bradley)”
“because I’m left-handed at least in this alter the left from the elbow down was gone and replaced with a weapon and we were supposed to be getting some sort of
upgrades to the mechanicals. (“so inside your head what kind of enhancements do you have, what kind of mechanicals was that?” In that alter? “Yes” There were lots
of chips, each one did a different thing, in my pilot navigator alters I have a chip that connects me to the ship, in this case the chip connects me to James, because he’s the unit leader and it gives us makes us act more like a single individual and he’s the one in control and I would assume that he’s also chipped ..”
“yeah that makes sense because the neural link implants that I had allowed me to communicate with my team groups we worked in six to twelve groups whilein the cybernetics labs on Mars in the
different basis so we could we had synthetic telepathy with each other and we could even communicate with others and other groups so it allows for that mind-to-mind communication”
I think it’s more secure than regular telepathy too that way that it’s harder for outsiders to hack in,because of my genetic modifications I am telepathic so having a chip to be
telepathic, it’s kind of redundant, unless it’s unless it’s a secure line, “yeah, so it would be the programming in in these chips or neural ink and plants would be encrypted yeah this like for example we’re using zoom right now to record this and it’s encrypted, so we have a secure line in a secure chat room that’s private so nobody can join us it’s encrypted and it’s closed so we’re in a closed-circuit soom session so I would assume these microchips and neural link implants had a closed circuit connection that was encrypted, as well.”
I also had ships to operate the mechanics of the exoskeleton, because this one we were larger than normal humans it wasn’t quite the robot bodies that they show with the human inside…
If you got killed in battles the exoskeleton was programmed to walk you back to base, so that you could be at least accounted for.
“yeah and then your bodies put into there, if they want to reanimate you, your bodies put back into their regeneration tank or the holographic medical pod and your revived
rejuvenated fixed and you’re ready to go back out there, right?” Well, Kruger doesn’t use your natural body, so they don’t use the medical regeneration tanks, they
use the holographic med beds, if they want to keep you young, they’ll do that, up in a lot of situations they consider it more cost-effective to let the body die and
then reup you in a new body, “yeah so they literally put your soul or your core memories in the new body correct?”
What I’ve noticed, because I’ve been awake during the transfer process is: me, Penny´s physical body is in a tank full of a yellow gel and the cloned body or
avatar is also in a tank full of yellow gel and there’s some sort of a technologist who is running the transfer process and from from the tank it looks like it’s a old
school computer Bank and there are wires, I mean these are like this being around the wires in between the tank and the computer, so I don’t know if this is
really old tech or if it really requires that much energy but I have been in my physical body, seeing the limp clone and then felt dizzy and then I was in the
cloned body, seeing this body limp and I know when the clone body dies, I’m back in mine, so I don’t know if it I don’t know how it works exactly, but I know from experience that
as soon as the clone body is dead I’m back in mine… I think it’s what the New Age people call a silver cord hmm that you are tied to your body but what
they do is they transfer you over complete, it’s your entire soul mind consciousness everything and then they activate the alter that they want and
sometimes they don’t get the right one, so all I can figure is is they’re sloppy or because I was activated to remember the one alter, that my system is trying to reanimate.
So I’m waking up at times that they’re not happy about me waking up and I’m waking up in places where I don’t know where I am or what I’m doing and I have to just stop and
okay where am I that am I supposed to be doing yeah Who am I, what’s my name here and it’s very disconerting, it´s happening more and more often. (Penny Bradley)”
“Lyrae Hello: vor 2 Wochen: I’m a “normal” person. I’m awake and aware. There is nothing in these testimonies that contradicts what we know to be possible. More and more people are awakening to these realities. Thank you for your courage in speaking out. Evil is losing the battle.
Luffy Chowdhury: vor 2 Wochen (bearbeitet): This is fascinating. When things you see on the movies and series turn out to be true. I have always wondered if it isn’t true , then where did they get the idea from?”
“colleen bloomhuff: vor 3 Tagen: I like when Penny talked about energy signature rather than looking at the outside of the being.”
“John Feld: vor 2 Wochen: It’s always nice to listen to you guys a fantastic topic, even do it’s hard to believe but something must be true.”
“Jake Muller: vor 2 Wochen: Great interview and revelations. Experiences like these are the only true science.”
“Никаких Теней vor 4 Tagen: Penny is one of the coolest supersoldiers.”
“My physical body is taken then I am just they put me out and they transfer my soul into another avatar body that’s also humanoid, but it sees the cyborg bodies being ready for
souL implantation and it sees the human bodies literally hanging on the hooks like meat suits.”
