Area 51 Physicists Michael Wolfe, The Man Who Let The World Know About Aliens

“Area 51 Physcists Michael Wolfe, The Man Who Let The World Know About Aliens”
Conspiracy Revelation: 1.12.2019: Baffled and stunned about this one… Strong Spirit Reaction… Never thought that this would reveal such sensitive informations. Shocking and at the same time highly spiritual, sad and touching..the greatest power of the universe is watching with us.
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UAMN TV: 371.000 Abonnenten: Michael Wolfe was a scientist who worked in Area 51 and wanted to do everything public. This did not go down well with his superiors. Dr. Wolf decided to reveal to the world what he has learned about the visiting extraterrestrial cultures because, as he said, “we have a right to know”. His book, The Catchers of Heaven, was approved for publishing, but only after he met their restriction that he write a foreword stating that it was “a work of fiction”. The book is filled with insider disclosures and is must-reading for anyone interested in learning more about the extraterrestrial presence.”
“”sharing with you the very sensitive information he gained in his work in classified programs of the United States government working with UFOs, working with extraterrestrials, both captured and volunteers who came here to try to work with human governments to help them advance without wasting a lot of time making stupid mistakes…it is a saga that is bittersweet…”
“She was his Caretaker. She was frustrated at the end because everybody tried to get to Michael especially the
intelligence people and everything, so she took him home when he was dying she took him home and she’s banned everybody from seeing him because he also had a handler and I’m not gonna go into the woman handler that was with Michael Wolfe. She caused me more problems than you can imagine, so poor Michelle who is his caretaker takes Michael Wolfe home says stay away from him don’t take any of his stuff but she couldn’t yeah they came and took his stuff, they took his computers, they took everything, he went into hospice and he died in 2000. Then she contracts Morgellons Disease (Failed YouTube-Translation: more jealous disease) and she goes all of the United States trying to be cured and I’ve got a telephone conversation with her ..that her mother who was Michael fluffs friend had a heart attack… we’re watching this happen and and Michelle passed..he died at 56 years old. (chain smoker – double agent) I’ve done my job as a researcher and I’ve done and documented everything…Since I have these things in my home I carry the burden of carrying the memory and as I said before all my archives will go to Rice University and people who want to go and check the story and all the files I have and have so much stuff…”
“very sensitive mission as follow alluded to he worked with
several extraterrestrials in particular close partnership, one was called, well, you might call a Zeta, shortened Zeta
Reticuli extraterrestrial, very sweet woman…These are good
people and Michael worked diligently with them and he was,
I’m sure, the most productive scientist that the government had working with extraterrestrials. They helped understand
how flying saucers fly, how they lift up,
how they hover silently, how they propel forward with no moving parts, no jet exhaust, no pollution, just clean energy. I’m going to tell you various bits and pieces of programs he worked in one of which and some of these Michael Wolfe later said he regretted working on certain projects, because the people in these black projects did not
particularly have high ethical standards, many of them and they did things that he came to understand shouldn’t have been done, one with witches, were taking the cloning techniques that star visitors showed human scientists in the programs how to do then the people running the program told wolfen his associates to clone a human being with artificial
intelligence, in other words trying to create a super human being who would be brighter than any normal human being, because artificial intelligence was wired into them…
Wolfe worked with this human being called J-Type Omega, a clone and he was super bright, super powerful, a super
soldier who would follow orders without fear in question that’s what the government was after he wanted to have
the best soldiers in the world and they had to splice extraterrestrial genetics in to do it, so be it, however they didn’t like what Michael did, so they terminated the clone. The reason they terminated him was just to say kill him because he would not follow an order to kill an innocent dog and the reason he wouldn’t do that is that when Dr. Wolf was
genetically engineering I mean in programmed in ethics into his artificial intelligence and of course ethics suggest that you don’t kill the innocent.”
“He was officially deputized by the US government to slowly leak out the truth about all these matters and as he started dying before our very eyes slipping fast with terminal pancreatic cancer which is not an accident the Cabal know how to induce that in a perfectly healthy person then they did
it to him indeed they’ve done it to me four times, not terminal of course, but they know that you have technologies
that they keep out of sight and apply them on their enemies to get people out of the way.”
“The former head of the National Security Agency in the current well at the time current chairman of the science
applications international corporation that was a semi
well not some a classified corporation that used the fact that some of its top officials had access to these government
extraterrestrial technology programs to take that technology over into their own corporation and make advanced devices
for a very select customer base namely US government these are the people that took the discoveries made in those labs
that wolf ..and translate them over into human-made anti-gravity craft and made huge amounts of money from doing them.
Both all of that was UNFAIR to use your government access to
classified programs and make yourself a billionaire, you wonder why all the aerospace advances have come so fast?
Tumbling over themselves it seems at times, new things coming out, it’s because they’re jump-started by a direct translation of extraterrestrial technology to human airplanes and propulsion systems, some of which do not involve jet engines…I have let me have to do this by memory I’ll give you a sample of some of the programs that some of the airplanes and spacecraft …you’ve heard of that they use
extraterrestrial technology and anti-gravity technology.
