Randy Cramer – Super Soldiers. Moon Bases And Mars.

“Randy Cramer – Super Soldiers. Moon Bases And Mars.
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“Created A genetically engineered super soldier from the ground up…mostly this is a nocturnal event, where I go to sleep and someone comes into my bedroom via
localized wormhole technology with some people often refer to as a teleportation technology but you know it’s not exactly like transporter beam so because there’s
a little portal or a door that has to come open that kind of specify that it’s localized wormhole technology, so one or two people would come through, wake me up,
escort me through and we would do whatever the training situation was that particular evening now I know it starts to throw a curveball at people when you
say time-travel as a factor because a lot of people are like: wait a minute, we don’t have that, you know, the Nazis were working on that technology in the 40s, we
were working on the tech technology in the 40s, so we’ve really been cracking the time travel technology code for decades, it is absolutely some of the
most classified and compartmentalized technology of all the covert technology, so even among people in the covert space program, the guys in Time Corps who have
access to the really good time-traveling equipment and…have the time travel maps and have it all mapped out and everything that’s a whole other level
of secrecy and a whole another level of what’s going on that I know very very little about other than that it exists and the military sections rely on the
time corps guys to do all that plotting, so anytime you’re transporting personnel vehicles and so forth and there’s a time factor, just like … when you’re in
a plane you report to the FAA that you’re going somewhere you file a flight plan you do the same thing with the time Corps time or plots are all out on their
equipment and then…gives you instructions where and when and what way you go and get there and what time frames are allowed to use and how you’re
able to bend a new time, so that for instance in one singular evening, where as often is the case this occurs between 2:30 and 4:30 a.m. and it is a
consistent thing. I know a lot of other people who have military abduction experiences and it’s very consistently between like this sort of
2:30, 3:30, 4:30 a.m. timeframe that lets say..someone comes in at 3 a.m. and then I come back at 3:15, but I’ve been away for a week, 10 days,
because that was the training period and the time corps guys like I said they plotted that course, so that’s called a quantum dilation when you have that
extension of time that essentially gets crammed into a shorter frame of time when you’re talking about your main timeline that’s called a quantum
dilation. (Randy Cramer)”
“But if I’m to understand the value of that integral of that solar inner solar intergalactic economy the
covert military space program covert military Mars colony corporations that work there making trillions and
trillions and trillions of equivalent dollars per year in all of that material so the notion that somehow down here on earth we are poor and we don’t have enough to help feed everybody and we don’t have enough to take care of everybody – it’s garbage – .. the planetary economy itself would be enough if we evened it out but when you include the intra solar in a galactic economy it’s ridiculous we can all be living like princes with if that wealth was you know evenly distributed around the planet which I’m not saying to evenly distribute all the wealth I’m
saying that to make it so so much of it is concentrated in this very very tiny part right right to say the rest of us there’s scarcity and we don’t have enough for you it’s just lies on top of damn lies. (Randy Cramer)(2019)(23.6.)”
“yeah… I understand..”
“Sixteen squads of sixteen person else like 256 soldiers in that division we had a sister division Oh 97 another 256 soldiers plus officers and …other personnel so the division itself is much larger than 256 but the soldier base for each division of the special tactical operations division is 256 people so us our sister division two others supporting division so it was just over a thousand men and women soldier personnel on the ground that engaged in this battle which went very badly for us you’ll forgive me if I brush over some of it I don’t really like talking about it it gets me choked up and emotional and I don’t like you know remembering it too clear because it was an ugly ugly ugly massacre where there were just over a thousand of us that walked into that cave and less than thirty five of us came out of that cave and so uh…I feel very fortunate in ways that I cannot I cannot even describe how fortunate I feel to be alive knowing you know just that particular day what the odds were that I was not going to be alive at the end of that day given what the odds were that not everybody else was going to be alive game of that day and that I still am being alive at the end of that day is nothing less than miraculous to me. (Randy Cramer)(2019)(23.6.) ”
“Why were you going into the cave..?”
“We were informed that it was we were after an artifact when I say artifact that just means anything that belongs to the native Reptoids or insectoids that could be a piece of technology it could be a piece of pottery it could be a statute could be a clay tablet or a metal you know cylinder that has inscription on it or something it could be a personable material it could be persons it could be a weapon technology or anything so when they say an artifact that’s a list of things that an artifact could be so okay given a location we were told where we needed go we were told where the entrance of this particular cavern was that this was a known sacred location for these reptiles and they kept this particular artifact in this location and that it
was somehow going to be vulnerable for us to go get it but when we got there was no sign of anything. (Randy Cramer)(2019)(23.6.)”