“When I’m taken I’d say at least 90 percent of the time it’s completely physical and I’m put into a tank and transferred over and they hold my body in stasis
mm-hm and then I’m physically returned to within a few minutes of when they took me in the first place yeah and I hear all these people talking about other timelines I hear all these people
talking about that it’s done in your sleep and it’s a soul transfer and that, basically your body is just lying there dead and yeah like that doesn’t mesh with what happened to me,
so in fact yesterday in the group I had no day before yesterday in the group I had a man have a temper tantrum because he was
swearing that none of this was happening in this reality, that it was all happening in another time line, so it didn’t matter what happened to us, because it wasn’t this timeline, well, that’s not true, it’s all this timeline, we are bilocated, we’re not switched to another timeline, timelines have a frequency and if you go physically you can’t function, because you’re not that frequency, you can only function in your own frequency and that is this timeline, we are all that frequency. (Penny Bradley)”
“Well, it’s still our timeline, it is still in real time on Mars or another world in the same timeline that we’re currently living on earth, it’s the same people bi-located and during the time that I’m sleeping in my bed I’m taken and I go through this whole thing and then I brought back and then I’m sleeping. I experience it very linearly, one after the another, after the
other and it’s all me and I’m not going anywhere in another timeline I do go into other dimensions, because I do hyperspace jumps as my job as a navigator but that’s you know and I do other
dimensions when I’m lucid dreaming, but that´s part of why SSP took me is because I do that. (Penny Bradley)”
“Well, I remember being taken when I was four, I’m 64 now, so you’ve had a chance to figure out how this works and why it works…ok, this makes sense, that doesn’t, that’s irrational, I mean seriously if we were going into timeline bubbles like some folks are saying, why would the CIA invest their resources in that? Why would any government agency honor, invest
their time, money, assets on another timeline…because I know the CIA took me, I know the CIA did my mind fracture, I know that they did my programming and I know they control who
takes me when, because every so often they will pick me up for a mission and on the way back they will injure me on purpose and they tell me why my recent my shoulder injury last summer, they told me that was, because I had reintegrated a alter that was a navigator ok they told me flat-out: do not reintegrate any more navigator alters, period. I’m like it wasn’t my idea to reintegrate her, she was upset about something someone else said and decided to reintegrate… I’m already dealing with her suicide ideation and the CIA decides to break my shoulder for
punishing, to punish me for having done it. (Penny Bradley)”
“Tthey wouldn’t because this is happening in this timeline.. Exactly.. and we’re not really in control ofr our physical bodies or where our souls end up and we come back with often the
memories are scrambled and we have seizures hypnosis or lucid dreaming put the pieces back together and some of it is screen memories and it’s hard to remember who you had the missions with
or why you had the missions where when why who.”
I have a chip inside my ear canal on my right ear and my doctor has seen it. We talked about it and I asked him if he would remove it and he says I don’t think that’s a good idea, so I have
talked to my doctor about the mind-fracture and what I’m doing to reintegrate and that I don’t need is his SSRIs, because I’m working on it and told him that I’d reintegrated 30
alters and that if he knew of the pills that would reintegrate alters, I would consider taking it and he turned to chalky white and has not brought it back
up, so I’m sure he has been contacted by whoever is in charge of me, because he’s he’s been sort of half-assed listening for a while. I’m trying to not cuss, but it’s still coming ou,t I’m sorry. (Penny Bradley)”
“This is all tough it’s not easy to deal with..and it´s not situations that you tell normal people about because they’re liable to think that we’re nuts or crazy.”
“Well, I’ve been seeing this doctor for since 1994 and he watched me go through endocrine shutdown, he watched me go through arsenic poisoning because my husband at the time
was poisoning me for life insurance money, he watched me go through recovery from that he’s watched me go through being reactivated by the NSA and he’s watched me..he hasn’t been on Facebook to see any of my videos but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t looked me up I don’t you know, he may know what I’m talking about, but I haven’t given him any details, so I have to take Lou into the appointments with me because his nurse is so rude to me whenever Lou isn’t there…so I’m going to have to train a new doctor. (Penny Bradley)”
“Your life is not so simple and that it’s this worldly and everybody considers it otherworldly, but for you to me it’s normal, because it’s part of our lives that we’ve gone on
missions off planet, we’ve been on Mars we’ve been part of different secret space program groups and been in different been in our own bodies on these missions been in different bodies, clones, cyborgs, avatars, you name it, it’s been done and practiced me a much yeah, so it’s hard for a regular normies like normal person who doesn’t understand these things to process this
information and not think that you’re just extremely weird or crazy ..your behavior is out of this world not normal to normals, they just see it like that, so beyond normal earth stuff.”