…if I can remember them all that use either partial or full anti-gravity, some of them, like the F-22 stealth fighter and the F-35 stealth fighter and the b-2 stealth bomber used partial gravity reduction technology, the TR3A astra triangle craft, some of you may have seen the video of it a couple
of decades ..hovering at night and slowly sailing over Brussels Belgium over the headquarters of the European
Union that was using full exit anti-gravity technology that’s how it could hover silently, it floats indefinitely and that same anti-gravity technology provides propulsion, it’s basically pushing off from Earth’s gravity and finessing that that push off to go this direction or that direction, a
little-known fact is that Colonel Corstel, u.s. army was charged with taking the wreckage from the Roswell
craft and going around to various corporations and parceling out pi here they’re telling them to tear apart
see what they can make of it one pile of it the propulsion system was given to GE and one of their talented scientists got a US patent for the generation of an secondary art a gravitational field in other words Earth’s had obviously a
gravitational field but with this knowledge and technical skills you figured out how to back to engineering
the Roswell power plant he figured out how to create generate such a independent gravitational field which could lift up a craft you know UFO or could lift up an airplane or can lift up a u.s. spacecraft and propulse it, you got a US patent for it, people say this is all hooey, well, a patent office didn’t think so he proved to their satisfaction that this technology exists and he made a demonstration model of it and since then corporations you’ve heard of have that this technology taken that and gone farther: Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman and others, on my website there’s an article called twelve known U.S. partial gravity reduction and full gravity reduction aircraft and spacecraft, that’s the twelve. I’m convinced that Air Force One has partial
gravity reduction on it if you had that technology and you were a military officer and your commander in chief took
rides on an airplane that had to be crash proof you would be derelict of duty if you did not install partial gravity reduction on that plane so that if something failed it could slowly sail down to the ground and nobody get hurt and I believe also Marine one the presidential …also is protected with such technology…it’s sort of the SOS button you push if everything goes bad.
Dr. Wolf was involved in subatomic particle physics now called quantum physics and so he was working with that
anti-gravity technology and figuring more completely how things could work together to achieve as close as possible
a copy of the extraterrestrial spacecraft, changing a paragraphs here dr. wolf also worked at genetics research, he
released to me and I to you the fact that contrary to what the government says about the human genome project they
were working on it long before it ever made the papers and they completely mapped out the human genome as early as
the early 2000s and so they’re way ahead of civilian medical research on this matter. Dr. Wolf kind of sidebar that’s it
comment to me that he did his genetic analysis of his own genes and he found out that he had a mix of partial human
gene genetics and that’s the terrestrial … you might say where did he get a sample of extraterrestrial genetics
from well unfortunately that’s not wasn’t too hard for him to do because the government had a number of dead aliens many of whom they killed and that are stored in preservation
and could therefore take samples as they chose… planet Earth is a terrible thing to waste and yet we could do that many times, we’ve come to the brink where one hot
head government or another threatens to go nuclear we need to stop that and the extraterrestrials are going to be going
to the United Nations and making that case in a very pound on the table kind of a way very soon.
Wolf was a spiritual man man aside from being a fantastically
brilliant scientist his values were that life is precious,
earth is precious, human beings are precious and star visitors are precious. He was appalled by some of the savagery that rogue elements of the military have done in shooting down saucers in one case there was a star visitor on the tarmac at McGill Air Force Base in New Jersey and trigger-happy MP shot him. I guess because he was startled to see somebody not of this world walking down the tarmac wolf said one Hiroshima atomic bomb can affect millions of cultures in the galaxy in other words we’re not just in this by ourselves it’s not just the earth gets to make our own
stupid mistakes and we have to stew in that juice because it is the nature of consciousness and life that what what
happens here resonates with other intelligent sensitive spiritual beings and cultures elsewhere in the galaxy now
we see what they do resonates with us for example the Roswell the saucer crash which kind of changed history, one little tidbit I’ll share with you is very timely for this meeting dr. Walsh said that the NSA and the CIA regularly provide the members of the mj-12 committee that’s the secret committee
that keeps track of all UFO knowledge in the civilian community so they can make sure it doesn’t get too far or begin to too closely identify who’s behind the curtain and what they’re doing he said the NSA the CIA regularly provides the members of mj-12 with tapes of major meetings of civilian UFO groups for example the MUFON conferences, so smile pretty you’re probably on NSA or CIA camera somewhere. (Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D.)”
“Were living conscious intelligent species back they helped bioengineer us from our primate 4 ancestors to become
that intelligent species by splicing in some of their own genetics for higher intelligence and dexterity and so forth.
Wolf said that there was one page and in the briefing book they gave Jimmy Carter that they took the page out of because
they didn’t think Jimmy Carter could handle the truth and that was the page that described an individual who was
both of extraterrestrial and human heritage who lived 2,000 years ago and spent his life trying to end human
violence when I took Walt’s hint and said you are of course are speaking about Jesus will confirm that.
Wolf made a point in terms of our visitors from the stars that their biology is different than ours they don’t have a corpus callosum, now that’s a membrane in human brains
that kind of separates the left lobes and the right lobes, but star visitors don’t have that separation in their brain
biology, they think in a very integrated way which allows them I believe more sensitivity and a higher intelligence and
more organically and solid aided thought.
