Synthetic Biology Assault On Humanity – Elana Freeland

“Synthetic Biology Assault On Humanity – Elana Freeland”
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Smart Dust, Space Fence, Engineered Biology, all hazards of technology in our environment now. Weaponized Weather and spy and brain altering technology in every breath. Are your thoughts your own? Videos From The Underground. Alternative News UFOS, Conspiracy, Music”
“The 2014 book chemtrails HAARP and the full spectrum dominance of planet Earth and the 2018 book under an ionized Sky from Chemtrails to Space Fence lockdown, both books are available, the
under nionized skies is 25 and the chemtrails Harkness 20. I’m writing the third book no,w it’ll be I hope the last one I am writing in this series and this one is on really on a synthetic
biology, but in order to cover the synthetic biology, I need to cover a whole lot of things, because this is to my knowledge the first time that the environment has been utterly weaponized,
in order to produce effects on human health and the health of the planet and its creatures, so I have to handle a lot of things, in order to show just how the synthetic biology assault on all of us is working and I don’t even need to use the future tense. (Elene Freeland)”
“Light would appear around the equator as a ring around Saturn, this is the reason that I have the illustration on the cover of the book, that ring is real, it is even at this moment there and being added to every time Rockets, sounding Rockets go skyward and spew out the back, the nano particles of heavy metals, the same heavy metals that when they fall earthward, we are breathing and are in our blood, our organs, our tissue and nerrves and our brain, thought I’d play a little bit just a little of the boasting of Lockheed Martin “my nemesis”. I know a
lot about Lockheed Martin now and Lockheed Martin owns this made manifest…”unprecedented quantities of new satellites satellites… Lockheed Martin’s space fan system is a ground-based system of s-band radars designed to greatly enhance the Air Force Space Surveillance Network, it provides unprecedented sensitivity, coverage and tracking accuracy and contributes to key vision trends with the ability to detect, track and catalog small objects in low-earth orbit medium Earth orbit and geosynchronous orbit, inward space fence will revolutionize space situational awareness, it offers assured surveillance coverage for improved custody and features the capability to develop long arc tracks..initial orbit determination and differential correction while simultaneously maintaining a persistent surveillance volume in today’s ever-expanding space environment space fence improves the accuracy and timeliness for association propagation and orbit features an open architecture net centric design the closely coupled radar signal processing and mission processing suite improves accuracy, discrimination and timeliness for retention of closely spaced objects, breakups, maneuvers, lost object location, watch altitude change and conjunction assessment…”
It´s just endless boasting…the space fence is really there and it is above the earth, but it has a very big ground installation infrastructure and that’s
that’s really what the book is about the under an ionized sky the the ground base is important because when I wrote this book and spelled out how the space fence
was created near Earth orbit and on the earth I had not yet realized how it would telescope down into even more of a of an assault upon our lives and that
will be coming through the Smart City concept of the UN so so this is really crucial yes I moved beyond the space fence that the space fence is what we’re
living in and for those who haven’t read the book yet it’s it’s really the space fence is straight from the SDI program the Strategic Defense Initiative of the 80s and it is the Star Wars program, so now with the ionized atmosphere the Star Wars program can be taken up again and with a vengeance along with the telescoping nature of a tinier world than the space fence concept above the earth and even the radar installations the cellphone towers the NEXRAD golf ball looking radar installations etc to what we are I will call for for want of a better term of
the smart city and this is what the next book will be about it’ll be going into that tinier world of the lockdown that we are still subject to so here’s a patent for that bring around the planet and I’ll just read you the abstract of it a method for modifying environmental conditions is disclosed here in the control the method includes the step of
deploying a magnetic climate control material to a local area in one of the thermos fears or exosphere the magnetic climate control material deflects and absorbs rays of the Sun the magnetic climate control material affects temperature of a local area below the magnetic climate control material and also global temperatures the method also includes the ability for moving
manipulating or removal of this ring… these are all heavy metals nanoparticles if they were to say what it was like he would have said it was like a cd-rom, so it is very much a
recording instrument, but it has many functions…”the more we know the more situational awareness we have to protect our satellites from natural radiation in space.””
“it certainly is used for weaponry, the ability of the HAARP Space Lab rocket combination to deliver very large amounts of energy, comparable
to a nuclear bomb anywhere on earth by a laser and particle beams is frightening .. Dr. murrow’s Lieber tell who´s
no longer with us epidemiologist specializing in ionized radiation author of planet Earth the latest weapon of war a critical study into the military and the environment here is what I would say the weapon looks like this is a scalar weapon it is certainly something you are not taught in high school or college, scalar makes it quite different from normal
radio wave radiation… you can see that it has a point of interference that’s why it’s called interferometry and that point of interference is usually over target areas and just to give you an idea of the target area like this with the scalar wave clouds over Japan just before the Fukushima event so let’s go back and look at it a little
more closely you see there are two sources of of the beams, these are beam weapons and and they are transmitting over the interference zone, another thing to notice and I’m not
going to go into detail I’m not going to go into detail I’m not an expert on it but I do cover it in the coming book notice that it’s a bi-directional electromagnetic energy
flow that’s very important to establishing to weaponizing technology this technology so this this can happen I believe it happened on 911 over Ground Zero in New York I believe it happens
over extreme weather events that occur out of nowhere and you know we we in the anti-geoengineering movement study these events with with great interest and try to educate ourselves more and more about how the technology works we share stories we email each other because we’re on our own. There is no scientists to my knowledge other than the scientist Tom Bearden who
who was in the let’s see what was Tom clearing this background Lieutenant Colonel US Army, a master’s in nuclear engineering Georgia Institute of Texas .. US Army graduate..
“With an understanding of electrodynamics Tesla weapons like the HAARP howitzer would be seen for what they are, they are hyperspace weapons, people would understand how the quantum
potential in nature can be built and steered by using a modified Whittaker Electromagnetism to implement David Bohms hidden variable theory of quantum mechanics they would learn how HAARP
passes scalar waves through matter and dislodges the target from space-time itself I want to make sure you get that so I’m going to read that sentence at the end they would learn that scalar
waves hearken from the same realm as the antimatter that CERN is attempting to access passing scalar waves through matter and dislodging the target from space-time itself. (Tom Bearden)”
“Do you understand that? The scalar waves which are also called ground waves actually are not subject to space-time, so this makes it the ultimate stealth weapon and this has been achieved this is not something in the future tense they would learn that scalar waves hearken from the same realm as the antimatter that CERN is attempting to access higher-powered sirs
disintegrate soft tissue and destroy every living cell until the body falls like a limp rag but does not decay not even for 45 days the right frequencies pulsed on scalar waves can be made to
influence thoughts, as well as physical functions, like vision glands and musculature, so what am I saying and the very beginning of under Ionized Sky…. I’m saying that the
dust that the firemen had to wave through at Ground Zero in New York City was due to the disintegration of cells and that would be human and other cells of other structures, so this this is a
technology that it would be good for us to understand even though it may seem daunting because…but it´s not even in space-time…we do not need he experts who are all under some sort
of pressure to not speak and not share with the public, we do not need to wait for someone to explain it all to us, all we need is to be able to know enough that we can form a good visual picture, mental picture of how the technology works and you can adjust it over time as you learn more this is the very same thing I do that is exactly how I work…it will reveal itself in more and more clearer mental pictures..”

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