“They were jamming the localized wormhole technology that would have been able to sort o… get out, so a large wormhole that they used to sort of transport ships or vehicles through sort of appeared right over the top of us and pulled us right through it and a few people were caught on the event horizon of that and so they were like essentially limbs cut off or cut in half and so we ended up on a medical receiving platform you know with a bunch of people lying on the ground bleeding coming apart a few people standing shocked you know trying to look around
and try and figure what was happening and all I could do was look down at you know my comrades who were bleeding out to death and calling for medics and kind of had a nervous breakdown you know I kind of wasn’t cool with all of this and and and really just kind of lost it and started swinging my arms pretty wildly and… knocked a couple orderlies .. in the head and the next thing I know like I’m just being tackled by medical technicians and… shot… with tranquilizers, so that …I just kind of faded into black from that experience and woke up in a chemical fog. (Randy Cramer)(2019)(23.6.)”
“People want to hear that people wanna hear stories… we’re a ceature who loves stories.. we have been telling stories about our collective experiences since time
immemorial, so people want to hear the stories, they want to know from the person who was there and they want to hear about that, I get it. I just want to emphasize though that this isn’t about me this isn’t about my story, I’m not doing this to get a bunch of personal attention, because I want personal attention I’m not doing this, because I want to sell a bazillion books
on my story and I want to you know make a bazillion dollars off this that’s not why I’m doing this I am telling my story to gain attention towards the things that are much more important than me and my story which are the fact that we have a Mars colony, a lunar colony, a lunar space station, a covert military space program which is collectively holding on to technology which would have all the green energy technology we need all the clean air clean water renewable fuels technology we would never have to.. drill or frack ever again …we’d be able to clean all of our water clean the air we’d never have to worry about the environmental degradation that we’ve been going through we will have a cleaner process for everything the fact that we have that technology that it’s not a like I said it’s not 20 years of investment and R&D; to get there we have it it’s just a matter of getting it from the programs that have it in order to
solve this problem so I’m not here to talk about me really I’ll tell my story I’m happy to share but what I really want to emphasize is I’m here so we can blow the lid off of secrecy, hello, let’s get through disclosure let’s get there because then we can actually fix some problems …then we can actually have clean green technology will never have to burn fossil fuels again and we will never have to have another airplane crash ever again, because we won’t have jets anymore , we’ll have vehicles that are traveling on magneto-gravitic-propulsion drives and glide through the air safely, fast and more cheaply that’sthe other interesting thing is that the technology in these programs to build spaceships is actually cheaper than the
fuel and building jet engines the medical technology that can restore damaged limbs and regrow damaged organs is cheaper and less expensive than all of that pharma research and development
and all of that making drugs and all of this invasive surgery technology all this other medical expense that we’re spending on is gargantuanly out of control as far as expensive all this other
cheaper better medical technology is cheaper faster easier so why would we be doing something that’s ineffective expensive wasteful polluting when we have all the options of doing things
cleaner better cheaper because we got there just there we just have to get those programs so that’s the main thing that I’m here to say it’s like this isn’t just about pipe dream hey we
should talk about this hey maybe someday know you’ve got this technology you we got in these programs we need to get them to the public sphere so that we can fix the problem I mean we wouldn’t have to be sitting around fighting and screaming at each other about climate change if we could just fix some of the problems that are contributing to that we can fix some of the pollution
problems we can fix some of the air and water and air quality ozone layer problems or technologically fixable so that’s one thing the second thing that is the most important thing is these
programs who are acting covertly would like you to believe that they are operating under the covert operations law and that they are legal operating systems of covert military intelligence
this is not the case they are violating article 1 of the Constitution they are violating the Constitution by not answering to the authority of the legislature and the executive branch and
the supreme court, so by essentially not answering to the legal apparatus of government in this country they are acting illegally, they are rogue agencies, they are not legal, they are not in the legal authority to say: hey we can do whatever we want, they are criminals. (Randy Cramer)”
“It is in danger because of this rogue criminal covert system, so we have the technology to fix everything, that’s one, it’s in these covert programs which are acting illegally. (Randy Cramer)”

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