Wolf commented about how the the people that are trying to maintain the UFO cover-up have at very advanced weapons. Psychotronic directed energy devices, they can sit in a room, halfway around the planet from their target individual and direct toxic energy waves at them, using exotic technology and disrupt their physical or mental or nervous system functioning and if cranked up high enough can induce death, this is the horrible use of this technical information.
I skipped to the highlights here when dr. wolf was pursuing his medical degree at McGill University in Canada he engage
in research on neurotransmitters and their role in mental functioning among the secrets wolf worked on with. (Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D.)”
“All of us all of you with all his heart and saw the human race is terribly precious he had the mind of the extraterrestrials that the human race is terribly
precious and yet they’re in peril and he wanted a good outcome and to see how he had helped make a good outcome for us so I want to leave you with that overall dimension that
he wasn’t just a detached cold analytical scientist a man of great heart and great spiritual sensitivity it was a great loss, we miss him very much, but he is still around as many of you know, when you die you shed your body but that which is really you, the spirit, psyche, soul, whatever you want to call it, self, goes on and he goes on as well we all and you may be sure he is overshadowing this gathering and hoping
that the information he shared with me and I share with you. Well, guide you yes you were making your life complete thank you. (Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D.)”
“My friend tells me he thinks it is a shame that there’s a
cover-up, because people have a right to the truth well that I have to 100% agree with him with and also he’s the guy who’s in a position to do it and he’s trying to work with other governments in a coordinated way to do the dump of the
big announcement together because it should really come from all governments of the world saying yeah what they’re
saying is right UFOs are real yeah we’ve had contact with them we’ve talked with some of their people you know that
should be a joint highest level global official government announcement and it’s coming folks and my friend says that if the other countries won’t do it. We will finally do a solo but he prefer it was done as a do a solo but he prefer it was done as a joint thing and that certainly is correct but it’s coming folks you will be very much alive to hear official
global announcement so that’s why that gun camera footage got out there live at Evening News. (Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D.)”
“An extraterrestrial Zeta who is captured was interrogated by the NSA you’ll see all this on video tortured on camera they have very sensitive I know the big black eyes yeah
they’re big in black because their photoreceptors their homeworlds to dim the Sun is not getting through like it
as strongly as it does it with us so they need a bigger light catcher to see. Well that’s worth it so the NSA figured
out a good torture is to get out flashbulbs and pop them off them in her face it just apparently really hurts and blind them badly..very unpleasant you see that torture done on video you you think they don’t say want to keep that video quiet well Ed Snowden didn’t agree with him he trotted out and it’s gotten out there and you can go to my websites
one of the first entries on there you know captured ET warrants and what he was warning about is global nuclear war
and the NSA is back in 64 very interested in this and said one of their questions was and when will this occurred and he gave an indication that essentially translates to present day, this year or next year because they could foresee people, who had unstable people, who had certain governments would play bluff with each other and somebody would get on the wrong end of the bluff game and pull the switch on their nuke, so that was at least part of what Edward Snowden released and got leaked into the enough of the public domain that several people had seen that footage, you can probably find out on YouTube and you share self to fight it out on
my side.. (Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D.)”
“Q:Well, you have known so much about what’s behind the scenes behind the black curtain, so to speak for years, I know and I just wonder if you have personally been really hassled about all this?”
“A: Your skill that took a chief is highly developed, oh, I’ve had my share of crucifixion. Well, physical attacks, they’ve tried to run my car off the road in Nevada when I was driving near Area 51 with my wife, say when I tried to
crash into area 51 I got my tire shot out before. I got too far. I’ve had four cabal induced cancer episodes:
Melanoma on my back then Basal cell on my nose, then
squamous cell on my nose and then Melanoma in the glands under one arm pit which is metastasized and should kill me, but didn’t, endless threats and any kind of been exquisite targeting, what hurts most, more than these things, was they trumped up a bunch of false charges about me when I was practicing psychology and working with experiences could tell you and the therapist and get out to the public, they want to bottle that up, so they send in three ladies to pretend to
be patients and I’m a big-hearted guy, you know somebody says they need some help I tend to take them in and work with them these were fake ringers pretending to have symptoms and they
were being run by cabal assets in Sacramento and they jumped up they worked with a shady lawyer whose are ambulance chaser and concocted stories that I was trying to convince them that they had star visitor encounters when they said they had not.
Well I never brainwash anybody into believing encounter I worked over a thousand experiences and they all came to me self-propelled, I didn’t go out you know putting flashing dollar bills and encouraging them to come in so uh they
trumped up this stuff and went to the licensing board and says he’s not fit to practice he’s trying to brainwash us as
UFO stories, so I yanked my license and ended my professional career, so we all pay prizes. (Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D.)”
“The saga of Star Visitors’ contacts with humankind is the greatest unpublished headline of the Millennium, and the most important missing fact in our history books. (Dr. Richard Boylan)”
Conspiracy Revelation: 1.12.2019: Coherent Information…

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