Nano Dust **It's inside all of us* Ulf Diestelmann from Montreal*

“Nano Dust **It’s inside all of us* Ulf Diestelmann from Montreal*”
“DEA 528: vor 2 Jahren: Finally I find someone else aware of this. However I just recently discovered that this unnatural fiber optic or what you have is also electrically conductive. Think about that for a moment. They have successfully wired us for sound, and Satin knows what other functions this crap is capable of. It seems to like moisture but it does not handle baking soda well. Coconut oil on the scalp is great if you find that your head is constantly itchy. It is also good internally along with grape fruit seed extract, garlic, ginger, milk thistle, dandelion root and even colloidal silver for your eyes, ears, mouth and internally also. I make it all the time. It seems that some folks bodies don’t accept it as well as others. These are the people that have been suffering in silence for the most part for many years. Excuse my language please but I called out the fucking CDC years ago and to this day they refuse to acknowledge this crime against humanity even exists. I know it has been called Morgellons for some time now but I believe a name change is in order. I prefer to call it G-MOD (genetically modified organism disorder). For those that have slow healing sores I feel for ya. I’ve been there and at that time not a single person stood behind me. Only my shadow on the floor, and even it tried to get away. I hate to say it but this will not stop and don’t even try to tell a doctor about this. Chemtrails as well as some GMO plants release this and it has unfortunately caused many to take their own lives. It is also in the food supply, new clothing, water, basically you name it and it can be found there. I do think that a small EMP can short circuit the tech in this. That’s the next project. If anyone that may read this lives around farm land pay attention during harvest time. Last fall I noticed that this chameleon began to come from everywhere and was literally unescapable. From the trees to every blade of grass. Out there somewhere are some very mad scientists that have earned themselves an extra hot Hell just for them to burn in for eternity. To anyone that knows of someone whos body doesn’t tolerate this shit and even if you personally didn’t call them nuts because of the things that they were trying to tell others about what they were going through please take the time to apologize for the way others have treated them even I you didn’t label them nuts. I tell you this will mean the world to someone just to hear those words from you. Believe me, over a decade and not a single person has yet apologized or even admitted that they were wrong. Honestly I don’t think Ill ever hear those words from anyone but I’m certainly not going to lose seep over it. I´ve made it this far alone, so I guess I’m fortunate to be strong enough to do so. Unfortunately many are not and they deserve respect so please treat them well.
Conspiracy Revelation: 15.11.2019: Well written DEA528…
“It´s Artificial Life…” “Yes, Artificial Life.”
Chris Sweeney: vor 2 Jahren: Dont get vaccines, dont trust western medicine… it´s a criminal entity stealing resources, keeping people sick. Nature heals. Hulda clarks zapper heals, rife heals, ozone heals, MMS heals, food grade hydrogen peroxide heals.
Maayraa Star: vor 2 Jahren: yes, these herbs, everyone should do ‘DETOX’ at this time.
CLete: vor 2 Jahren: These are tuning in to the artificial intelligence already in existence.. they are connected to the a.i. by advanced wireless signals.
Trust me.. I wish this weren’t the case. The ultimate agenda is to build circuits within us, transmitters and receivers, as well as serial identification of each human.
They are attempting to ‘integrate’ us secretly and silently, to change us into three-strand DNA beings. The third strand is artificial.
Within their ultimate agenda, they want to interface with our minds.. for the a.i. to know what we’re thinking, for behavior control and behavior modification.
But there is a firewall God created within our minds which they cannot yet penetrate. … They will most likely use an additional component to be administered, which will be presented as beneficial.. as the subject will not be made aware of the full scope of their agenda. Once a subject accepts the additional component voluntarily, the neural firewall will allow the complete integration of the already existing nano circuitry within us which is assembling and waiting for the “key”, which the key is the additional component accepted voluntarily.
Accept Jesus now.. time is of the essence. Anyone who accepts the mark of the beast will be giving up all free choice as they will not even realize that the a.i. will take complete control of their mind.. it’s a point of no return.
Only Jesus can save us at this point. It’s either surrender to Jesus or surrender to the artificial intelligence…
God bless.”
“NeoTheOne: vor 1 Jahr: They can already read your mind, they do it in the Gang stalking program.”
“Joann Phillips: vor 2 Jahren: This Morgellon looks as evil as out does when they spray it in the chemtrails, that’s where it is coming from.”
“phatte: vor 2 Jahren: It’s been suggested that those who suffer with the morgellons lesions have a chromosome anomaly.
The rest of us are apparently assimilating the nanotechnology “successfully”.
ffstew: vor 1 Jahr: phatte, “chromosome anomaly” ….. is that a better thing or worse than the rest who don’t have it?
Kiona McNutt: vor 1 Jahr (bearbeitet): phatte So am I resisting it? I feel great 99 percent of the time but I sometimes feel those things crawling on me and I have strange stringy things..
Osama Obama: vor 1 Jahr: Most who discharge the fibers are over 40.
Conspiracy Revelation: 16.11.2019: No Os.Ob. Totally wrong, that is not age related, many already had the advanced gene weapon called Morgellons dispersed via Chemtrails discharging from their skin at the beginning of 29 or 30 years of age and all these people can be considered Targeted Individuals (innocent super empowered individuals and/or Indigos, divinely chosen ones that are considered a threat to the Old Mafia Cancer Oil Cartel Mob that dominates the World), because a certain radiation frequency seems to activate it. It´s the NSA/CDC/NIH/CIA/FBI/MI/Stasi 5.0/DIA/ARPA/DOD/Pentagon/Navy CIA/USAF/Alphabet Inc./NWO-UN-Zionazibolshevik Banking-Oil-Pharma-Military Corporate Crime Syndicate that activates the pathological fiber syndrome in Targeted Individuals, it´s part of Project MK Naomi/MK Ultra.

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