How the #FBI and #CIA persecutes whistleblowers and targets Report #71

“Ramola Dharmaraj: How the #FBI and #CIA persecutes whistleblowers and targets and why it’s important to use your voice and speak out, challenge Libel: “Report #71: Part 5, Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower on Defamation, Slander, and Persecution” by @EccEveryday on #Vimeo”
“No Morals, No Scruples”: Barbara Hartwell on CIA’s Mission of Psychological Warfare, Propaganda, Illegal Domestic Covert Operations, and Extreme High-Tech Retaliation Against Whistleblowers
CIA whistle-blower and journalist Barbara Hartwell is reporting extreme high-tech retaliation as well as abusive COINTELPRO against CIA and FBI whistle-blowers including herself, validating the shocking reports of EMF/Neurotechnology assault and silent radiation weapon torture pouring in now from all corners of the USA and indeed the globe.
An intelligence analyst under “non-official cover” who worked at the CIA for two and a half decades, Barbara Hartwell left the CIA in 1994 and has been covering issues related to Intelligence as well as CIA/FBI Disinformation and Defamation operations for many years, as the varied and engrossing articles on her website testify. An intellectually gifted writer, exceptional researcher, and long-term print/radio journalist, she says it was the increasing push to nudge her journalism toward slanted Propaganda that impelled her to leave.
Extreme High-Tech & Co-Opted Medical-Doctor Retaliation
Such decisions never sit lightly with the CIA apparently, who made it their obsession to pursue, thwart, ruin, invade, and assault her life ever since.
Retaliatory attacks she has faced as a whistleblower of early childhood MK ULTRA mind control and black operations, as well as for being a principled journalist–who, unlike others lounging on compromised beaches in mainstream media, said No to the CIA–include public defamation, anti-personnel electromagnetic technologies, and the deadly hand of colluding doctors.”

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