“Well, I’m to the point where even my doctor is on a need-to-know I did not tell my doctor nor the surgeon how I got injured, I told them that I woke up with it, because real world here now that’s the truth, I was taking on a CIA mission and when it was completed the three men who had picked me up and were taking me back just sit there and calmly said we have tried to
kill you in the past, we don’t know why, but we do understand we are unable to kill you, but we know we can make you hurt, you are not to reintegrate anymore, navigator alters and two of them held my body still while the third broke my shoulder. I had surgery for this in Octobe, for those who will be watching this later on that’s October 201, it’s two months later and I still can’t raise my arm above this, but my doctor thinks I’m doing pretty well and I start physical therapy just after the first of the year so I still have to have help dressing I can’t put on shirts by myself, I did shower and wash my hair today by steps. (Penny Bradley)”
“they wouldn’t believe me anyway and you can’t say I have a secret double life where I work for the CIA and have no
right to tell them no. (PB)”
“We can’t it’s uh well I never told anybody outside of
the people that I our friends who are SSPs it’s my parents stone I’ve never told anybody else oh yeah you know
sometimes I was part of secret space program missions off earth or on earth and I noticed several of these program
groups that I didn’t work for. I did a sixty-year and back through time travel, how do you explain that I’m not even 60
and thirty-four, yet, I had all the unexplained medical health issues that of a 60 year old, so I’m still working to
fix all of that mess and improve my health, one bit at a time, so and it´s time travel, sometimes it’s time travel that’s how they could make it into a 60 and back, even if you’re not 60, but time dilation with time travel they can do it it’s not a future it’s it’s running along this current timeline in this timeline…it’s time dilation and they
could do it that way so it may seem like maybe a couple of days here but it’s 60 years on Mars and it’s same timeline it’s just they can expand and work time to change time itself still same timeline you’re not off into the far-flung future during this time but it’s accelerated, so you do a 60 and back and then they bring you back.”
“You are in a different faction than I was yes and I’m
not sure exactly how they operate, so I’ll take your word for it, Nachtwaffen is they prefer you in your natural body, they prefer you as human as possible, they understand that some earth humans are descended from ancient hybrids and
those are okay they just don’t like the modern hybrids:
The Nordics / Anunnaki / Tall Whites, whatever you want to call those beings, have been interbreeding with earth humans every few generations for millennia, probably as
long as there have been us and that’s part of why women continue to have problems in childbirth, because in a wild
environment within five generations all the women that couldn’t survive childbirth would have already
been dead and that would have been taken out of the gene pool, so we know for certain that there have been re-hybridization all along. there are so many humans on earth that are hybrid now there are what 70-80 ET races
that have hybridized us at this point, so the Germans were not concerned about old hybrids, because everybody is one that was their attitude but the new hybrids there tended to be problems with the kids…adrenal I got older I’m in full adrenal shutdown now, I have to take medication to replace that to stay alive. I did mention earlier I’m in
full adrenal, full endocrine shutdown, so my thyroid doesn’t work my journals don’t work and I’m now diabetic, so they
call that metabolic syndrome the combination and that folks is why I’m fat because I never was before this happened so.. but it seems to be a long term effect of the modification that made hyperspace Drive possible, so they probably thought that it was worth it and never considered what would
happen to the individuals and so my kids have this issue and knowing now that they have this issue and what it’s
related to I understand why the Germans in space
did not want me to be a part of their gene pool, because that would have put that particular set of defects into their gene pool and they didn’t need that and I understand that. (Penny Bradley)”
“Aries Prime Mars:” (Mars one of the base colonies)
“That was the first German base colony and it was a military base first and developed a colony around it and that was part of the reason for the Mars war …it wasn’t a suitable place for a colony and it was the best place in the territory that the Draco controlled, because Mars had been split up between
the sentient races that are there: There are the Draco, there are the Mars mantids, the Mars Raptors, the Mars native humans and the Tall Whites have a underground city in the southern hemisphere. (Penny Bradley)”
“We had occasionally fruit from other worlds, there was a fruit that looked like a banana but tastes like a strawberry. It was excellent, we went on low coffee, it was verboten, forbidden, chocolate was a very very rare treat, we had some hot drink that had a stimulant in it, but it wasn’t caffeine,
so I don’t know where they got that, they had us on a lot of enhancement, production enhancement drugs, so once I
was actually military instead of a student we had a lot of drugs to enhance performance and that required we do region every week was what they aimed for but the drugs destroyed your liver and you know if you’re having to be regenerated
once a week, that it´s a major destruction, it’s
something you should not be taking. Regeneration Tanks, that’s the technology that the Germans have, they don’t have the Med beds. (Penny Bradley)”

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